Frontline Report for 02-10-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. R.’s landing and appreciation:

    “Dear Greg, Waffles, Tomasz,

    Today the last conversations took place with the guys from [the metal packaging firm].

    Although feedback was promised for early next week, I got the phonecall early this evening (7 pm).

    They have decided they want to go ahead with me, and they will provide me the details early next week. So the official job offering will come, and we are talking about starting date first of March.

    Many, many, many thanks in your support and keeping me on track in landing this job… this is truly a dream job for me…

    I am enjoying a glass of wine listening to Celebration of Kool & the gang….. THANKS!!!

    I hope you will enjoy the weekend as much as I will.

    Regards, R.”
  2. Paula keeps us posted with the latest on T., who already had an offer in hand from a company that provides solutions to healthcare payors and was then furiously interviewing (3rd interview) with a healthcare and financial technology company for a different exec role. He accepted the provider of healthcare payor solutions offer today – Senior Acct Exec for two of their largest new accounts. Following Paula’s negotiation coaching, he was able to boost the base salary from $200K to $250K, less expensive health/medical benefit costs; with a previously won 30% bonus. He has shut down the healthcare and financial technology company, as he has accepted this offer. T. is likely to be on an incentive-based plan in the next 12-18 months, as that is the direction the company is going. He is very happy… Both of these opportunities were created Barrett-style via ninja networking. Keep it up, Paula!
  3. Paula scores again!

    “Here is what I know on E.:  VP role – hired by an existing client based on the great work he has done for them. Starts this month. Will try and get more info in the next day or two.”

  4. F. had turned down two previous offers, in the middle of a pandemic, but it looks like three times is the charm: he sent George a message in Asana:
    “I am heading down to [the South] this weekend to look for temporary housing and next week is my last full week in my business. Then I begin working with [a home renovation and remodeling company] at their HQ. From there I continue on-boarding in [two other locations], then TBD. All this while my house goes on the market! I will be touch in a few weeks. Thank you for all your help.”
  1. Lori’s client S. landed:

    “S. has been quite successful in interviews and offers – within the last week he received 3 offers! (1) for a Director of Brand Marketing, (2) for a Brand Marketing Director, and (3) for a Senior Product Marketing Manager!  He chose the latter and starts his new position with [an electronics manufacturer] on February 15, remote until April and will relocate from IL to GA! We went through a lot of coaching and negotiation meetings along with Dan’s expert assistance! S. successfully interviewed, negotiated, landed, and accepted the position of his choice; he’s eager to start! Go S.!!”

    Yay, Lori, well done!

  1. Anne is delighted to announce the great news: M. has accepted the offered role as Senior Vice President – General Counsel & HROD at [a mutual insurance company]! Anne brought in the team to review the offer and it is strong, with relo, sign on, incentive and benefits, well exceeding $400K in total comp! M. says there’s icing on this cake:

    “Please note, in my conversations with the CEO, he has stated a desire to bring me in at the SVP title, given my need to learn the industry, with the intention of moving me to EVP (and the comp to go with that title) next year.”

    That is great news, Anne, and a credit to all of your hard work with her!


  1. Sue shared M.’s latest offer from a climate protection alliance as Managing Director! Sue brought Dan in, to team with her on the negotiations. Thanks again, Dan!
  2. M. shared with George and Waffles:

    “I was contacted by a distinguished member of the local business community who sits on the board of a few startups. She asked if I would be interested in taking a CFO role in one of them. They just received their first round of funding last week. They are looking for someone who can help scale the business and raise capital for their next round. I met with the founder for breakfast on Saturday and we hit it off pretty well. We agreed to meet again later this week. Will let you know how it goes. They sought me out because of my financial services experience at [a German car manufacturer] and my current role at [a network of corporate innovation labs], working with startups and emerging technologies.”

    Here is an excellent example of George’s reworking M.’s LinkedIn profile to fully capitalize on M.’s accomplishments resulting in interested, well-positioned people in the know coming to him! You’re doing it The Barrett Way, George!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Julie and Waffles are helping new client J. through the paces at an office retail company, where he had a second interview today. Julie helped him avoid a big strategic error. Excellent coaching, Julie!
  2. V. moves forward:

    “I got messaged by a *third* recruiter today and managed to get my resume submitted for a second [multinational investment bank and financial services corporation] role. The role is fully remote and 10-month contract-to-hire but the hourly wage is $67, which would justify the leap working remotely (~$140k/year assuming 40-hour workweeks).”

    George is delighted at how well the recruiter e-mailing Christina and Jessica executed has continued to pay off big time!

  1. K., still in Clarity, still interviewing left and right, and continuing to work directly with the Client Concierge on a daily basis:

    “NOT GHOSTED: I just received an email from the in-house recruiter at [a venture capital firm]. He has asked me to set up an interview with their Chief People Officer for 30-45 minutes. They want to discuss both [investment group] recruiting opportunities.”

  1. Greg had a pleasant surprise when he returned from vacation: S. had a second interview with a multinational conglomerate for the position of General Manager – Direct Business.
  2. From E.:

    “Hi Paula, just wanted to provide an update. I have a follow up interview scheduled for this coming Friday with the President of [an at home personal health testing provider]. For our call tomorrow, maybe we can spend some time on interview prep?”

    You betcha, Paula’s all over it!

  1. Jerry brought us up to date: N. advanced to the next round with manufacturer that is serving the Natural Gas Industry for the VP Engineering position. (See the next entry)


  1. Jerry’s client N. had two interviews this week:
    1. VP of Engineering (second)
    2. SVP Solutions Architect

      Both of these positions were posted on LinkedIn in December. Through networking, we identified the hiring manager in both companies, sent the resume with management intro letter and then Nathan received calls from HR to schedule the interviews.

  1. Isabelita is under water (she lives on a desert island) with interviews:

    “I have been positively involved with job interview preparations for M. (x3), G. (x2), S. (x1), C. (x1).”

    That’s all this week alone! More coffee, Isabelita!


  1. The latest from Anne’s stellar pupil, A.:

    “I think I nailed the interview! Just a feeling … because the VP seemed very pleased with me and he said the hiring manager will be in touch … but we’ll see 🙂 He checked out my personal website (indicated in the CV) and liked my photography 🙂

    No matter what the outcome I want to thank you again for your coaching, I went to the interviews thinking they are so lucky to be talking to me and this gave me a feeling of confidence. I’ll let you know when I hear from them!

    Kind regards, A.”

  1. This one from a client who started with us in 1998:

    “Further, I have a few inside contacts at a couple of nonprofit organizations where my resume is being pushed.

    You should know that I received a lot of wow‘s about my resume and how well done it is and how it looks!  People are not surprised, they just like the resume! 

    Thank you for that, Waffles!!!

    That is all for now, D.”

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