Frontline Report for 06-09-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. We are delighted to announce that M. has accepted the position of Vice President and Associate General Counsel at an ed tech firm, accomplishing her goal to extricate herself from a position that, due to recent mergers and acquisitions, had become a dead-end career situation, as well as relocating her family to the West Coast, her other goal! After extensive negotiation coaching with Waffles, the total package was increased over $50K, and M. earned a short vacation, winning a rather tough battle to get her desired start date.
    We’re so happy for you, M.!
  2. George is so pleased: C. and his family have always wanted to move to a city in a state in the Southeastern region and his job search focused on doing it. He was previously Senior Director of Referee Operations for a professional sports league. (Did you ever wonder who referees reported to?  Now you know!)

    He was willing to take a cut in pay because he knew that he would have limited options.  C. has taken a job as Management Trainee for a restaurant chain for a greatly reduced salary, but once he completes training that will go up. He has always wanted to be in the restaurant industry.  Also, they sold their home and bought a home with an existing horse farm, also including a working equine boarding business which his wife will run (a dream come true for her also) and that will augment the reduced pay.

    As C. says, they are truly blessed, and salary isn’t everything, if you are a couple who moved to their dream area and are both doing what they have always wanted to do. BTW, they have 5 children who are thrilled also and are prospective employees for their businesses.

    What a great story, George!
  3. Anne has great news to report! G. landed as Director of R&D at a provider of packaging solutions. He shares:

    “I am so excited for this transformation–new people, new industry, new role, can’t wait for all of the new challenges!”

    He was able to negotiate a very sweet deal that met salary expectations, took care of not losing his long term incentives through a sign-on bonus and year 2 performance bonus, as well as a permanent contract with an acceleration of his career pending performance to Head of R&D. G. starts in early fall! Excellent work on this one, Anne!

  4. Julie’ comments: S. had originally reached out to his social capital to see if they could assist with a job posting he saw at a developer and manufacturer of propulsion and energetics systems. They weren’t able to do much on his behalf. We provided a custom resume for him for an Engineering Manager role, which he applied to, but they interviewed him for a Quality position instead. They didn’t feel he had enough years of supervising others, or product knowledge to bring him in as a manager. But the hiring manager really liked him and created a new position for him: Specialist Quality Engineer!

    We were able to help him negotiate an $8K better base salary. They don’t offer bonuses, but he expects to increase his base through merit increases fairly quickly. The organization has more opportunities for advancement than his current employer as well.

    Yay, Julie!

  5. Lori’s client, L., was just offered the HR Director at a non-profit organization! 🙂 Yay!! 💃 Her note to Lori:

    “I GOT THE JOB!!

    Hi Lori,

    So excited! Thank you for everything you and the Barrett Group have
    done for me. It was truly the best experience!”

The Universe:

  1. Paula Nordhoff’s Phase 3 client asked for a meeting out of the blue this week, he was very disappointed in his new job and wanted to restart the search. Then…
    “It’s funny how the universe works. All interconnected I suppose. Without prompting [my employer] has upped my commission, forgiven the commission draws ($20k) and paid for my car.

    Stay tuned. I appreciate your attention to this matter. But I will play this out for now.”


  1. Jerry tosses this one over the net: “N. has been selected for the Enterprise Architect Director position with a [biotechnology company]! We are expecting to receive the offer letter sometime this week.”

    Nice one, Jerry, two points!

  2. Jayson got some great training from Dan as his client C. received his offer from a software solutions company for the position of Chief Product Officer! Thanks to the A-team’s negotiation coaching, C.’s total comp is jumping from $300K to over $550K! Virtual High Five, you guys!!

Fellow Barretts Hiring:

  1. Lori’s client, H., provided her with these opportunities within her construction company:
    1. Project Executives are $150k + bonus
    2. Superintendents are $120k + bonus
    3. Project Schedulers are $90k + bonus

Interviews Advance:

Two for Paula, from client H.:

  1. “Hi there! Back to the real world. I had my second interview with [a drone software and services provider] today and it went pretty well. I am confident I will be moving to the next steps, which I believe is interviewing with the CEO. Will definitely need a prep session for that!”

  2. “Also, I have an interview on Thursday with a petrochemical company, for Executive Communications Manager. My HR Director just left [my current employer] to work there and she immediately contacted me to interview for the role. I just submitted my service request form for research on that company as well.“

  3. Anne is excited, this looks real! B. is moving through to the 3rd round of interviews at a cosmetic manufacturing company as VP of Operations. The role reports to the BoD so she meets with two of them and a few shareholders next.
  4. Julie hasn’t even had her orientation with D., so he reached out to the Client Concierge to strategize when a recruiter decided to present him to her client for the position of Co-Founder (New Business Venture in Machine Learning). The politics is somewhat complex, so we’re happy to jump in-between and guide him. This is going to be a wild ride, Julie!

  5. D.: “I have just scheduled another interview with the CIO of [a member organization] for Friday afternoon. I would imagine this is close to the final round, since I have already spoken with both her and another senior investment professional on the team, the Head of Private Equity.”

  6. Paula tells us M. is advancing with two interviews this week for a Strategic Account Management role.

Recruiter Mailings:

  1. Anne is appreciative:

    “Nice way to end the week, great work Jess and team, recruiter mailing [for R.] was a success!!”

    “Quick update:

    Frontline Report for 06-06-21_Recruiter Mailings

    48 emails with:
    – 24 bounces
    – 10 out of office (1 maternity leave and one long term disability leave)
    – 4 not a fit due to specific industry requirements or region (their clients won’t pay for tech leadership with international relocation)
    – 9 requests for an updated resume

    So…been a busy day with these…which is a good thing! R.”


  1. Lori dialed this one in:

    “M. just informed me he has an interview for a VP of Enterprise Applications at [a health care company]! 🙂 💃

  2. Paula was amazed at how well this works when a willing client rolls up his sleeves! This one’s from D.:

    “Paula, not sure how best to track or coordinate how I’m progressing with my outreach for resume review and references. Anyway, I’ve put a Google Sheet together with 75 or so names that I’d think to reach out to for resume review and for references. I’ve started asking some and, as of last night, had 7 contacts confirm willingness to review resume when ready, as well 2 confirm willingness to serve as references. Also, 1 of them has indicated his interest in me coming to work for his startup venture, and 1 of them referred me to a public company CEO (former client) who’s seeking a CFO.”

    Anne throws down a four, then an Ace, stays pat, lookin’ pretty:
  3. T. has an interview with a provider of debt portfolio management systems for Business Development Manager, beefing up 2nd sale of business and room to build and grow territory. He has prepared a case study and presenting it to the hiring manager later this week.

  4. H. had an interview with a provider of air transport communications for a new role as VP Sales [Market]. The role is responsible for growing a regional market; it’s a good match for his telecom expertise!

  5. A. had an interview for a technology company, as Brand Manager for a startup, taking their B2B wearable vital signs product to B2C market.

  6. H. has an interview for National Sales Manager, the company is an industrial leader, he has many contacts through former roles at his former employer. Found new comfort in engaging social capital and using LI to contact former colleagues for networking support.

  7. P. is unstoppable! Her update to Anne:

    “I have two networking meetings [this week]. One in person with a current contact that’s in the fundraising world of education. I’m talking to someone who is connected to the founder/CEO of [an ed tech company]. And just heard back from a woman that works at [an online learning platform] that’s going to send me her calendar.”


    P. also has an interview at a provider of online learning (her target company)! After following the company and engaging via LI, she was able to find a conversation with the recruiter and is moving forward to the hiring manager for an AE role!

  8. Jerry pulls up a chair:

    “N. has interviewed for an SVP role with a local company, an IT firm. Just waiting to hear the next steps.”

    The beat goes on, Jerry!

    Isabelita leaves a voice mail around 1 AM local time, this is hot off the presses!
  9. R. has several interviews:

    1. with a government entity – Executive Board member role

    2. with a government start-up funding co. – Chief Exec role. The role is equivalent to a GM/COO bringing the team and setting up the business from scratch.

  10. During the first week of her program, M. landed an interview with a fragrance company for a VP Strategy role.

  11. A. had another fintech startup interview, this time for a GM role. Already got a positive reply from the founder who told her to be on the standby for the next 2 meetings with CEO and CFO.’

  12. M. had an interview for Sr Product Manager – Data Offerings (Remote) – a software solutions company. M. saw the position posted and applied the techniques of identifying and approaching the hiring managers on LinkedIn and gained the interview.

  13. G. reached out to his social capital who introduced him to a headhunter, and he had a job interview for a gaming software company for a Business Unit CFO function. He’s excited and starting to browse for a new luggage for his move. G. is right, he’s practicing the law of attraction techniques. Way to go, G.!


  1. This certainly deserves a Wednesday Salute! From the desk of Jessica Brousseau:

    “Good afternoon everyone!

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that Travis has been doing over the past year at TBG.

    As a part of our research/admin team, he demonstrates his ability to add value to everything that we are doing with his dedication, creativity, and resourcefulness. Thanks to his hard work, we have been able to do a better job serving our clients and keeping up with the demands of the business. He continuously shows professionalism and pride in all his work.

    It has truly been a privilege to have him on my team this past year and I look forward to many more.

    Congratulations Travis for an exceptional 1st year here at TBG!!”

  2. Dan received this wonderful news:

    “Good afternoon, Dan,

    I would like to inform you about my collaboration with Rebeca. I am extremely satisfied with Rebeca’s support, availability, insights, open-mindedness and professionalism.

    Rebeca is for me not only a job coach, but also a business coach who helps me find the right positioning of my candidature within the business strategy of the companies we approach.

    She is extremely driven and available to achieve results.

    As a sparring partner, she has given me many interesting insights.

    Even though we have not yet reached the finish line, I would like to bring her efforts to your attention.

    I wish you a pleasant and relaxing evening.

    Sincerely, H.”

  3. This is one from Julie Norwell’s interviews (thanks so much, Julie!) with our recently landed client, Agata:

    Although Agata had a list of top-level headhunters from her MBA program, she didn’t want a headhunter. She felt that headhunters just try to fit people into jobs that are available, and she wanted an organization with a different approach. “The Barrett Group was the only company of this kind that I found,” she said.

    “Clarity not only affirmed my value, but it also gave me a good idea of how to leverage my strengths and discuss my weaknesses in a realistic and positive way,” Agata said.

    “I didn’t have a lot of confidence, but Rebeca was so supportive of me. She seemed more confident in me than I was in myself!”

    Agata credits Rebeca with finding her the position that she ultimately landed. The compensation was much better money that she expected, and she is elated that she didn’t have to take a junior role in the process, as so many fellow immigrants in Switzerland told her she’d have to do.

    “This was the first job I applied to for which I felt my skills matched 100% and which also matched my requirements. It seemed perfect for me.”

    Agata said that the most valuable aspect of the process was “to get an approach that is different from simply sending CVs to job postings.” She admits that she isn’t yet comfortable with building up her network, but she is “sold on the process” and will keep working at the skills she learned.

    She also highly valued working with Rebeca because she helped Agata stave off discouragement.

    “I used to wonder who on earth would pay for a coach. I felt that I could always motivate myself – but that isn’t always the case. Often, I felt so discouraged, but after each conversation with Rebeca I felt so bucked up. Rebeca gave me strength and optimism after every single conversation. She made me feel like I could do it!”

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