1. And…here’s the pre-follow up to the interviews you haven’t read about yet (below): J. accepted the offer from a startup in L.A.! Congratulations!


  1. After an interview M. received an initial offer from an American international technology corporation, and Anne is strategizing with him on how to negotiate for maximum effect.


  1. Next Vivek is delighted to see J. getting some serious action: a startup in L.A. interviewed him for a Senior Manager of Development; he met the CTO and two other current employees … he will oversee the entire dev ops team; salary approx. $150K. Another interview he had was with a cell phone recycling company for a similar role. He interviewed the hiring manager; the salary is in alignment, $170-210K.
  2. Next, Anne is delighted to report that her client L. is ON FIRE, her resume and LinkedIn profile are working for her, she has all these interviews lined up:
    • First, as an enterprise strategic planning and evaluation manager
    • Second, Associate Vice Provost for a standardized testing and recording company.
    • Third, as data governance lead
    • Fourth, Director of an education research company
    • Fifth, Director for Student Success & Assessment
    • And Lastly, Director Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation Liaison Officer
  3. Also C. flew to Texas for his day of interviews with an eCommerce company, and he told Greg, “The day could not have gone better, I felt and interacted with the folks like I had known them for years, felt that at home. Thanks again for your coaching and for the information Christina sent me.”
  4. Next, B. has an interview at a nonprofit for the Director of Administration opportunity. Waffles will be doing the interview coaching today.
  5. Second, G. was grateful to Greg Emslie: “Hi Greg- thank you for the email, your advice and your quick responses. I appreciate it a lot.” He goes on to tell us that a media group continues with another call with the Editor-in-Chief. A magazine wants him to do a consulting gig, and he’s leaning on Greg Emslie’s expert advice on how to price it out.
  6. Then Anne was pleased to hear S. had a series of interviews for Executive Director and for CFO.
  7. Lastly, Paula’s helped J. prepare for her interview this week with a court for a case management role.
  8. Mo prepared the full list of all the six opportunities C. is in active consideration for.

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