1. After rounds of interviews George helped B. negotiate the offer from an insurance company. The title is Senior Portfolio Manager, base is $210 with a 25% bonus and paid relo. B. got a nice return on investment of his Barrett Group program as the negotiated offer included a $15K sign-on bonus! George was particularly happy for B. because he had been out of work since 10/18 and had been experiencing some serious age discrimination. Following George’s sage advice, B. landed in under 90 days!
  2. The negotiations are finally complete (George is going to sleep for a week!) and L. has accepted the offer from a large U.S. telecommunications company. In the end, they came up with another $15K over a technicality, so she also got all her money back in the negotiation process.


  1. L. was offered a job at an insurance company. He expects to get an offer from a second insurance company early next week.


  1. E. followed George’s excellent advice when applying to online positions and it worked: he has an interview with a financial corporation. You know what’s in his wallet!
  2. J. surprised Greg on a Sunday with his two early interviews, only in the program a month.
  3. Greg congratulated C. for landing the interview last week with the CFO of an eCommerce company in Texas. He did an excellent job in using Greg’s coaching, because they are now flying him down for a full day of interviewing on Thursday.
  4. Anne tells us that M. continues his stream of interviews, this week he’s at two life sciences companies.
  5. H. surprised Anne with not one but two interviews this week, at a research firm for an SVP role and a capital management firm.
  6. Dan tells us M. has a second phone interview with the CEO of an aviation company. The position is for a CFO. 

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