Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions when contemplating the use of professional career management firms:

Q. What is The Barrett Group’s success rate?

Some of our clients are not looking for jobs but are seeking entrepreneurial experiences, such as starting or buying businesses or being offered seats on boards of directors. When we define success, we base it on the following three parameters that we have found are critical to all of our clients, regardless of goals and objectives: 1) desired geographical area of interest; 2) desired level of position; and 3) desired income. When our clients land, 90% of the time we get all three parameters right, 10% we’re off on one: perhaps it’s a secondary geographical area of interest or the title isn’t exactly what they wanted.

For The Barrett Group to remain successful, we know our clients must be fully committed to their career search. Although we receive over 2000 inquiries on a monthly basis, we have chosen to remain a small, boutique firm and only accept 200 clients a year. After an extensive interview/screening process, the senior staff reviews the application. Typical reasons for refusal are: unrealistic income/career expectations, unwillingness to accept new search strategies, or lack of sincere commitment to career advancement/life changes.

Q. What is an employment agency and why do companies pay them for qualified employees?

Employment agencies or executive search firms (sometimes called “head hunters”) do not work for you, they work for companies. They are only interested in candidates with very specific skills. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 10% of all job seekers find employment through these agencies. Additionally, because retained firms have already been paid, there is zero benefit from their point of view in obtaining the highest offer possible. To the contrary: if they can shop you for a bargain price, their fee will be justified. Consider using a recruiting firm or headhunter only if you have highly marketable skills and you are interested in doing the exact same job, just for a different employer or the competition.

Recruiting agencies cannot guide you with career options or career changes, and worst of all, as they only reach 10% of the job market, you may be missing exposure to some excellent opportunities.

Q. How is The Barrett Group different from a “head hunter”?

Again, executive headhunters are compensated by the companies for which they seek qualified candidates. They are paid according to the qualified leads they are able to bring to the company that has retained them and, eventually, to find them the candidate who will appropriately fill the available position. Their loyalty, therefore, is with the company who is doing the hiring; not with the potential employees who may be hired. The Barrett Group works for you and only you. Our goal is to find you the situation that works best for you; our role is to further your goals and represent your best interests.

Q. How will The Barrett Group help my job search process?

The competition for available job positions is fierce; and with our growing dependence on the Internet, companies and executive search companies can receive literally thousands of electronic and paper résumés for one open position. It is not surprising, therefore, that so many qualified candidates are passed over in the process; victims of résumé filters that may automatically eliminate potential candidates based on certain criteria. At The Barrett Group we skip the middlemen and put you directly in front of the decision makers who can qualify you as a potential candidate right on the spot.

Q. Why should I hire a professional career management firm?

The most critical element in your life, next to health and family, is your career. It is essential that you stay focused on the career position you really want. Our program is designed to professionally “project manage” your career and to ensure you accept the right opportunity. We work for you and only you from the inception of your search campaign to the conclusion. Your next position may very likely determine your entire future!

Q. Can The Barrett Group assist in increasing my salary?

Our clients consistently walk away from the negotiation table with enhanced offers which offset our fee.

Our program features an initial value proposition assessment, ensuring you will be highly effective at demonstrating the benefits your new employer will receive; this process is reinforced at each step in the interview and hiring processes. We will provide you with a specifically developed strategic process for each offer along with the correct negotiating techniques needed to obtain the best possible offer. The concept of our highly aggressive career management consulting program is to assist our clients in receiving multiple career related job offers. Having multiple offers in hand can often supply added leverage needed to negotiate a higher starting wage, better benefits and short term performance appraisals.

Q. How long does it normally take for a client of The Barrett Group to accept a new career related position?

The Barrett Group cannot guarantee the length of time for a given search. However, highly motivated clients who follow our advice and remain committed to their program are typically interviewing and/or have obtained their career related positions in 90 to 180 days.

Q. Will my new employer reimburse my fee?

Recovery of your consulting fee may be a negotiable item with your new employer. The Barrett Group will provide the necessary one-on-one counsel in an effort to assist in the reimbursement of any professional consulting fees paid.

Q. What geographic regions does The Barrett Group reach?

Our company will assist you in a national or international job search, if you are not limited geographically. We have resources that allow our clients to gain exposure to a universal geographic spectrum of companies.

Q. Why should I consider investing in my career?

People seriously invest in their homes, automobiles, education and retirement. However, most take a haphazard approach to career planning and management. Your career is your most worthwhile investment. The time and money you invest in your career now will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime.

Q. Is The Barrett Group experienced in my field?

Our career management program is designed to assist a broad spectrum of professionals in all occupations and disciplines.

A sampling of occupations/situations that we have actively participated in include: “C” Level Executives, Entrepreneurial Transitions, Medical Doctors Transitioning, Engineering, Insurance, Banking, Education, Medical, Sales, Information Technology, Hospitality, Government, Real Estate, Mortgage, Marketing, Communications, Finance, Statistical, Accounting, Advertising, Retail, Manufacturing, Legal, Entry-, Mid-Level & Senior Management, Recent MBA Recipients, Ph.D.’s, Business Start-ups, Equity Partnerships and IPO opportunities

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