Frontline Report for 01-19-22

The Hiring Line Statistics:

Offers Accepted: 8
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 10
1st Interviews: 12

The Hiring Line:

1. Joan Sebring’s client M. accepted a job with a children’s clothing line. Joan shared: “M. is very happy to have this new position and she has solid experience that sets her up for success in the role. The salary and offer work well for her since she is remote, and this allows her to cover all of her expenses. She did a great job stepping outside of her comfort zone and embracing the UNP1 process, which is how she landed this opportunity. Clearly, she nailed the interview process, as well!”

2. Isabelita Castilho received word from clients D. and Z.
-D. shares, “Hey Ms. Castilho, Best wishes for the New Year, indeed! Good news: I will start at [the logistics company] as Site Manager. They do all the logistics for [a medical device company]. I followed your advice on negotiations. SO, let’s do it and I owe you big thank for all the support!”
-Z. is another one of Isabelita’s pond-jumping clients. He bought a temp agency and is now running it. He already updated his LinkedIn profile! 🙂

3. Anne Lipsitz shares updates on clients K., E., and L.:
-First, K. snagged the deal with a transportation business! He is loving the new role! At the table, making decisions, positively impacting the electric vehicle market/ride share and helping to build this business and his career trajectory!
-And, E. accepted his offer from a software service company. He told Anne: “Hope you are well, and your year is starting off great. I adjusted my search and finally found the position that I had been looking for. I used all of the skills that you had shown me and some that I didn’t even know I had and landed… Thank you for your help in the process and I have recommended you to a few of my friends who are looking to make changes. It has been a long road but one that has helped me develop and learn a lot about myself. Respectfully, E.”
-Also, L. has landed with the title of Senior Business Program Manager, Strategic Communications Customer Experience. She hopped from Media & Entertainment to the Information Technology & Services sector.

4. Paula Nordhoff’s client O. has landed again. “Happy New Year and hope all is well with you. So, I found a director role at a growing two-year old [beverage company]. My first project is to raise 500K in Capital over the next few months using crowdfunding. They will pay me 6.5% of the total raise in lieu of a salary. They will also use the capital I raise to pay me a salary going forward as a permanent employee. I’m excited because I get to grow a product, jump into the [area] business community and they have a small, however very new presence in the USA that they wish to grow so they need help with that.”

5. Lori Chevalier’s client Y. has landed at a biopharmaceutical company! Y. has two colleagues whom she worked with who worked as advocates. She applied for the role on a Sunday (per their guidance) and had five interviews on the books on Monday! By the end of the week, they indicated she would be receiving an offer in the next few days – and she did! She will be meeting to discuss the negotiations and the pros/cons of accepting this role! 🙂 Way to go Y.!

Offers Received

1. Lori’s client T. has finally received the offer from the multinational services network. T. is seeking a new role, but the offer so far is low! They will be meeting to discuss the offer and how to get the base up – in addition to understanding the bonus details! Stay tuned!

2. George Schulz’s client U. received an offer from a restaurant chain.

Interviews Advance

1. Julie Mathern’s client P. has interviews with a technology company and with a manufacturer for a VP/GM role.

2. Lori’s client H. interviewed at a biopharmaceutical company for a director role. H. was contacted by a start-up and after the initial meeting and has now been scheduled for 4-5 interviews this week! Congratulations H.!

3. Lori and Waffles Natusch’s client F. is pursuing a larger role (Executive Director) at an assisted living facility. The recruiter has already progressed her to a second interview!

4. Barbara Limmer’s client A. has a panel interview scheduled with an automotive company.

5. Anne’s client K. is interviewing for a Chief Engineer position with a manufacturer. He already met with the CEO and is now meeting the President and COO.

6. Jerry Fronczak’s client R. is onto his second interview with a company he currently has his eye on.

7. Rebeca Gelencser’s client N. is interviewing for a business development management opportunity and successfully got into the final round.

8. Jayson Searle’s client R. has advanced in the process for a Digital Strategist – Mobility opportunity an automotive industry company.

Connecting One Current TBG Client To Another

1. Barbara shares:
“Just thought I’d share this story because I am tickled that one of my clients is targeting a company that another of my clients currently works for, and although they are both conducting confidential campaigns, they each agreed to speak with each other.

This started when my client G. said he was referred to the head a medical device company’s diabetes division, S., and was in the process of scheduling a meeting with him. The medical device company is very high on G.’s list of target companies, so he was very pleased. I told him that I have another client who works there, and if he’s willing to talk to G., would I have his permission to break confidentiality and reveal his name. He gave me his approval and was happy that I would make the introduction if the other client agreed.

My client V. currently works in that division of medical device company, so in my regular weekly meeting with him, I asked if he knew S., and he said ‘Sure, S. is my friend, we’re having lunch next week.’

I then told him about G. and asked if he’d be willing to speak with him; they are both in the same area and are both in highly technical roles within the medical device industry. He was happy to chat, so I introduced the two of them via LinkedIn, and the next day I got this message from G.: ‘I just spoke with V. Great conversation. Very helpful!’ -Barbara”


1. Joan Sebring’s client C. had an initial screening interview with a talent acquisition specialist at a healthcare data company where they discussed his candidacy for a Director, Project Management opportunity.

2. Barbara updates us on a few clients:
-First, P. took the initiative to write to the third-party recruiter directly after seeing this CEO position posted on Indeed, and then called per our instructions: “Hi Barbara: So, I called the recruiter today, I wanted to give him a little time after I sent the resume, and I had an initial conversation. He asked me what I knew about the organization and the position. He said he was impressed by my understanding of the position and my resume. Then he asked me what my compensation was at [current organization] because he was concerned that I might not be interested in this position. I told him I was generally familiar with the revenue of the organization and compensation of the current CEO. He confirmed they are looking in the 300s and I told him that I was interested in further discussions. We set up a Zoom meeting!”

-Next, a medical device company is a key target company of Barbara’s client F. He sent her this note:
“Last night I was ambushed by an executive at [a medical device company] who asked if I could be online for a quick chat in an hour. I made time for the Zoom and we had 30 minute discussion. After our discussion, he sent me this email:
‘Hi F., Good chatting with you. Feel free to directly apply to the role and, once you do, please send me an email. If you have additional questions and would love to meet again, I am open to that as well.’”
-Also, T. connected with someone he worked with years ago, leading to an in-person meeting with the CEO/owner of a security company regarding a President role. She’s looking to step away from the daily running of the business and bring on a President.

-And, Barbara’s brand-new client M. really took to the program right out of the chute! Utilizing his social capital referral to a referral, the Managing Partner of a design studio reached out to M. to schedule time to meet.

3.Paula’s clients U. and L. shared updates:
-“Hi Paula – Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! Just in case you’re checking messages today. First, I was contacted by the head of research at [a stockbroker] for an interview this Wednesday.
Second, I was also contacted by [someone who works] at the investment fund [managing company] for the possible IR head job at [a medium size frozen food company]. We don’t have a solid time yet to talk. Any help on either would be great! Thanks, U.”
-Also, L. snagged an interview through a recruiter and had the initial HR screening for a Health Director opening at a retirement community.

4. Julie Mathern’s client W. interviewed at a web-based company for Operations Management Specialist, Trust and Safety. W. added:
“I have been contacted by [the web-based company’s] Trust and Safety Team for an Operations Management Specialist role. First, I got an email from the hiring manager to see if I am interested in interviewing for the position and asked me to apply for the position. Following that, she emailed me that their recruiter will be in touch. I just had a 20-minute call with the recruiter who primarily confirmed if I will be open to relocating for the position and gave me a very broad overview of the role. She said the process involves 3 interviews, one with the hiring manager, one with some team member(s), and then some stakeholders.”

5. Lori’s client K. presents two updates:
-A college where the title would be Occupational Therapist Consultant. K. was contacted via LinkedIn by the Dean of Health Professionals about a new consulting role they are developing!
-Also a health foundation, for Director of Recuperative Care. K. was contacted on LinkedIn by an HR recruiter and sent in her resume. She met with the HR individual for a first screening, and it went very well!

6. Larry DiBoni’s client J. is in talks with an energy group, where he would be working remotely (75% travel). The position is Director of Battery Storage. Larry tells us, “This is J.’s 1st interview, obtained through social capital. We are on the 2nd meeting in the program!”


1. Isabelita’s client M., shared:
“Hi Isabelita, hope you have had a good first 2 weeks into 2022! Wanted to let you know that V. reached out to me for my experiences with TBG, etc. I let him know how TBG, you were very helpful and flexible by adjusting the program to best suit my situation then. Take care, all the best, M.”

2. In the last week, the writing team has delivered 39 total projects while maintaining a 100% on time (or early) rating! Marissa Lessman is the week’s Busy Beaver completing over 30% of the writing tasks assigned to the queue.

3. Barbara expresses, “Wow Ralph J. Libsohn, you did an AMAZING job with LI Stories, thank you so much! You really captured what she was trying to say, and what her top priorities are in making a change from what she is currently doing to what she wants to do next. And the warmth that comes through in your writing is obvious. If I came across someone with this info in their LI profile, I’d be happy to talk to them. Thank you, you are a star! -Barbara Limmer”

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