Frontline Report for 01-26-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 12
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 14
1st Interviews: 23

The Hiring Line:

1. C. has landed, after a flurry of activity! C. worked with Lori Chevalier on his multi-faceted journey, with a successful result. Here’s a run-down of the journey:
-His last official day with the waste company he works for was approaching and they asked C. to stay on as a consultant, but C. said only if he was available, and the rate would be $350 an hour, and the company appeared to be ok with that.
-A connection at his current job led to another opportunity for a remote Director of IT & Communications role with an offer of $165K.
-C. interviewed for VP of IT remote role with a child safety technology company and C. was optimistic that an offer may be coming for the role.
-A pet care company had an opening for Head of IT with $160k based potential and C. was reaching out for an interview.
-An engineering company invited C. for his fourth interview with them for a Director of Technology opportunity. This was an on-site interview at the company’s headquarters.

-C. was in the running for a Director of IT role at a water company and the hiring consultant noted that the decision was between C. and another candidate, and it was extremely close. They went with the other candidate, but the hiring consultant had another opportunity in mind for C.

-A home protection company interviewed C. for a Director of IT position, but C. hadn’t received an update recently. He also interviewed for a Director of IT and Digital Transformation role with a salary of $175k to $200k.
-After two offers and three potential opportunities in the late stages of the hiring process, C. landed on an offer from a body art supply company. Lori shares: “C. proved his worth! The posted comp was $170k but after interviewing with C., the Offer was increased $200k!” The interview process stretched over six weeks and included virtual and in-person interviews. C. landed the CIO role, migrating industries and comp ended up at $200K + $100K bonus with unlimited PTO, working remote. He found the opportunity through his social capital.

2. Lori also had updates from B., E., A., and L.

-B. has landed as General Manager a music company. His orientation with Lori was in September and he received the offer last week! Social networking led to the opportunity.
-The accounting company closed the deal with Lori’s client E. “E. was in a role that was not providing her with the ability to make a difference. She wanted a larger global company where she had a multi-faceted position with visibility and the ability to make a difference in the corporate world and the lives of individuals to make change. [The accounting company offered a] Great opportunity and growth track for E., who will rise to the occasion and through the ranks! Congratulations E! Well done! :)”
-A. accepted an internal promotion at an education company. She was recently promoted to Director. She is a CPA and is very gifted as a leader with a soft take charge attitude. A. received and accepted an offer last week outside of the company, and when she notified her current company, they stepped up to the plate! They offered her a $25k bump in salary, an 18- month Executive Director career path, ability to reorganize existing department, add another role to department, and negotiated a promo for one of her colleagues. Already she is becoming one of the “best managers” as stated by her colleague! Way to go A!

– L. reports in with big news: “I got the offer from [an accounting firm], it was way beyond I expected… and I said yes! They gave me a very good salary and the bonus will be paid in [the summer]. They do not have a predefined % of the fixed pay – I totally understand because they pay according to the revenues etc. I spoke with the CEO, and they believe that this will be the fastest growing business in the firm, and they want me to be at the helm. An opportunity like this is absolutely rare, almost impossible to happen. I am really happy, and I could not have done that without your help and support. The spreadsheet with the salary composition helped a lot and they matched everything that was listed there. All comps were better than what I have now. So, all ended up super well! Thanks so much for everything! -L.”

3. Anne Lipsitz was so happy for her client J., who finally put a bow on this deal! Offer received and accepted from the technology company. “J. beat out 2 people for the role, one with 16 yrs experience with the company, the other a long-time position at a competitor, matched on culture fit! He got lucky that the role he accepted was not even in the HR queue for interviewing, an internal colleague said ‘we need to get this guy in here, we need consultancy and implementation expertise!’ This took him a year, he came close 4-5 times, even offered to be back at his prior company as a consultant. He said it was worth the wait and great fit!”

4. George Schulz’s client T. snagged a great job at a banking company, info to follow!

5. Isabelita Castilho’s client K. worked a sweet deal with an order management company! “Client is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic people and a contributor – literally likes to give without expecting it. He has been a great giver and dharma (good karma) has brought him 2 job opportunities at one shot in just about a month since his orientation session. Hard to decide but he’s taking this one, a start up in the beauty field (botox, fillers, threads), which he will take back in predicted profit/share a few millions predicted in 3 years). He will be receiving the written offer in the coming few days. K. will be starting the business in the Middle East.” He’s been in the program for one month! Isabelita coached him through the negotiations, helping him raise the original offer from $420K to $500K. K. also received an offer from a major corporation. He used to work for the company but decided to pass on the offer for the more exciting role with the start up.

6. Larry DiBoni shares a report from H.: “I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am accepting the offer from [the restaurant company] for Vice President of Operations. They came up to my comp and offered to cover my cost for family medical coverage. I am accepting.” Larry adds, “What made the decision was the way they fought to bring H. on as an employee. H. will be in charge of expanding 50 new restaurants.”

7. Vivek Agarwal’s client V. has been interviewing at a beverage company. He has received the offer and mostly likely accept the offer in a day or two. “Happy that he has landed. Took a bit longer, but all’s well that ends well,” noted Vivek.

8. Jerry Fronczak’s client S. has landed at a rehabilitation company. The position starts as a contract employee and leads to a Vice President full time role within 6 months. Additionally, S. is interviewing with a medical center for the Chief Operating officer role.

Offers Received

1. Lori Chevalier tells the great N. story that led to her offer from a healthcare company: “N. was at a dinner party. One of the individuals at the party and she began to talk. N. shared her goals and objectives. The woman introduced her to two companies and recruiters and indicated she was ‘committed to helping’ N. with her career change. 4 interviews later (and 4 months later) N. has a phenomenal offer in the healthcare space – where she worked long ago and wanted to reenter! She understands and appreciates the value TBG brought to her and indicated ‘you were right, and your program works!’”

2. B. shares the following: “Hi, Waffles Natusch and Julie Mathern: After 10 interviews (!!) I now have 2 final ones with the private equity owners of the [environmental consulting company]. As a reminder, this is for an SVP role running the West Region. The recruiter has advised me that I am likely to get an offer next week. As such, I’d like to connect with your negotiations team on as there will be negotiations. -B.”

3. Julie Mathern’s client G. has an offer on the table: “Hi Julie, I hope all is well with you. Attached please find an offer letter along with benefits from [the construction firm]. I have some other interviews pending and hoping to receive better offers. -G.”

Interviews Progress

1. D. reports to Dan Resendes & Rob Wicker: “I just got an email from [the non-profit company]. The talent acquisition manager told me that the team was impressed with my background and that [the company] would like to move me to the second round. I have a call with the talent acquisition manager.”

2. Julie Mathern’s client M. has been invited back for the final round of interviews with a few board members at the airport authority. Rob Wicker provided the Interview Prep subject matter expertise! M. felt very well prepared and clearly did well to make it to the final round.

3. Barbara Limmer’s clients J., W., and B. are advancing in the interview process.
-J. is interviewing with a computer hardware company. The target is Head of Policy and Strategy (Government Affairs).
-W. notes, “Good afternoon Barbara, I hope you had a nice weekend. I wanted to provide you with an update on [my interview with a connection]. We met for 04 hours and it went really well. We agreed to meet at her office and we met for 05 hours. And [we] have rekindled our friendship from years past and are very much on the same page with her company, what she needs, and how my skill set can fill that role. I went ahead and sent my pertinent docs to her today, even-though she told me she no longer needs to see them🙂 We are at the point of a formal offer, which I suggested she make to me. -W.”
-B. has a panel 2nd interview with a computer company for a Director of Software Engineering position. She was referred for this position from a research project she had worked on.

4. Lori presents Y.’s interview progression: She had 4 additional interviews with the company! Y. said the interview process is very different from what she’s experienced in the past as they are a startup the personnel connection and personality alignment are more important to them.

5. Larry DiBoni’s clients. P. and T. have been busy interviewing.
-First P. interviewed for the Director of Battery storage systems. They reached back out to let him know he will be a better fit for Regional Director position. He interviewed for that position and the next step will be a live interview. They have started to check out references and pulled a credit check.
-T. is interviewing for a role with a grocery chain for Real-Estate Manager. This would take care of one of T.’s goals of relocating to his desired area!

6. K., Anne Lipsitz’s client, is going after a Chief Innovation Officer opportunity at a manufacturing company. K. is moving forward to an in-person interview.

7. Isabelita has some great updates from C.: “he is going to the 3rd round – business dinner and presentation interview of a business case of 20 pages, ready for showcasing his best skills. All the previous meetings were over zoom conf call and now face to face and we expect to be the last one, then offer coming soon! Finger crossed!”

8. Paula Nordhoff tells us about E. and R.
-E. is moving ahead at a health care services company for an on-site contract role. $750/day for 3 months starting in mid-February. Contract under review. E. is also interviewing at a healthcare company for SVP Food Services. Next step would be to meet with the hiring manager.
-R. is interviewing at a health network for HR Exec. The first interview was with a 3rd party recruiter. R. is also interviewing at a pet supply company for a remote Senior HR role, likely focused on operations, sales and manufacturing areas within the company beyond the US as well. He is also pursuing an HR Executive role at a human resources consulting firm.


1. G. reports on an unexpected interview: “Lori and Waffles: Out of the blue, I got a note from somebody with whom I had a couple of calls a couple of years ago.” The opportunity is with a newly forming non-profit. “I have no idea what the parameters of this are, whether it would be a paid position (although he strongly implied it would be), or whether it is even an offer yet. But this is a dream role for me. -G.”

2. Isabelita Castilho shares interview news from S. and A.
-S. is interviewing for a role in the research and development division of a healthcare supply company.
-A. is in the running for an Interim CFO role with a transportation company. The current CFO is leaving in 6 months. The interview is face-to-face at the company site.

3. Barbara Limmer and Waffles Natusch report that R. has interviews at two different institutions of higher learning.

4. Barbara also has news about D., Z., and R.
-D. is interviewing at a major retailer for Senior Maintenance and Operations Manager
-Z. is interviewing for a partner role at an accounting firm. Z. got the opportunity through previous social capital at the company. He’s being considered for the market on a partner/ contractor level.
-R.’s interview with a real estate investment company is for the role of Vice President, Builder Accounting Services. A third-party recruiter contacted R. following our recruiter mailing, she spoke with the recruiter and this week and will be speaking with the employer.

5. Lori Chevalier’s client H. had an exploratory call with an AI company for a VP role. H. has been networking with his contacts and received an introduction to this company and has now secured an interview.

6. Rob Wicker notes that Q. has an interview with a real estate company. The company president reached out and wants to setup an informational interview.

7. Jerry Fronczak’s clients B., F., C., M., and G. are keeping Jerry busy with their interview schedules.
-B. is interviewing with two recruiters and one employer with a data company, and the title will be Chief Operations Officer. Special thanks to Vivek for stepping in to prepare B. for the interviews.
-F. is interviewing with a finance company for a Senior Manager/Strategic Partnerships in the travel division.
-C. has 2 upcoming interviews. The first is with an auto parts company for a Regional Director position. The second is with a transit company for a General Manager role.
-M. interviewed with an energy company for a Senior Business Development Manager in the commodities space.
-G. has interviewed and is being considered for a Senior Technology role with a restaurant group.

8. Jayson Searle steps up with news about W. who is interviewing with an entertainment company for a CEO position.

9. Rob Wicker reports that Paula’s client T. has two birds in the bush. T. is interviewing at a healthcare facility for a Health Director position and at another healthcare company for an administrator role.

10. Paula Nordhoff also has news on clients A. and D.
-A. is pursuing a program director role at a non-profit and a VP of Communications & Storytelling role at a philanthropic organization.
-D. is interviewing with an investment management company for Head of Strategy for Private Markets.

11. Julie Mathern reports that V. is interviewing with a drug information company about a SVP role. V. shares, “Hi Julie, I have just heard that I will be having initial zoom interviews with the CEO and HR lead later this week or perhaps next week.”


1. S. is VERY pleased with the 1st draft of his new resume – thank you team! Paula Nordhoff

2. J. shares, “Thanks Waffles. Appreciate the work here. I love it. I’d hire me, reading this.”

3. O. sent this note to Paula: “As you know I find it hard to sit still and I’m always driving forward. One thing the experience taught me is to be more appreciative, take time, review and with hard work things will fall into place in due course. That appears to be the case. It is also highlighted how critical people around and supporting me are to everything that happens…things happen for a reason. Yes. I knew that, but the reason was not always clear, particular when you embedded in the moment. I have learnt a lot about myself, both personally and professionally and although I am as determined as ever my approach is more considered on multiple fronts now. Also, I truly appreciate the guidance and support you … have given me. It is invaluable, I could not have done it without you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

4. Lori Chevalier shares with Waffles, “Hi Waffles, Thank you for your input on U.’s offer! After speaking with U., she sent me this note: ‘Thanks again for your incredible support.’ You are amazing. Thank you for your incredible partnership.”

5. P. sent this to Jerry Fronczak and Waffles, “I greatly appreciate the time earlier this week. Your assessment of the options on my table provided me with tremendous clarity and a new perspective of the situation. Thank you! After a week of further diligence, I plan to extend an LOI for [the materials company]. From there I would try to pick out the relevant companies and look for a company profile for them. Thanks again, P.”

6. Dan Resendes, to his and Rob Wicker’s client H.: “Wow you are an amazing interviewing machine! Thanks so much for your fine execution.”

7. Lori Chevalier passes along a note from her client L.: “An opportunity like this is absolutely rare, almost impossible to happen. I am really happy and I could not have done that without your help and support. The spreadsheet with the salary composition helped a lot and they matched everything that was listed there. All comps were better than what I have now. So, all ended up super well!
Thanks so much for everything! -L.”

8. Marion Engelke shared our latest 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau!
“I am so grateful to have found The Barrett Group (TBG). They were the exact help I needed to help me land a more meaningful and fulfilling job that aligned with me as both personally and professionally. The clarity program opened my eyes for possible transitions and coaches helped me to execute the plan. TBG helped in breaking down the job search to where it did not seem nearly as overwhelming as it had before I hired them. Their strategies and services work! From helping me market myself through a resume and LinkedIn profile revamp, to guiding me in building and nurturing a diverse processional network, I gained so much value and insight into the job search process. If at any point someone feels that they need help in making the next move in their career, I would not hesitate to advise them to partner with TBG! -K.”

Resume Team Report

“In this past week, the Extraordinary TBG Resume Team has completed 43 writing tasks and an astounding 113 projects in the past month. There are 26 open projects in the queue awaiting completion in the next 4 business days and our team maintains their 100% on time status! The weekly “heavyweight champion” is once again Marissa Lessman with 15 projects competently completed in the last 7 days!! Thank you so much for your continued hard work, learning, and dedication to excellence!”
Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Resume Writing Team Manager

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