Career Change Frontline Report 01-15-2020


  1. First, A. accepted an offer with a transportation and distribution services company.
  2. Next, C. has agreed to be a client reference, networking partner, and internal advocate at his current company!
  3. Then H. is in the final negotiation stages with the CEO to take his place, a job worth $4 million over three years! Julie, Waffles and Dan are all pitching in.


  1. And J. had an opportunity with a premier wealth advisory firm that had gone cold. When Paula advised him to follow up, he left a voicemail. He got a call back right away: there’s money in this year’s budget for the position! He was told he would be receiving some good news in a week and a half.
  2. Next M. had his second interview with a Texas based construction company. He’s moving forward with two other opportunities, so it’s going to be an interesting month, and Paula will be guiding him on negotiations for sure! The big one is for a corporate lodging and short term housing company, where he is the only candidate being considered. The CEO tells M. to expect an answer this week. The in-house interview for a COO position in North Carolina is being scheduled next week. Keep it up, M.!
  3. Also, George was pleased to hear that B. is interviewing for a VP Senior Portfolio Manager position at a mutual insurance company. He also has an interview at life insurance company.
  4. Then, S. is keeping Paula busy with three interviews and a verbal offer!
  5. Lastly, Julie is providing great interview coaching for T., who has an interview for a federal position.

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