Career Change Frontline Report 01-22-2020


  1. First H. worked with Julie, Waffles and Dan to hammer out what may be a new Barrett Group record for his new role as President of an IT services company:
    • First, He will assume the CEO position in July with a significant salary increase.
    • And, We helped him negotiate a $50K increase in the base salary.
    • Also, Total annual comp is starting at $750K, a huge increase in comp for Hiral.
    • And, $4 million ESOP funded the first day, and the company is on an explosive trajectory so this will only be increasing in value.
    • Finally, He could arrange for the company’s sale in the next two years (the founders would like to exit), and could easily realize $8 million in the transaction.
  2. Next D. has successfully launched a transitional housing company and is serving as CEO, while maintaining his IT consulting firm. Julie, Dan and Waffles are delighted that he has agreed to be a Barrett Group reference and internal advocate. As the designer and manufacturer of an artificial hand for a 9 year old girl using a 3D printer, D. has perfected a small shelter/home for the homeless. It arrives flat on a truck and can be assembled using a hex wrench in 20 minutes.
  3. T. has received an offer for the Senior Director of Transitions at a utilities company. Vivek is busy reviewing the details, using our Compensation Benchmark Foundation spreadsheet.
  4. Lastly L. received several offers, but he accepted his dream job with a national telecommunications company.


  1. And Julie had been encouraging B. to renew contact with his network, and it’s paid off. B.’s friend introduced him to the former owner of a great company he used to work for. The owner is remaining in place for the next couple of years and working with the new owners. The former owner asked B. how much he would like to make. Julie called Dan in and they both are advising B. every step of the way. The position is slated for about $300K but could go much higher, as there is a generous commission component to the new job!
  2. Second M. really liked this supermarket in his L.A. neighborhood (great veggies!), so he took Waffles’ advice and chatted up the butcher. Privately owned since it was started in the 60’s by the same guy, who is now 87, sickly, and no succession plan, perfect! We’re in the second round of negotiations on the offer. The owner said we’re no more than $150K apart, so – easy, peasy!
  3. Next L. took Dan’s and Greg’s advice: he used his connections to get into a top-ranked private research university. Guess what? The lady that runs the Dental School on the other side of the campus was delighted when he called and he has an interview later this week.
  4. S. has a second interview with a drilling services company and a first with another drilling corporation, keeping Greg busy with interview coaching.
  5. B. continues to interview regularly, this week it’s with Moody’s. Last week it was TD Bank.
  6. Lastly, F. has an interview with large staffing firm.
  7. B. greatly admired the work that’s being done by a reforestation project, so when Waffles pulled a report for her she decided to email the CEO.

    He emailed her back within two hours! The CEO told B. to contact his assistant and set up time for an interview. He was very impressed with the LinkedIn profile The Barrett Group had written for her! An hour after his email arrived she got a call from a 3rd party recruiter, who had found her on LinkedIn. She had a Skype with her that same day for three possible positions.

  8. Then G. followed Paula’s strategy and knocked the first interview for Senior Director, Customer Experience out of the park! He has his second interview tomorrow, with the company’s senior director.


  1. And R. has already put knowledge gleaned from his DISC assessment to work in his daily dealings with his superiors. He is thrilled with the results from Vivek’s coaching!

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