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Prevail over Prophets of Gloom

Prevail over Prophets of Gloom

Ask an Eeyore about the weather and you will likely get a forecast of rain. Ask an economist about the economy and you will likely hear a prediction of disaster. Listen to the news and you may end up hiding under the bed. It is easy to be a pessimist, but it is not healthy. Harvard Health tells us,...

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Industry Update - Health Care


Health Care is certainly one of the fastest-growing major markets worldwide, despite the gradual abatement of the Covid-19 threat. In 2020, “[s]harp increases in government spending on health at all country income levels underpinned the rise in health spending to a new high of US $9 trillion (approximately...

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Reflections in the Mirror of your Life

Reflections in the Mirror of Your Life

Inspiration can come from anywhere, so why not a fortune cookie? The fortune read, “Life is like a mirror. When you smile into it, it smiles back. When you frown at it, it frowns in return.” Let’s not get too metaphysical here, but there is a certain basic truth to this observation. Just as clear...

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Results Don't Lie - It's the ROI!

Results Don’t Lie: It’s the ROI

Executives often ask us why they should have to invest in their careers. In the early part of your career, investment is indeed less necessary. But as you age and the telephone stops bringing hungry headhunters, investment begins to seem more reasonable.  After all, your career is your most valuable...

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