Career Change Frontline Report 01-29-2020


  1. Vivek went the distance with his client T. when he gave him the advice in negotiating his final offer from a utilities company. And the offer was increased by $15K: T. certainly got his money’s worth from his Barrett Group program!
  2. Julie congratulated K. on landing her perfect job  at a hospital, working with the senior community she so enjoys. Julie was so impressed with how K. used her social capital to get introduced to the CEO. Then she continued to build relationships within the organization until they found a way to utilize her talents and expertise!


  1. A. received expert interview coaching by Vivek before he met with the corporate VP/Acting CFO at a high tech firm. The position will be Senior Director of Finance. The interview coaching paid off and A. is planning his trip to California in a few weeks for the in-house second interview. Following The Barrett Way, this is a direct result of ongoing networking!
  2. L snagged another interview, this time at an insurance company. Greg is coaching him on how to avoid ageism in the interview process; L. is 70 years young.
  3. G. is keeping Greg Emslie busy with three opportunities moving forward. One magazine is near to an offer.  Another offers great upside growth. And a third finishing a project in Vegas and will likely be moving forward when complete.
  4. M. had two fresh interviews at pharmaceutical companies, strong activity thanks to Anne keeping him on task and motivated! By following Anne’s excellent advice, these interviews were prompted by M.’s networking with former employer’s of his last company, right out of the Barrett Bible!
  5. P. is looking forward to his interview coaching appointment with Vivek. He’s been scheduled for his first interview at a U.S. multinational pharmaceutical company for the Director of Public Health Partnerships position.
  6. S. has begun the interview process at a large national telecommunications firm. Julie feels there could be some great opportunities for him in such a large organization.
  7. George was impressed that B. had two more interviews this week!

  8. M. took Anne’s advice to heart and lined up FOUR interviews this week!
  9. George hopes that B. likes airplanes: he is being flown to Minnesota tomorrow for an interview for a Director of Portfolio Management position at a mutual insurance company. On Monday he is being flown to Connecticut for an interview for a similar position at an insurance company.
  10. P. found a posting on LinkedIn. He then impressed Julie by walking two blocks from his office and walking into the place cold with his printed cover letter and resume, just like in the 1950’s! They called him and he has the interview tomorrow!
  11. R. worked with George on the negotiations, but the initial offer just came in too light, so we’re putting the chips down on his interview with another company.

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