Frontline Report for 02-03-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Paula is delighted that the coaching paid off: D. just got his offer from a manufacturer and direct-to-store distributor (DSD) of premium quality packaged ice. He doubled his salary; negotiated higher commission, car allowance, etc. D. will be running a sales territory for them. Starts on 2/16. Way to go, Paula!

    More hires below as Offers, as you’ll see.


  1. More from the Paula Corner: T. just got the verbal offer from a provider of healthcare IT solutions with a written coming tonight/in the AM. Here we go!
  2. S. is discussing negotiation strategy with Waffles over his recent offer from a Parisian company!

    Lori says: “I’ve had three clients receive offers!!! 💃”

  1. M. received and accepted an offer for the position of Director, Human Resources of a synthetic biology company. The initial salary range was $80-120k with the end offer near $165k. It includes 6,000 shares of equity-based shares of stock, and 6% 401(k) contributions! 🙂
  2. C. received and verbally accepted an offer, and is now waiting on the final offer. She identified that she was targeting a COO position and got her title. The original offer came in at $100k with a potential $50k bonus. After negotiations, her base was increased to $150k with uncapped bonus compensation with incentives!
  3. S. received an offer coming in and is now waiting for the final package for signature. The original position interviewed for was Channel Manager, with a base salary of $100-$120k. After interviews and negotiations, the title was changed to Senior Product Marketing Manager due to S.’s experience, and the base was increased to $130k, with $26k of projected bonus. Another welcome addition was a relocation package of $10k! Stellar negotiation coaching as always, Lori, we wouldn’t want to play poker with you!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Lori continues:

    “My client M. has an interview for a Vice President of Global Distribution at an athletic apparel retailer today, after her interview last week with a recruiter! Go M.!! 🙂 He’s very excited!”
  2. Fresh out of the gate after his orientation, J.’s three-hour interview with the founder of a software company has progressed with a left turn to his second interview. This will be with the CEO of a provider of consultative human resources and personnel management services, who runs their outsourced HR duties. The world continues to spin on a decided tilt!
  3. R. passed the screening interview and is now on to the interview with his prospective boss – the Partner Account Manager at a Cloud, Information Technology, Software company. Dan is running him through the paces!
  4. S. completed her 2.5 hour third interview at a South Carolina nonprofit (her goal!). She will be working directly with the Founder/CEO. Waffles advised on everything from how to interview with prospective subordinates to which shoes to wear!
  5. K., still in Clarity with Justin Helman, remains in constant contact with the Client Concierge over her stream of interviews. This week, a scrap metal recycling plant is of extreme interest from a recruiting firm in Australia. She says:

    “I’ve spent time in many Oz cities … :)”

    Several calls from a family trust in Dubai (Isabelita, are you in walking distance?), so this search has gone global in utero. Let’s hope it doesn’t go viral!

  1. Greg was on his much-deserved and cancelled three times anniversary Caribbean vacation when R. got the third and final interview (one competitor) for Sales Segment Director of Petfood at a metal packaging provider. The perfect candidate for the perfect job. Tomasz and Dan pulled Waffles in to tie up the interview prep and put a bow on it!

Paula’s pleased three ways:

  1. Paula’s client M. has a ½-day next round of interviews for Director of R&D. So far, so good, Paula!
  2. W. advanced to the next round of interviews with a global payments technology company for a Senior Technical Account Manager.
  3. D. has a 2nd interview with the provider of a restaurant point of sale and management system this week in which he will be presenting a product sales pitch that Paula helped him with. Paula encouraed him to see the process through, even though he already accepted the offer above.


  1. Lori shares:

    “N. has an interview tomorrow for a Head of Litigation position for a Fortune 1000 company, an installer and distributor of insulation and building material. She’s excited! She was contacted by a recruiting firm, was complimented for her excellent presentation skills, and moved to the next step in the interview process – directly with the Head of HR! We prepped for her interview tomorrow – today! Yay N.! :)”

  1. Z. found a job posting on LinkedIn for a Director of Product Manager for a bank in NYC. He checked for social capital and couldn’t find any helpful but saw the title of the Internal Recruiter. Following George’s coaching, he looked her up on LinkedIn. Z. asked her to connect and said he was interested in the position. The Internal Recruiter looked at his profile and set him up for the interview today, without his having to apply online first. Z. had the interview today, said it went well, and he thinks the next step is to talk with the hiring manager. Nice work, George!
  2. From T.:
    “Dear Mo, I hope that you are well. My interview on Thursday went very well. I prepared quite technically (e.g., I worked through several CLE courses on trade finance, and the associated regulatory / compliance issues), as well as found that “alter ego”/authentic self to show up as. I interviewed strongly and had great questions. Thanks for your coaching!

    I received strong, positive feedback via the recruiter on Friday, and they asked for my expected comp package (which the recruiter had already prepped me on). Finally, I can visualize and scope the framework of the role, and now feel confident that I can do it (figure it out). Best, T.”

  1. Lori drops by again: D. received a referral by an individual within an organization that he is affiliated with to meet with a CEO for networking and potential advocacy purposes. Based on the conversation and D.’s top-notch skillset, the CEO segued into discussing an opportunity within his own company! His current COO is moving to launch a new division of their company. He said he wanted D. to meet with individuals with his company. So, the meeting turned into an interview. D. has a 2nd interview tomorrow, with the current COO, and a 3rd interview on Friday with the Head of Human Resources. Go D.! 🙂
  2. E. told Paula:
    “I got a quick hit on a position I submitted an application to yesterday: [Someone] contacted me via LinkedIn and sent a separate email to me, wanting to schedule a 30 minute. I was looking to schedule time with him this Friday afternoon. [The company] is a leading at-home health testing company, with a platform that allows consumers to discover and access personalized health information conveniently, confidentially, and accurately. They empower people to take an active role in their health to live longer, happier lives. The role is Senior Vice President of Sales.”

    Bring it, Paula!

  1. Hiyam had to pivot: Right in the middle of orientation with her new client P. revealed that he had a zoom interview scheduled for tomorrow! Hiyam dived right into interview coaching, including where to point his camera and how to set his lights. They covered specific concerns about the company and interviewer and Hiyam thought on her feet and gave him some great answers to tough questions. P. took extensive notes and felt much more comfortable going into the meeting today! Way to go, Hiyam!


  1. From George:

    “Christina, thank you so much for taking care of the emergency request for B. on Wednesday. We were on a real time crunch before his interview. I made the request late at night on Tuesday, and you got information on 10 companies which he needed for his second interview with the company, and he had it in plenty of time for his interview. The company who interviewed him was very impressed! Best regards, George”

  1. J. tells us:
    “Entering the job market can be a very scary and overwhelming time in your life, especially if you haven’t had to conduct a job search in years. That’s exactly where I found myself and so my journey began. I updated my resume, my online search was in full swing, but months passed and… nothing!  It was then that I discovered The Barrett Group. From the moment I engaged the team, my journey changed and became more focused and strategic. My initial coaching sessions with Laura were perfectly structured to guide me to discover – me! Through these sessions, I gained clarity on what I have offer to potential employers and the skills I possess. With this clarity, came my robust, achievable personal strategic plan. Laura rocks!

    I then had the fortunate opportunity to work with Greg, my executive career coach. Greg delivered The Barrett Group program, provided invaluable insights into the value of an executive resume, the importance of my professional network, and the amazing power of LinkedIn.  Greg was amazing and was exactly what I needed. I was blown away by Greg’s teachings and, most importantly, it worked! I landed an amazing leadership role that is exactly what I was looking for in my next career experience and I wholeheartedly have the team at The Barrett Group to thank for their tremendous support and guidance. One of the best decisions I’ve made!

    A huge THANK YOU to Donna, Laura, Greg, Dan, Christina, and Peter!”

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