Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Interviews Advanced: 12
1st Interviews: 12
Interview with Recruiter: 1


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Amanda Stockton and her clients, B. and V.!

In roughly one month, Client B. landed a remote position as Chief Operating Officer of an Agriculture company with final compensation of $150K. B. found this position through the Unpublished Market..

In less than two months, Client V. landed a remote position as Controller of a Management Consulting company with final compensation of $110K. V. found this position through a job posting.

Congratulations to Waffles Natusch and his client, J.!

Client J. landed a remote position as Prop Derivatives Trader for a Finance & Financial Services company. J. found this position through the Unpublished Market.

Congratulations to Barbara Limmer and her client, M.!

Client M. landed as Senior Manager for a Transportation & Delivery company with final compensation of over $650K. M. found this position through the Unpublished Market.

Congratulations to David Black and his client, T.!

In less than one month, Client T. landed as Vice President of a job board. T. found this position through a job posting.

Congratulations to Ramesh Shivakumaran and his client, A.!

Client A. landed as General Manager of a Retail & Consumer Durables company. A. found this position through the Unpublished Market.

Congratulations to Asli Bilgin and her client, M.!

Client M. received an internal promotion as Cluster Head of a Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company.



 We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients.

Here is what two The Barrett Group (TBG) clients shared about Vice President of Client Services & Concierge, Waffles Natusch and Executive Career Consultant & Program Manager, Barbara Limmer.

After landing a job, Client M. shared:

“Dear Waffles,

How are you? Happy 2024! I am emailing with good news: I accepted a position! I’m super excited. These past (2) years since I started to work with you have been really good. I was about to launch a startup first, got promoted then, but most importantly now I have signed an offer with the most innovative company in my field, which I thought was the best offer I could get today. I’m really happy, and most importantly grateful. I could not imagine this journey without Barbara and the rest of the team’s support. I also know you made an exception to support me this year and I really really appreciated it. Results were incredible with my dream offer, a competing one, was really good.

I have only great things to say about the Barrett Group and you two in particular.  Have passed your name into a couple of colleagues and clients. Will keep doing that, could not think of a better partner for anyone taking a similar journey.



Client, Y. shared:

“Dear Waffles and Barbara,

Belatedly, I send you and yours my best wishes for the new year and for always!

Thank you for the expert guidance and for your support that the two of you and your other colleagues provided me as you coached me last year with regard to my career change goals. You all demonstrated a high level of professionalism while using a state-of-the art coaching model to walk me through the various aspects of the process. I have greatly appreciated your sharing your knowledge and experience. Your flexibility provided me with much needed peace of mind, particularly when I needed to reschedule some of our sessions.

You gave me a great deal so I could continue to navigate my career as you always suggested to me sound options that I could consider concerning numerous decisions I needed to make during your coaching process. Your counsel also helped me establish a sound structure as well as developed processes and systems for my company. Such assets will be beneficial to me and others in my company as we collaborate with clients and other stakeholders with the goal of making [the company] a well-run, successful, and value-added company that provides responsible, effective, and efficient services at various levels.

With much gratitude and highest regards,



TBG client, T. shared this about Staff Writer, Lora Hirschhorn:

“You have a gift for writing resumes!”

TBG client, A. received support and expressed thanks to Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager, Paula Nordhoff after being coached and selected for a subsequent interview.

“You will not believe it!

I just received an invite for the next interviews, to meet the EVP in person next Thursday and 2 other people from the team. As well I received the link for doing an assessment. Great, I am so happy!”

Here are three, 5-star Google Reviews from TBG clients highlighting Clarity Coach, Tatiana Miaskiewicz, Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager, Ramesh Shivakumaran, Senior Career Consultant, Rebecca Otey, Senior Clarity Consultant, Marsha Foster, Executive Career Consultant, Program Manager and Staff Writer, Lori Chevalier and The Barrett Group
Client F. shared this about Tatiana Miaskiewicz and TBG’s Clarity Program:

“I’m on the edge of completing the Clarity Program and so far the exercises and the discussions have been very comprehensive and informative. Tatiana has been so helpful and also supportive. I recommend the Barrett Group and so far it gave me clarity on the career path I want pursue.”

Client F. shared this about Ramesh Shivakumaran:

“It was an incredible experience working with Ramesh as my coach and consultant in the Barrett Group ( TBG ) executive program. Ramesh is an amazing coach with a wealth of leadership experience and can seamlessly relate to C-level executives. The approach in the TBG program is beautiful and unique because it is grounded in reality. I truly appreciate the mentoring and advice and am fortunate to have the opportunity to capitalize on the learnings from the program to navigate the channels of executive opportunities in a structured manner. Thank you, and I look forward to continued collaboration with Ramesh and the TBG team.”

Client J. shared the following about Rebecca Otey, Marsha Foster, Lori Chevalier, the TBG team and TBG’s Methodology:

“My experience started with hearing about TBG from a friend that had recently worked with you and she encouraged me to check it out. My initial call with Rebecca and the subsequent conversations with Marsha were encouraging and helpful to the process. The DISC assessment and other assessments were very helpful throughout this process and on through my first few months with my new employer.  The initial process also served to provide a great match in coaching for the rest of the program.

Lori, my coach, walked me through the next part of the program, covering a wide variety of things that go into finding a job.  We worked through the different ways companies fill positions, building my social capital, networking, navigating job postings, resume writing, 3rd party recruiters, interview preparation, offer negotiation and so much more. When I started finding positions I wanted to apply for, we switched gears to work through the process specific to the open positions while continuing our efforts within the program.  Lori and many other coaches helped in interview preparation to focus my attention on the details of the job posting most likely to be discussed and any potential issues to navigate as they related to my resume.

I received great help when it came to offer negotiation as well.  I received multiple offers and the coaching provided helped me land the right position for above the offered salary. TBG provided me with great coaching surrounding my overall gut feel on the offers I had received and helped me to compare the options and move forward with offer negotiation conversations with potential employers.

I’m 3 months into my new career and enjoying it thoroughly. I spent nearly 13 years at my last company and without the help of TBG, it would have been a much longer, more difficult process to find the career I desired and I’m not certain that I would have found as great of a place to work, either.

Thanks to everyone I worked with at TBG – I appreciate all you’ve done to help me in this process!”



Unpublished Market – The Unpublished Market is a vast, open market where executive positions are not listed. Learn more about it here.  About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market.

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