Frontline Report for 01-12-22

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 8
Offers Received: 5
Interviews Advanced: 13
1st Interviews: 19

The Hiring Line:

1. V. received and accepted his offer from an agriculture company. And it was on Christmas! V.’s previous salary was $230K. Their initial offer came in at $200K. But they won the game with $280K! Here’s the note from V.:
“Hi Isabelita Castilho, some updates on my Christmas Day. [The agriculture company] just landed me an offer. So, I am really thrilled. The negotiations happened on the spot. They topped up my current employer with similar benefits & stressed the bonus part. I am really thrilled from the way it went through. Cheers, V.”

2. Anne Lipsitz’ client D. landed! “Hi Anne! I am taking a job with [the events company] as the COO! It’s a 2-year contract with an option for a third.” He made a nice jump from Director, Flow & Process Technologies Projects.

3. Lori Chevalier shares great news from clients L. and M.!
-A capital advising company gave L. the job. In this endeavor, he is paid a salary, and also invests into the company. The contract is for 2-years, and the goal is to engage pre-vetted investors into the purchase/investment of start-up companies. He made the change from Restaurants, Food & Beverage to Finance & Financial Services. Lori shares this with Waffles Natusch: “Thank you Waffles for your support on reviewing L.’s contract to ensure it is a solid deal. L. is excited to use TBG services for research moving forward as he identifies potential firms/companies for investments! Congratulations L.!”
-Also a recruiter contacted M. and was referred by an “undisclosed” individual. So there is a mystery here! Pattie Vargas met with M. to prep her for the interview(s) and also to discuss the Offer – thank you Pattie! 🙂 Pattie tells the tale: “I met with M. to ‘cinch’ the offer and she signed it after we spoke! She is relocating as soon as she goes through one more application and interview process! Way to go M.!”

4. Larry DiBoni relays that K. and his brother are going into business with each other. Their business model is based on NFT s. Their plan is to get the company up and running, make it profitable and grow it to a $2 million organization.

5. C. landed in four months, and Jerry Fronczak was quite pleased to hear the news! His new role is Vice President of Sales in the automotive sector.

6. Paula Nordhoff shared the news about P.. She accepted the offer from the security company: “P. is a very engaged client and worked the campaign diligently. Her new company is a 40-year-old family-owned business and her wife worked there previously, so all the parties know each other. P. is a delight to work with and I am thrilled for her and her family. For P., it accomplishes an industry change; a hybrid model; an offer in her desired salary range, and the chance to build up the HR function of this company with her passion, compassion, expertise, and drive.” Her new title is HR Manager.

7. A. received an offer from a vehicle power company. In addition, A. received a promotion to Director and a pay bump in her present position.

Offers Received

1. B. is in final stages of negotiations with the CEO. Isabelita and the Client Concierge helped with the negotiations. B. would be the VP in charge of all Europe with the software company.

2. Lori’s industrious client O. finally laid an offer on the table from a supply company!
“O. is an interviewing machine. He has had multiple interviews (5 total) with this company to get it to this point. Original discussed compensation was $170k, but after speaking with O., they already raised the base to $200k. We are still in negotiations! Stay tuned!”

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client S. is working three offers from different rehabilitation companies:
-Vice President Business Development final interview completed. Meeting to review offer.
-And Vice President with potential for Chief Operating Officer as soon as the new CEO is on board.
-Also Regional Vice President offer is pending.

Interviews Advance

1. Lori brings us up to speed on the progress of I. and L.
-I. is moving towards a Director of Finance position at an IT/Subscription Management Company: “I. has been reaching out to recruiters directly and is getting a response rate of 19 out of 50 so far! A recruiter presented an opportunity to I., and he had a 1st interview with the CEO and is already scheduled for a 2nd interview with the COO!”
-Meanwhile, L. was referred by a former colleague to a photography company. He has been introduced to the HR Manager and has been invited to interview for the role of ESG Officer! He is also interviewing at an asset management group. Lori noted, “L. has great relationships and has been recommended for this role, also ESG Officer. Since being recommended, he has been scheduled for three interviews next week!”

2. Julie Mathern held the orientation last week, and M. has progressed past his 2nd interview for the position of General Counsel at a government office already! M. has several contacts and has spoken with them about his candidacy.

3. Barbara Limmer heard from clients J. and A.
-First, J. is progressing at the life insurance company: “I ended up meeting with the HR director. Went very well. Love the energy and leadership vision of this team. The CIO (chief investment officer, formerly CEO) is supposed to be [nearby] for a convention, so it sounds like they may try to find time for us to meet in person, which would be great, and I think the plan is to reschedule the CEO call as well.”
-Second, A. is making inroads at the automotive company, where they have an opening for a Director of Engineering. A. met with the hiring manager (VP of Engineering), and was told she made it to the next round which will be a panel interview.

4. Waffles Pi Natusch’s clients P. and C. had updates.
-P. used the customized resume and cover letter and received a screening phone call from a construction company for the COO opening. This week he interviewed with the Account Manager at a the recruiting company who is running the search.
-C. was excited to let Waffles know that the management consulting company has presented him to a software company for a Managing Counsel position.

5. H., N., and Y. updated Isabelita with good news.
-H. shared, “Good morning Isabelita, Quick update from yesterday: had 5 good interviews with 6 people that went well from my perspective, they will discuss internally with the plan to give me feedback towards the end of this week. Will keep you posted.”
-While, N. let Isabelita know he’s interviewing with the company HR executive for the Government Relations Manager position at a medical equipment company.
-Next, Y. noted, “Hi Isabelita, I hope all is well. I have just received an e-mail from an investment fund to schedule for the second interview… It will be with the acting sector lead for Automotive & Mobility.”

6. Anne Lipsitz reports that S. continues with interviews! She told Anne about her progress at an education company, concerning the Customer Success Manager: 1st interview with owner successful, have a [complementary] company that founder developed for her son! Good feedback and waiting for the next level interview. Then, at a software company, she had interviewed for Sales Development, was rejected for Sales Leader, but is now being considered for a new role incorporating her sales and education background. They want to move into k-12 space. And they found her via LI.


1. Lori’s client O. is pursuing a Director/VP of IT from an environmental company. He relays, “I received a text message from [the] former COO for [another environmental company]. I called him back and he is now working for [this company]. He asked if I was open to being approached, I said yes, I am scheduled to have initial introductory call.”

2. Jayson Searle gives updates on F. and W.
-F. interviewed at a Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company for Head of Business. He was interviewed by a Member of the Board.
-W. interviewed for CEO at a company in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage sector.

3. Rob Wicker is impressed with client R. First at a healthcare company, role is Customer Project Manager, Radiology. Also with a state government, interview with direct manager for Applications Operations Manager.

4. Barbara Limmer’s clients U. and E. share that they have interviews planned.
-U. is interviewing with an airline company for Director of Software Engineering. She applied to job posting on LI. U. is also interviewing at a computer company for Director of Software Engineering. She was referred for this position from a research project she had worked on.
-And also E. went to a hospital, healthcare, and pharmaceutical company to meet with the Head of R&D product development for diabetes products.

5. Anne’s clients K. and V. are actively interviewing, too.
-K. interviewed at a manufacturing company a CTO and/or VP Engineering role. The family-owned business involves crane and lifts, and is interested in someone who can transform and innovate the product/business. Originally was for role of VP Engineering, now looking at CTO.
-While V. is interviewing for a role is President at a spa company. Lead is via a friend, company was private, daughter is COO for 20 yrs, acting as CEO after passing of father. And K. is meeting with Partners. And they’re interested in his dealer experience.

6. Isabelita Castilho reports that M. has four scheduled interviews with an online retailer.

7. Jerry Fronczak’s clients C., J., D., and P. share interview news:
-First, C. interviewed for a Senior Business Development Manager role at a chemicals company.
-Second, J. interviewed at an energy company for Vice President of Technology and Innovation.
-Third, D. had four interviews happening this week: At a tech company for two new roles and one that is coming up. Also at a medical supplies/equipment/tech company for a Chief of Staff role. D. is interviewing at an entertainment company for a Sr. Strategic Recruiter role. And finally, D. is interviewing at a software company for a Sr. Partnerships Manager opportunity.
-Fourth, P. is interviewing for a Financial Manager position and a Managing Director position at two different firms.


1. “Hi Paula, Within about 2-3 hrs of sending the 3rd party recruiter email, I had 21 emails in my inbox. 6 were positive responses that I could follow up on. I also had 10 LinkedIn connection requests, 2 of which were additional meeting requests. So, I think I netted 8 recruiters I think I can work with out of this. Some of them seem really eager and others seem pretty eager. So I think it’s going to be a while before I get to the LinkedIn analytics. I hope you have a good day today. Just wanted to let you know the good news. Please thank the team for me this was MOST helpful! – B.”

2. “I wanted to send over kudos to Ramsey Penegar (again!). She is such a pleasure to work with, and I so appreciate her expertise. I have asked her countless questions these last few months. She is very open to creating new processes and policies to ensure we’re doing right by the client (and also to make our lives a bit easier). She said, “We can’t learn if we don’t try or seek out something different,” and I just love that attitude! Thank you, Barbara”

3. “Dear Tatiana, Thanks a lot for your support and guidance in the Clarity program, much appreciated! Kind regards, S.”

4. “Dear Isabelita, Thank you and all others behind the scenes for your guidance, support, and encouragement during Phase 1. Best regards, A.”

5. “I am very fortunate to have found the Barrett Group. They were the exact service I needed in the midst of my career transition as they equipped me with everything that I needed to know to make the meaningful career move I knew I could. As I started my journey I was overwhelmed, not even knowing where to begin. Once I hired TBG, we formulated a plan and execution strategy and I eventually landed the exact opportunity I was looking for. I learned so much throughout the process and am so grateful to be a part of the Barrett Group family! – Z.”

6. From the Writing Team: In the last week, the team has completed 25 writing tasks (12 Resume/CVs) for TBG Clients with another 29 active in the queue!! Ralph J. Libsohn is the “heavyweight headliner” of the week completing 7 various writing service tasks including resumes, CVs, cover letters, career docs, and LinkedIn Employment stories!

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