Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 6
1st Interviews: 13

Offers Accepted:

1. Dan Resendes: Client M. landed for the second time with The Barrett Group. The new position is Director of Business Strategy for a university.
2. Rob Wicker: Client V. accepted the offer for the position of Development Manager in the automotive sector. The offer came in at $150K plus a 15% bonus. This was from UNP2 – LinkedIn. Rob calls a huddle: “V. was very coachable and worked his program with purpose and passion. He ended up with four companies interested in him and is very happy with his experience with TBG.”


Offers Received

1. Julie Mathern: Client J., with the help of Waffles Natusch, worked to move on to the negotiations process. The role is Director of Marketing for a product company. Initial offer is $140K with a 20% bonus.
2. Vivek Agarwal: Client T. has a verbal offer in hand from an oil drilling company for a Business Development Manager role. He remains in the energy sector. The initial offer is $148K.
3. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client S. advances with a shipping company as Regional Head. The salary negotiation started at $360K.


Interviews Advance

1. Rob Wicker: Client K. at a data solutions company for a director role from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. Julie Mathern: Client W. at a social media platform for Organization Management & Effectiveness.
3. Barbara Limmer: Client O. at a wood company for VP. She has LI connections in common and reached out to see how well they know the hiring manager.
4. Lori Chevalier: Client F. and J.
-Client F. at a Consulting company for Partner from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Client J. at an athletic company or Senior Manager or higher from UNP1-Social Capital.
5. Larry DiBoni: Client T. at a for VP of Sales from UNP1-Social Capital.



1. Lori Chevalier: Client L., C., O., and D.
-First, Client L. at a software company for Director of External Communications & Other Marketing Roles from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Next, Client C. at a Business development company for a manager role from UNP1-Social Capital. And at an agricultural co-op for VP.
-Then, Client O. at a non-profit society for Development Manager.
-Lastly, Client D. at a trade company senior level new position, at a publications company for CRO open position, and at a media from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. Asli Bilgin: Client M. at a research company for VP of Marketing.
3. Larry DiBoni: Client A. at an energy company for Director.
4. Julie Mathern: Client Y. at an airline company for a manager position.
5. Isabelita Castilho: Client H. at a bike company for COO.
6. George Schulz: Client R. at a manufacturer for President from a 3rd party recruiter. The recruiter referred him to the company.
7. Anne Lipsitz: Client J. at a manufacturer for HR Leader from UNP2-LinkedIn.



Penny Marion received this note from client R.:
“Thanks, Penny. I really like working with you.”

Client K. shared some feedback about Clarity coach, Lisa Levesque:
“Clarity was incredibly eye-opening to me. I loved it! My coach, Lisa Levesque, had very positive energy and was so helpful. I had never taken the time to do a deep dive into myself and explore what I am really looking for. Things are so much easier after that,” said K. “The Clarity exercises focused me. Before I started the program, I was considering numerous things that I might do. By the time I finished, it was really clear to me what I wanted to do.”

And, also from client K., about his career consultant, George Schulz:
“George has been wonderful. He really gets to know you and what you’re looking for, and he is always responsive. (…) Next thing you know, I have a job that I love that plays to my strengths! I could not have asked for a better fit!”

Paula Nordhoff received this note from client J.:
“Thank you for all your strong support! Last week was very exciting – and stressful – but we did it! Great things ahead!”


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