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Since 1990, we have assisted lawyers in identifying their best career targets, helping them transition to exciting legal, business and executive positions in industry, trade, non-profits, academia and a myriad of other private-sector organizations.

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    Our steadfast commitment and verifiable achievement in the success of our attorney clients has earned us the superior reputation we enjoy today.

    We honor and respect the confidentiality of our clients, so therefore, while the data of these testimonials are true, we have altered the identity of the individual.

    The Barrett Group Legal is dedicated to navigating the complicated legal market and achieving the distinctive career needs and desired outcomes for our attorney clients.

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    Success Stories:

    Andres T., Mexico, had been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position. He most valued Dan’s help in interviewing and negotiations. Dan Resendes headed up the team, guiding and managing Andres through a convoluted and highly sophisticated hiring process at a major corporation. He is now at the partner level and increased his comp package over $45K, to $225K, signifying an excellent and rapid return on his Barrett investment, most remarkable in this economy. Time from Orientation to Offer: three months. Andres received about 1/2 a dozen interviews from our processes and continues to receive interviews and calls since his landing.

    Margaret D., Lansdale, PA, was employed, but in a tough environment. Our program had a dual approach. 1) Assist Margaret with the politics at her current employer and while at the same time 2) find a new opportunity, preferably as a General Counsel. Margaret had numerous interviews during her campaign and could afford to be picky about the correct position. We assisted her with many interview preps. Seven months later, she received a response to a management introduction that we sent notifying the CEO of her application for a GC position. She negotiated and accepted an offer with our assistance two months later. She found the strategizing to be of most value to her. Continuing with our career management program after being hired, we were able to help her to negotiate a salary increase in six months and a bonus increase as well. She went from $102K the previous year to $155K. Read more>

    Robert P., New York, had thought he was an excellent interviewer until he completed the Barrett Interview Coaching process; he said it “really opened my eyes.” He also lauds the quality of research as being instrumental in his landing at his targeted compensation level.

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    “To say that your professionalism, guidance and commitment to your client is outstanding is a sheer understatement! You not only helped me find what I was looking for in a career but your recipe for success helped mold me into an even stronger candidate ready to face the challenges of today’s job market. Thank you Dan Resendes, Waffles Pi Natusch and all the dedicated professionals at The Barrett Group. Even to this day your follow up phone calls, just to find out how I am doing, really say a lot. You go above and beyond! Thanks.” ~Rob Pavese

    “I had already achieved a great deal of success in my career when I originally contacted the Barrett Group: I was looking for a rewarding next step. I knew my current employer would most likely be unable to provide me the entrepreneurial opportunity that I was seeking. The Barrett Group helped me accomplish three things: (1) they enabled me to survey my experience to effectively quantify and communicate my accomplishments to others, (2) valuing networking as a positive activity that benefits all those who participate, and finally, (3) Dan, Paula and the rest of the team partnered with me, creating the leverage and support one needs to go and do something extraordinary.” ~Ray Stevens

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