Frontline Report for 06-23-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Anne was over the moon when she told us about M.: he has accepted the offer from a multinational IT services and consulting company. He worked so hard for so long, had a string of interviews that progressed but then got scuttled due to pandemic cuts and hesitations. M. told her, “I want to thank you very much for everything from tactical support to emotional support.” Excellent, dedicated work, Anne!

  2. This update from Julie:

    “C. was already in the interview process with [a telecommunication services company] when we started his program. We were able to assist with interview prep and offer negotiations. He wants to continue with the update of his resume and LinkedIn. Will also share onboarding/Phase 3 services. He was able to negotiate a higher grade and title (from grade 12 to 13), VP to SVP. Also, he is now eligible for their long-term incentive plan.”

    Nicely done, Julie!

  3. George flagged us at the finish line!

    “T. did the Unpublished Market Part 3 networking with people at [an international technical professional services firm], knowing they hired people with his background. He “infiltrated” by using the Direct Intro list Christina and Travis provided, to get names of people at Jacobs. He invited them to connect on LinkedIn which several did, and then he asked several to chat. Upon doing so, one of them set him up for an interview for the Project Management position. After the first interview T. told me, “I felt the interview went quite well, because most of the questions were the same as the ones you gave me.”

    The interview did go well, and after a couple of more interviews they sent him an offer. We reviewed and talked about strategies to get the offer up, and they raised it $10,000. Needless to say, I reminded him that that covered his fee to TBG, except the fee to TBG is only a one-time deal, but the $10,000 salary raise will be there every year when he negotiates a raise.

    I’m especially happy, because T. had quit his job, moved to Colorado Springs where he always wanted to live and where, he told me, he had no contacts prior to moving there. However, he completed everything we gave him and really reached out, and now he has a great new job in an area where he always wanted to live. He’s a great guy!”

    So are you, George! Great job as always, doing it by The Barrett Book!


  1. B. has received an offer from a startup company in Europe. Waffles is helping her negotiate. This is a franchising…franchise! She’ll be heading up US operations for the European company’s foray into the states. She’s also working two other leads that look promising, much to Paula’s delight!

  2. C. is negotiating his offer with an unnamed company and hopes to close it later this week or early next week. We’ll fill in the info as it shows on the wire.

  3. M. interviewed at an admissions consulting services firm. She is also scheduled with the Chief HR officer at another organization to meet this week for a Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion role. Even more: she is in early discussions with a nonprofit organization for a Director role. She spoke directly with the Founder!

Interviews Advance:

George couldn’t wait till morning, called us at midnight with all the news from the Midwest!

  1. “During my call with K., he received a call inviting him for an interview with [a health organization], for the position of VP for Strategy and Marketing. He exceeds all requirements and held a similar position with [a prior employer], so this should extend to more interviews. The position requires relocation, which he is happy to do.”
  2. “K. is also talking with [another health care firm] who would like to hire him, but they have to come up with a new position which will take some time.”
  3. “After an interview with [a health services provider], they made a follow up call to him to ask about his salary. He gave them a range, and they didn’t seem to blink, so that is still in the works. He got all the above interviews through social capital and is a big believer.” He should be.
  4. “Another client who loves social capital is R. He used it to get an interview with [multinational technology company]. After talking with several people there, they have indicated that they are working on making him an offer with a start date in mid-July. R. knows the pay level of the position and says that if the offer comes through near what he thinks, he will likely take it.”
  5. “Again, using SC, R. has an interview [this week] for Senior Product Manager at [a data analytics company].”

“Keep making those phone calls, Clients!” Indeed, George, now get some sleep!


Isabelita jumped the fence to bring us the latest news from our Dubai Correspondent, with boots on the ground (nice boots, Isabelita!):

  1. M. had an interview for his dream job at an investment management solutions firm and has progressed to the 2nd round! He also has his 2nd round with the provider of transaction and document management solutions scheduled for this week, so expect some further action here.

  2. M.: “One of my social capital recommended me to talk to his boss. Interesting meeting. He has a job opening, looking for a Senior applicant and wanted me to participate in conversations. It is about a Strategic Decision Consultancy.”

    He had a video conference interview with an executive search firm on an Operations Director function. They are arranging a face-to-face interview as the next step.

    Also, the provider of provides refractory products role for VP Demand Planning is in waiting mode for two weeks due to vacation scheduling issues, but it remains a viable opportunity.

    The logistics automation company’s search for a Global Spare Parts Executive: he made the cut to interviews and today got feedback on round 1: he passed, so they are scheduling round #2 for next week. Isabelita was successful in helping him crawl through the salary discussion minefield!

    Another executive search firm reached out: he had to sign a strict NDA for an SCM job in a company needing SCM leader with S&OP experience. They called to shine further light on the opportunity. This one sounds intriguing!

  3. A. had a new fintech interview at a provider of billing and payment services!
  4. R. raises the bet with two chips: an interview with an aviation company, and another at a provider of quantitative analytics, technology services and process management, where he is awaiting feedback for next round.

  5. M. had his 1st interview at a beverage company for a Commercial Strategy Director position. He also has ongoing negotiations and discussions with a startup. And there’s more: a third-party recruiter arranged an interview with a manufacturer of confectionery items for a franchise development role. Keep it up, M.!

  6. R. had her interview with a brand that has opened 14 retail locations in the Middle East. It’s a marketing role. She’s waiting to hear back.

    This one from Anne:

  7. C. is interviewing at a hospitality company for a VP of Operations role!

Phase 3: Settling In!

  1. “Dear Waffles,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I am at a phase now where things are running fine, although it’s been extremely hectic.

    Month 1) getting to know people, purely online

    Month 2) major supplier went bankrupt and we were faced with huge shortages which, despite my assuming the crisis leadership role, will last through September, affecting some of our largest customers worldwide

    In month 3) we got hacked with ransomware. The word got out fast enough so some of the staff were running to offices to pull plugs and shut machines. Supply chain was crippled.

    Month 4) having a great time!

    Regards, R.”

    Congratulations, R.!


  1. “Dear Tomasz and Dan,

    Today, J. expressed a lot of satisfaction with our program and said he is really happy and started recommending us (3 people up to now!). He really enjoys the Social Capital introductions and also the advantages of TBG’s LinkedIn methodologies.

    I asked him if he would like to become an official referral partner and he said he’d be happy to do so.

    Thanks and regards,


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