The Hiring Line:

  1. Hard fought, hard won: Greg’s client J. has landed. There is a section down below in Appreciation. J. is now Chief Communications Officer at a county’s Tax Collector’s Office! Excellent work, as always, Greg!
  2. R. has accepted an offer for a Regional Development Director with a financial services organization. The initial verbal offer was $150k with an 18-month transitionary program with a potential for a bump up in salary and title. And R. took Lori’s counselling seriously and stood his ground, stating his target base was $200k. This company is a competitor of his previous company and they have been pursuing him for a few years. They wanted him so much that they surpassed his base rate of $200k and offered him $240k with an 18-month transition to a succession planning role to a Chief position within the company! Lori, we haven’t even finished his resume yet!

Additionally, R. has an interview this week for a Chief Development Officer position and, because he’s already been in conversations, he wants to finish up the interview prior to starting his new role.

R. stated that “he is so glad he decided to work with TBG and that working with us has helped him so much at focusing on his goals, Clarity was eye opening, and he appreciates everything we’ve done and will do in future for him.” 🙂

Lori and Mike Stromberg, please take a bow!


  1. B. called Paula to touch base and let her know they want to extend an offer and (finally) asked her what her salary requirements would be. She told them her base range is between $125-145k plus commission, benefits, and bonus. They said that’s certainly in the ballpark, the position is for base plus commission, bonus and a car allowance. Stay tuned on this one, folks!
  2. George tosses this one in the hat:

“F. had several interviews this week at [a home renovation & remodeling company] and received a verbal offer. He is now awaiting an offer letter. He had reached out to a friend he had previously worked with at [a prior employer] who got him the interview. F. then had several phone interviews this week and got the offer on Friday. The nice thing is that F., who now lives in New York wanted to move to North Carolina. I have coached him all along that picking a specific area where you have never lived so have no contacts could be tricky.  This position would be in [South Carolina] – close enough.  F. has two other companies very close to making an offer and he is calling them on Monday to see what they can do.”

Interviews Advance:

  1. Paula’s client D. had two very quick interviews with [a manufacturer and direct-to-store distributor of premium quality packaged ice] for a Sales Manager role, then the conversation went cold (sic). Paula coached him not to give up. D. followed up by phone and email – no response. Well, he just had a video interview with their CCO! Key takeaways: well-funded and looking to have a 3 year strategic plan of growing the sales team and market penetration by adding 8 new business development managers and account managers throughout the country.

“He asked me which I’d prefer: a hunter roll, an account manager role, or a hybrid mix. I answered I am best suited in a hybrid role, but I am eager to do either or any of the above. He seemed pleased with that answer. According to him, we will speak in the next couple of days. This was almost certainly the final round of interviews. If I gave this a grade, I’d give an A-, I think it went exceedingly well.”

Excellent coaching paying off, Paula!

  1. First S. goes on her third interview with a nonprofit organization that helps rebuild homes. Waffles coached her on this crucial culture test. You go, S.!
  2. Next J. has made it through a couple of rounds for a Project Manager – PPE position at a multinational conglomerate. Julie was pleased to see the interview prep service request in Asana.
  3. Lori’s client S. has another interview for Brand Marketing Director with the provider of casual tabletop products! 🙂


  1. M. had an interview intensive with George and Waffles:

“The [auto glass replacement services provider] interview for the VP of Operations Excellence opportunity went very well! I spent a lot of time fine-tuning my answers to the interview questions you had given me, and it was very helpful. Thanks again for walking through the guidelines with me yesterday. The Q&A lasted for about 40 minutes, then the recruiter spent the remaining 20 minutes trying to sell me on [auto glass replacement services provider]… which I took as a good sign! I tried like hell to avoid compensation specifics, but felt I had no choice in the end… I gave him a range of my past 3 years of $210-$275K. He confirmed that we’re in the same ballpark.”

We’re in multiple same ballparks this week! George gave some excellent advice on this one.

  1. A., who never stops, is interviewing at provider of personal computer and mobile accessories as the Global Marketing Manager – Creativity & Productivity, MX. She has discovered that Tomasz is a 1st degree with her hiring manager and is making the TBG networking connection! She also has an interview at a provider of reinsurance and insurance as P&C Marketing Manager. This is a role that Anne had in her prior work experience, so she had lots of examples and insight to share. A. was grateful, as she is very prepared! Thanks, Anne!
  2. Also from Anne this week: M., who never quits, is interviewing at a gaming company for Marketing Director. He will be taking the Hogan Test and then video interview with the Sr. SVP Marketing Strategy and Performance today. And he also has an interview at a Loyalty Agency, as Marketing Loyalty VP. He followed Anne’s advice and leveraged LinkedIn networking to connect and find this opportunity.
  3. Dan is pleased to report from R.:

“I have scheduled a call to speak with [the] Talent Acquisition Specialist at a private to IPO opportunity with 40+ products and services, this Friday. The title of the job opportunity is Partner Account Manager.”

Thanks for jumping in to help R., Dan!

  1. K., still in Clarity with Justin Helman, has been keeping the Client Concierge busy with a large number of job search activities. A recruiter wanted to chat her up for a position she felt totally unqualified for and she was advised to steer her towards more appropriate opportunities. Her email back:

“Ha! Well, that didn’t go so well…I started the call by telling her I didn’t have the right qualifications and by the end of it she insisted I speak to the COO/CEO and that I could be a really good fit! In any event – I made a new friend and of course I agreed to take the next call. 🙂



Client Concierge reply:

“It’s called the Pull Away sale, works like a charm!! Good for you, that’s a riot!”

  1. Lori tells us M. has had a lot of success this week, she has the following interviews scheduled:
    1. First at a synthetic biology company for Director of HR
    2. Second at a public research university for VP HR – M. applied for the position, and after applying, reached out to the internal recruiter using her Recruiter Intro Lori provided. The recruiter stated she was “glad M. reached out” and then scheduled an interview! Yay! 🙂
    3. Third a private Catholic university (2nd interview) VP HR

Go M.! 🙂

  1. B. tugged Dan’s coat:

“I just took a call from a recruiter. She wants to speak to me this Friday. Do you have time to talk to me about this? I apologize for the short notice.”

Dan found the time, of course.


  1. From Julie to Donna:

“Hi Donna, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the high-quality, detailed notes that you provide.  When I get ready to start with a new client, I am truly prepared and understand their situation.  Your extra care and efforts are highly appreciated!! Best regards, Julie”

  1. Our client H.:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping with my resume, everything looks great, you guys make me look and sound amazing! Thank you again, I really do appreciate it!”

  1. From client A.:

“Dear Marion and Tomasz,

I’m now in phase 2, and I reflected on what I have achieved so far:

After less than 3 months, for the first time in my life, I feel ready to face the biggest personal challenge for any executive: employability. And I spent more than 15 years in the MedTech industry, focusing mainly on my work commitments, ignoring the importance of networking and of leveraging my social capital. The COVID emergency led me to think about the importance of being prepared for the known/unknowns, including obviously the risk of losing my job.

Dan is simply exceptional. He led me through the Barret methodology with ease, but he is always ready to support me and adapt to my ever-changing needs. He is always capable of finding the right answer for any situation understanding the context in which I operate. I appreciate his unique ability to balance pragmatism with empathy.

And I had the chance to meet Isabelita during the first meetings with Dan. She is one of the most courteous and empathetic career coaches I have ever met. She helped me explore the Dubai market, which interests me and shared her experience as a recruiter. Importantly, she connected me with a couple of top CEOs in the Pharma and MedTech industry with whom I am building a rapport.

I met Anne one month ago or so. She is helping me with one of the most challenging aspects of my career change process: re-building my personal brand. After only one meeting, she understood the root cause of my problem (for personal branding): I do not have any online presence. Although I am not a shy person, I have to admit that I’m ashamed to post my ideas. She also found a simple, two-step plan to solve this problem.

I also had the chance to meet Travis and Christina, who prepared beneficial documents for me. And I hope I will have the chance to know them more in the future.

In a few words, I am delighted to have joined this program, and I know that I will have to spend even more energies in the future to obtain the results that we all expect that I will achieve.

Finally, I would be more than happy to act as a networking partner for Barrett. Should you want me to be your reference for any prospective client, just let me know.

Many thanks and Best regards,


  1. A. posted her job update on LinkedIn and Lori Chevalier comments:

“Yay A.!! 🙂 She’s amazing!! She is a really wonderful client, brilliant, and a humble girl! 🙂 And she’s very deserving of this position – she essentially used the UNP3 process and inquired with the company she is now working with, how she could best utilize her skillset and where they would recommend she focus her efforts after applying to a position within their firm 6 months prior. Well, her timing was perfect because at the time she called them, they were in the process of expanding and needed someone “just like her”! This resulted in her “pitching” a plan – which Dan and I both worked with her on – essentially writing her own job description and naming her price for salary!  She moved from VanCouver, BC to Seattle! She can now utilize her entire portfolio of expertise in her new position! Win/Win for A.!!” 🙂 

  1. Julie shared this one from D.:

“Julie, Good morning!  I wanted to pass on the compliment I received on my resume……

“Whomever is advising you is giving you great guidance.  I agree with her comments.  Very well constructed and easy to follow. I like the way the beginning is tailored to answer the question “Why D. for this specific opportunity?”.  Well done.”

  1. Julie Norwell interviewed T.:

“T. initially looked into enlisting professional help because she knew layoffs were coming down the pike. As a 20-year veteran of her company, she knew she could use help with a career transition, especially because she wanted to explore a change in industries. She saw the value in investing in her own development and wanted TBG to help her figure out what to do next.

T. learned a lot in Clarity with [her coach] about who she is and what she wants in the next chapter of her career. She found it very valuable.

T. felt that she got a lot of guidance and support in learning how to use LinkedIn and the value of leveraging it in a career search. She is a true believer that most people have little chance of getting a foot in the door at a company unless they know someone there.

And T. never got down on herself and was hired the third time she applied to the company. She was thrilled and attributes her success to building and nurturing a relationship with a recruiter she met through LinkedIn per Julie’s coaching.

T. was very enthusiastic about her TBG experience. She said she would recommend it to a friend and would use the services again if she ever found herself in a similar situation.

She feels that it was money well spent. And she is very happy with her new career opportunity.

  1. Lori to Dan and Waffles:

“Thanks to you both for all that you do to coach me on a daily and weekly basis.

I appreciate your taking the time to guide (and nudge me).

It’s helping our clients in so many ways!

And they have you both to thank for it!” 

  1. From our client M.:

“Hi, Dan, Julie, Rick,

I wanted to send a quick email and thank you for the support and guidance over the last several months as part of my engagement with the Barrett group. It did not take long after I signed my contract to realize that I was taking a part in a self-transformative exercise. From taking the initial Clarity assessments and working with Hiyam Wakeen, followed by working with Julie and everyone who supported her in my journey – it has been incredible. I am not the person I was back in August. Many factors contributed to that, but most of all was Julie’s guidance. She has been incredible in helping push me forward and managing my program, progress, and expectations. Thank you, Julie, from the bottom of my heart!

On February 1st I will be starting my new journey at a new company. I am very excited and, frankly, the position and the salary ended up way above my expectations. And, I could have never done it without your support. I am truly grateful and appreciative. Looking back, I am so glad I took the first step in talking with Rick that late August afternoon and making that first move of defining my next career step!

I look forward to your guidance as I move through my first 90 days in my new company – and I am sure my start will be successful with Barrett standing behind me!

With much gratitude,


  1. J. to Greg:

“All in all, I am very happy with the offer and the opportunity to be Chief Communications Officer!

This has been a tremendous learning experience and you and the entire Barrett team have been excellent to work with and I know I couldn’t have managed without your guidance so THANK YOU!”


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