Frontline Report for the week of 02-19-2020


  1. Dan hopped on a conference call in an interview with Anne and M. to brainstorm on his offer from IBM. M. liked the approach and countered the base salary offer of $174 with $280, which they accepted. Then he asked for a $20K sign on bonus, and they countered with $15K, which M. has accepted. Go, team!
  2. Julie cracked us up when she told us D. interviewed and received her offer on the golf course! Her new position is Project Finance Analyst.
  3. L. (from back in 2014) reached out to his old friend Mike Vignery to let us know he was selected competitively as a State Director. This makes him positioned for the Regional Director spot in a year or two. That would be as high as you can go in the career civil service and retirement within a few years. “I want to thank you and all the folks there at TBG for making all of this possible. I certainly could not have found or landed these jobs by myself.”


  1. R. religiously followed Waffles’ advice about how to infiltrate a target company, and after building relationships with several carefully chosen executives, the word got around and he’s interviewing at a large research organization for a senior executive role in their CPG/Retail practice.
  2. R. told George he thought his interview with an aerospace company went well and is expecting a follow up shortly.
  3. Anne tells us that H.has a second interview with a large research organization (he’s ahead of R. by a nose!), and a new interview with a capital management company.
  4. Lori, Dan and Waffles have all been working with S. as he needed a great deal of extra attention; it’s paying off: he has an interview with a global financial services firm!
  5. Anne is delighted that H. is being interviewed by the CEO about the GC position at an education technology company!
  6. George was pleased his strategy is working for C.: he will be interviewed for a position of Technical Program Manager.
  7. Dan jumped right in to help E. when he found out she has an interview next week with a ride service. She just sent in her survey today, she hasn’t even started!
  8. George was pleased to see his Job Search Disciple, S., has moved her pawn to the red square with an interview for Director, Software Engineering – Customer Service Technology at a sports apparel company.
  9. Lori tells us T. has a second interview at a health care provider for a Director of Fraud Prevention & Recovery role.
  10. V. had his first interview directly with the hiring manager at a research organization, but he didn’t stop there! He has another interview lined up with a unique Canadian start-up foundry that incubates cutting-edge technology companies, based on research taken straight from major university labs.
  11. M. told George he was excited to get the call for an interview with the HR Director of an electronics company.
  12. B. finally took Waffles’ advice and pursued her dreams instead of chasing job postings. The CEO of a reforestation project invited her to learn more. Here’s what she told me:
    • My meeting was FANTASTIC!  He spent 2 hours with me and ended up saying that he has a great feeling about me, and that he believes in hiring good people even when you’re not sure yet how they fit in. We talked a lot about his organization (which is growing at an insane pace) and what their current needs are, and he took me around and introduced me to all the employees (about a dozen).   I’m pretty sure he’s going to offer me a position, just not sure what/when/how much, etc.  But I’m excited.  He invited me to attend their International Operations meeting next week, so I’m going back next Friday.

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