Career Change Frontline Report 01-08-20


  1. R. has landed at a power generation company in Houston, where he had been working as a consultant. Recognized for his talents and work ethic, they hired him away from the agency and he now has paid benefits for his wife and three children. We assisted throughout the negotiation process, the final compromise resulted in a guaranteed bonus of $10k.
  2. S. likely set a new TBG record! A 3rd party recruiter called her and she went in and interviewed. The recruiter called her back within the hour and she went to the client site and interviewed with HR and the CEO. They hired her on the spot – all in the same day!
  3. J. has accepted an offer from Wal-Mart and is delighted, an early landing! We helped him negotiate the offer up $10k, exceeding the cost of his program!


  1. T. enjoyed three rapid interviews with an American broadcasting company and is moving forward.
  2. P. is moving forward to a second interview with a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods and athletic equipment for a CEO role.
  3. E. is interviewing with a senior recruiter at an electronic trading platform for a Director of Project Management role. The intro was made by his friend who works there, who used to be E.’s subordinate at a previous company. He was following our Unpublished Market Part One advice.

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