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Tomorrow's Timeless Allure

Tomorrow’s Timeless Allure

Ever since humanity invented “tomorrow” as much as 160,000 years ago the day after today has held a special place in our pantheon of excuses for not doing something now. After all, to quote Orphan Annie, “How I love you, tomorrow! You’re always a day away.” In other words, tomorrow actually never...

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Summer Time and the Landing is Easy

With apologies to George Gershwin, it is summer time in the northern hemisphere and while many executives think finding their next executive opportunity must wait until the fall, our clients know better—and they make it look easy. In fact, some three dozen of them landed employment contracts or attractive...

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Chili Pepper Blues and Your Professional Future

Chili Pepper Blues and Your Professional Future Some like it hot. For example, I love chili paste on virtually anything, ideally the Huy Fong product with the rooster on the bottle. Others prefer Sriracha. But we spicy food lovers are likely to be disappointed as “Crop issues due to severe drought...

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Provoking Serendipity

Some years ago I was rushing from one business obligation to another, winding my way on icy, winter roads through northwestern Germany. My mind was on the business, the challenges, possible solutions, and, of course, on the road. Suddenly, as I rounded a curve and started down a hill, I saw movement...

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What a Wonderful Week!

Its a wonderful week! Imagine—eight senior executive clients landed or received offers in the latest week! Due to our careful attention to client confidentiality, we cannot tell you their names, of course, but we can tell you more about their results. They landed with titles including CEO, Head of...

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Manufacturing

Introduction to Industry Update: Manufacturing At its peak in 1979, manufacturing accounted for 22% of non-farm employment in the US. It now totals about 9%, equating to approximately 11% of GDP. [See source.] Recovery from the pandemic and the resultant surge in consumption helped bring renewed life...

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Is Your Message Getting Through?

Remember the childhood game of “telephone” where at one end of a line of kids someone would whisper a message in the next child’s ear? One by one the kids would pass the message down, whispering it each time, until it arrived at the other end. More often than not, the final message was completely...

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