The Hiring Line:

  1. Anne’s client P. was offered, and he accepted, the Regional Program Manager Solar Installation position for an electric vehicle and clean energy company. Original offer was $140K, he followed Anne’s advice and negotiated for $155K, and the package includes $250K in shares, vested over four years. Anne tells us:

“This lead was a result of reaching out to all recruiters in [the target company] and infiltrating the company. We got one connection and she was the conduit for an interview and ultimately an offer!”

  1. A. landed the Global Marketing Manager – Creativity & Productivity job at a company that designs, manufactures, and markets cordless products! Anne is on fire, this week!
  2. Paula’s client T. worked out the final details of his internal promotion at his current employer. He was invited to select his own title, he went with VP Finance, Global Branch Operations. This will show the progression on his new resume. He told Paula:

“Thank you for your assistance this morning, it definitely helped me navigate the call.”

  1. Hey – a story from Julie!!! At long last, E. has landed! She had messaged the former CEO of a company she used to work for…and he was excited to hear from her! After they spoke, he introduced her to their International Sales Manager. They created a position to make use of her expertise in the education and technology field. She’s been very diligent about connecting and having conversations with dozens of people over the past 11 months. Julie says:

“I’m truly excited for her.”

She is now VP of K-12 Strategy at a technology company. Hard fought, hard won, Julie!

Interviews Advance:

  1. K. continues with five meetings so far, including with the CEO, for the position with venture capital firm – for the Managing Director of one of their funds. She’s fresh out of Clarity and hasn’t even met her consultant Julie yet! Dan pitched in this week while the Client Concierge took a needed staycation.
  2. R. is finally interviewing!! Our outreach to recruiters helped her with a call at a financial recruitment agency for a job they’re filling. Better news is work we did last week on LinkedIn to find attorneys identified an internal contact at a hotel company and she has a call scheduled with the COO on Monday. Anne just doesn’t quit!
  3. Here’s proof on that Anne not quitting deal: J. is on second round of interviews at a management consulting firm. This was a LinkedIn job post and Anne helped her to reengineer her social capital to find two “peers” which she was reluctant to connect with who are now helping to push this process along!
  4. B., after just meeting the soon to be outgoing VP (the role that B. would take if hired), she has just gotten an email that the incoming CEO wants to interview her!


  1. M. continues to follow Dan’s and Waffles’ advice and had three interviews through effective networking! The first was the VP of HR at a global insurance group, who said he is “definitely” presenting his candidacy to the hiring manager. Then his attempts to infiltrate a multinational investment bank and financial services corporation paid off in two locations: he’s met twice with the European Head (CEO) and this week with the Managing Director, Global Head of Investments here in the states.


  1. André had kind words of Appreciation for Jerry:

“The Barrett Group got me over the hump. Jerry, in particular, was a wealth of information. I would recommend him and The Barrett Group to anyone. I’m one for one after working with The Barrett Group. I’m sure that isn’t a coincidence!” Read André’s Success Study

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