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Success Stories: About our clients

  • Brad W., New York

    Brad came to us after being relieved of his VP position for a major retailer. We launched the processes in October and Brad landed his new position at the EVP level for a highly prestigious luxury retailer the following February.

    We had introduced him to a recruiter who knew of a position that was open but there was little chance of him being presented. Under our guidance, Brad mined his reputation within the company and was able to get an interview. With our coaching, he was successful in the interview and negotiation process and he is now heading up a major corporate expansion nationwide.

  • Brian H., Virginia

    Brian received great response from the recruiter community once we did a full strategic rewrite on his resume and provided targeted introductions. We created numerous interviews for him, researching all companies and helping him with all leads. Brian’s Barrett Team delivered case-by-case interview coaching.

    He landed at a 100% woman-staffed company and is loving the new position. He just moved his family out to Iowa and they are settling in nicely. His title went from SVP to CFO and his comp level is around $300K.

  • Cindy R., South Carolina

    Cindy was between opportunities when she engaged us. We found her a job as a COO in the unpublished market by making direct introductions to CEO/Chairmen at companies. She became a COO at an electronics firm in Rhode Island due to our efforts. When she decided to relocate to California we assisted her in opening her own consulting firm.

  • Eugene Q., Minnesota

    Eugene landed three jobs with us so far through Circle of Influence and Recruiter processes. He came to us as an unemployed executive. He first landed a transition job with an agro conglomerate as a territory sales executive, ($165K comp) and then a VP of Sales position at a nationwide distributor ($196K), then, most recently, as General Manager of Global Sales for an industry leader ($225K).

  • Gary M., Quebec

    Gary found great value in our databases, providing him the ability to get to people he wouldn’t have been able to contact through regular channels. He was able to do a major industry transition, maintaining his CEO role while moving from telecom to software.

    With a comp package exceeding $1 million, he heads up a VC-backed firm in Calgary.

  • James J., New York

    James credits our interview coaching and skillful authoring of marketing materials as the major keys in overcoming age discrimination as he launched his search at age 63. His background academia was rewarded with a Dean of Education position.

  • Jeff D., Virginia

    Jeff had recently retired from the military. During the past year we helped him pull in over $150,000 in 1099 income. As his search for permanent employment took hold, we helped him to decide between four offers. With our continuing coaching, he has since received a major promotion and is working directly with the owner now.

  • Kristen H., Virginia

    Kristen found her dream job at a charitable organization within a research hospital in Tennessee. Transitioned from Consultant to Non-Profit. She did very well with TBG recruiter introductions and published market support programs. Had 5-6 interviews. Going from Consultant to Vice President of Strategy and doubling her income from $150K to $300K.

  • Andres T., Mexico

    Andres had been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position.

    He most valued Dan’s help in interviewing and negotiations. Dan Resendes headed up the team, guiding and managing Andres through a convoluted and highly sophisticated hiring process at a major corporation.

    He is now at the partner level and increased his comp package over $45K, to $225K, signifying an excellent and rapid return on his Barrett investment, most remarkable in this economy.

    Time from Orientation to Offer: three months. Andres received half a dozen interviews from our processes and continues to receive interviews and calls since his landing.

  • Margaret D., Lansdale, PA

    Margaret started with us in July. Margaret was employed but just in a tough environment. Our program had a dual approach.

    • Assist Margaret with the politics at her current employer and while at the same time,
    • find a new opportunity, preferably as a General Counsel.

    Margaret had numerous interviews during her campaign and could afford to be picky about the correct position. We assisted her with many interview preps.

    By February she received a response to a management introduction that we sent notifying the CEO of her application for a GC position. She received an offer in April.

    She found the strategizing to be of most value to her. Continuing with our career management program after being hired, we were able to help her to negotiate a salary increase in six months and a bonus increase as well. She went from $102K the previous year to $155K.

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