The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 10

Offers Accepted:

1. Barbara Limmer: Client B. accepts as an Executive at an IT management company. The initial offer was $150K. After negotiations was $170K.
2. George Schulz: Client S. accepts a manager position at a manufacturing company. The first offer was $250K. After negotiations was $285K.
3. Vivek Agrawal: Client A. accepts the offer from an electric company as Communication Manager. She had been in the utilities and energy business and has transitioned to marketing. The offer went from $110K to $120K.
4. Larry DiBoni: Client C. accepts the offer from a manufacturing company as VP of Business Development. The offer was sweetened in the negotiation process from $180K to $210K.

Offers Received

1. Barbara Limmer: Client O. receives an offer from a parts manufacturing company as VP of HR. The initial offer is $130K+ $15K bonus.
2. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client R. from a bank in for head of finance. The initial offer is $275K.
3. Lori Chevalier: Client V. had two interviews this week.
-First at a food services company for VP of restaurant operations. The initial offer is $235K + 20% bonus + $50K proposed sign on bonus.
-Second at the same company for VP of healthcare operations. This one is $210K, 20% bonus.

Interviews Advance

1. Debbie Brupbacher: Client V. advances in the information technology sector for Virtual Associate Partner. The position came from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. George Schulz: Client D. advances at the commercial landscaping company for Business Developer. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn. This is the second interview at the company. The Market Sales Manager told him the interview went well.
3. Rob Wicker: Client K. advances at a furniture design company for Director of Sales. The opportunity came from a 3rd party recruiter.
4. Barbara Limmer: Client J. advances at a food and beverage company for Plant Manager. The position came from UNP2-LinkedIn.
5. Lori Chevalier had three clients advance through interviews, P., S., and G.
-First, Client P. advances at a business consulting company. P. is in his second interview and will be meeting with the CEO.
-Second, Client S. advances for National Sales Manager in the agriculture industry. It came from a 3rd party recruiter.
-Third, Client G. advances for Senior Transportation Manager at a multinational manufacturing company. The position came from UNP1-Social Capital. G. is friends with an internal recruiter at [the company] and also the HR Director. G. identified a role, reached out, and has been in interviews! He just got contacted for a 30-minute zoom call!


1. Rob Wicker: Client S. interviews at an investment banking company for Vice President. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn.
2. Lori Chevalier: Client C. at a healthcare company for Vice President and Operations. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn.
3. Asli Bilgin: Client J. at an autonomous motor vehicle manufacturing company. The position came from UNP1-Social Capital.

4. Julie Mathern had 3 clients with new interviews this week, Clients P. and K.

-First, Client P. at a lumber supplies company for Project Manager. The position came from UNP1-Social Capital. Through networking, P. was made aware of PM role and got introduced to COO. This led to quickly scheduling the interview with the CEO. P.’s note after the interview: “Interview went great! The CEO said she ‘loved meeting and talking to me’. ‘You definitely have the skills we need.’ The job is way more than what was in the posting as suspected. It is literally an opportunity to launch a new line of business with her and her husband. All things I was able to talk too. Thank you for all your assistance. P.S. Money did not come up.”

-Second, Client K. at an environmental scientific company for Chief Operating Officer from a job posting.

5. Rob Wicker: Client M. interviews at two companies:
-First, at a finance and investment company for Senior Vice President and Operations. It came from a job posting.
-Second, at a company in the finance and retirement industry for Senior Manager and Distribution. The position came from a job posting.
6. Anne Lipsitz had 2 clients begin interviews with companies, Clients E. and V.
-First, Client E. at a real estate investment firm for Lead Program Manager. It came from a job posting.
-Second, Client V. interviews for Sales Director at a management consulting firm. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn.

7. Barbara Limmer: Client N. interviews at a wholesale distributor and manufacturer for VP People and Culture. The position came from a job posting


Applause, Accolades, and Appreciation

1. Paula Nordhoff received this wonderful message from client C.:

“Hi Paula, Everything is going amazing! My boss and I have the exact same working style and he and the rest of the team have been so supportive with my onboarding. He’s [traveling] this week and we’ll meet again next month for a tradeshow. As for the type of work, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect role. I wish I had moved away from [my previous employer] sooner because everyday I wake up excited to start my day. I feel so lucky. Thanks, C.”

2. Lora Hirschhorn received this note from Lori, regarding her client K.’s first resume draft, “WOW! Great writing Lora!! THANK YOU!!”

3. George send this note to Jack Harms regarding his client R.’s resume tweak, “Thank you very much, Jack Harms! Nice work.” 

4. Two rounds of applause for Luke Duggan: 

-First, Ramesh Shivakumaran send this note to Luke for client A.’s resume draft one: “Thank you. I just finished the meeting with the client and as expected, he was indeed very pleased with the draft of his new CV. He appreciated the strategy behind all the efforts put in by the writing team. Great work, and thank you for the high standards in meeting our client’s expectations. ” 
-And second, George wrote this for Luke’s work on client S.’s help with LinkedIn Employment Stories – option 2, “Great job, Luke Duggan! Thank you very much.” 


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