Career Change Frontline Report 12-25-2019


12-25-2019 there has been a lot going on for our clients. 

  1. C. accepted a revised offer. We helped him negotiate a $20K increase in salary ($240), a sign-on bonus of $20K, and $20K RSUs!
  2. M. has two offers on the table and is actively in play on two others!
  3. A. landed a VP position at a global company out of Sweden. He will run the Americas Group.
  4. A. received his written offer from a transportation and distribution services company as Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations & Safety


  1. R. received an offer from the power generation company, where he was temping through an agency. He also is in contention for a senior marketing position at a local nonprofit.
  2. E. had interviews with an online department store chain. And also an insurance and healthcare liability company. All that and E is still in the first step of TBG’s career management program (Clarity)!
  3. P. moved to the second interview at an international executive services company. 
  4. A. had second interviews with two power generation companies.
  5. R. had a first interview with a manufacturing company.

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