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Success Stories: About our clients

  • Jill R., Arizona

    Jill has a new position as a consultant with a medical device company. She landed by utilizing our Hybrid process.

    Her mandate is to search the world for the ideal country/location for the corporation’s next manufacturing plant. This find was a testament to the entire TBG process, from the mailing to the coaching when she was deemed overqualified for a permanent position, to negotiating a consulting opportunity instead. Jill is thrilled because there will be international travel and a clear path to a senior position within the company.

    Title: VP of Manufacturing, total compensation package over $300K, which includes a bump up of over $20K, an added week of vacation and a $12K relo package, direct results of The Barrett Group’s negotiation prowess. This process took four months from launch to landing.

  • Craig F., Texas

    Craig embraced the program and, with help from his Barrett team, explored his entrepreneurial side by starting and running an international consulting firm, which not only provided him valuable career experience and diversified his professional value proposition, but allowed him the opportunity to fully utilize our techniques with his greatly expanded network. He landed at the Vice President level with a compensation package of $200K.

  • Carlos D.

    Carlos was determined to relocate to Boise, Idaho. His search efforts were hampered by a tight local job market and was exacerbated by his dearth of contacts in the area.

    When the Barrett team took over, they empowered Carlos with the tools necessary to expand his Personal Circle of Influence and cultivate his network without tipping his hand on his plans. Patience, diligence and employing the advanced techniques of The Barrett Group methodologies paid off when he was referred to an excellent opportunity through his newly expanded network and sailed into the new position.

    He is now IT Manager of Information Technical Services and is happily residing in the location of his choosing.

  • Arthur A., Florida

    Arthur was in career doldrums as a store manager at Target. His first transition was accomplished by utilizing our focused networking process: a former co-worker had started his own import sourcing business, hired Arthur as his COO and they grew the business from there. With his new qualifications and accomplished, his Barrett team was able to re-market him as a reinvented executive.

    An opportunity emerged at a global container shipping company, where he is thriving in the exciting world of international commerce.

  • Alec P., Colorado

    Alec was following our guided plan to expand his circle of influence, capitalizing on his background in IT consulting and media. He was networking with a Connecticut based firm that did consulting for ESPN.

    Closely following our methods, the conversation was turned into a referral to an emerging opening at ESPN. Our assistance in the interview process enabled Alec to become a strong finalist for the position, but ESPN preferred to hire a local candidate. The referring network connection was so impressed they hired him to establish their West Coast operations.

    He is now Senior Vice President and hiring staff for the new office, with a total compensation package exceeding $200K.

  • Cynthia, San Francisco

    During a standard orientation meeting we found our new client, Cynthia had navigated a screening interview, concluded a second interview with the head of HR, and had a pending third interview scheduled. Cynthia told her Executive Career Consultant that she was concerned with the possibility of success, and that she felt she was in over her head.

    Armed with that knowledge, we reprioritized our program plan with Interview Assessment and Coaching as our #1 focus. We provided Cynthia with a list of the most typical interview questions and asked her to answer them exactly as she would during the interview. At this point we provided her with zero coaching. Once Cynthia’s answers came back, we developed a curriculum and scheduled a one-on-one coaching session. During that session, we collaborated on how she felt about her answers, as well as our opinions and the potential positive and negative consequences.

    By the end of the session, we had delivered very blunt and honest opinions, given our experience, and explained the nuances and strategy to achieve success. We authored new answers and conversation elements, with her specific feelings and inputs in mind. We roleplayed to ensure Cynthia’s execution would be elevated to be best she could possibly deliver.

    The day of the third interview came and we waited with baited breath for Cynthia’s update. When she called she was elated. She told us that the interview was an outstanding success! We all beamed with pride not only at her execution, but her comments that the interview assessment and coaching service The Barrett Group provided made all the difference in the world. She thanked her executive career consultant for her expertise, and commented that there was no way she would have survived the interview without her assistance.

    The best news came when Cynthia received the initial offer. The first offer came in $20,000.00 higher than the amount that was discussed during the screening interview. She told us that this was a direct result of her executing our interview strategy. Cynthia then followed our Offer Assessment and Negotiation process, and in the end she was able to successfully negotiate the final offer up another $35,000.00. Talk about a return on investment! It does not get any better than that!

  • Sarah, Nashville

    Sarah was in a desperate situation: her company had decided to relocate from Nashville to Tallahassee. All three of her children were in high school and her husband owned his own company locally, so relocating was out of the question. She had a great job as Vice President of Marketing, but now, after 22 years, she was in unfamiliar and scary territory of the unemployed.

    When she engaged The Barrett Group, she was beside herself because her job search was going nowhere. Once The Barrett team engaged with her to set her up with the modern ways of attacking both the published and unpublished Job markets, her job Search activity really started to pick up.

    When her first interview came, she was fully coached and ready. She was getting steady calls from recruiters, and offers came. She worked with her Barrett Coach to devise a winning negotiation strategy with these offers.

    Desperate no more, she loves her new job and is making a good deal more money with the new company!

  • Katarina

    Katarina was facing a crisis, one she couldn’t have planned for, and she needed help. She reached out to The Barrett Group. Here is her story:

    The day after her 63rd birthday, the announcement came down in the staff meeting: her company was going out of business! There had apparently been a devastating fire at the plant in Brazil and the insurance claim fell through. The Brazilian government was holding the company responsible for the fire, confiscating all the assets.

    Katarina was Senior Vice President of Marketing, with a stellar record and a long history of success, but the long history was the problem: who would hire her at her age? She didn’t want to retire, she loved her work and she would miss building programs with a team. She knew how to market anything from bottled bleach to washing machines, but she hadn’t had to market herself for 28 years, how to even begin?

    She called The Barrett Group.

    Katarina started with our Clarity program, which put her on track with a solid plan for her career move. Working with her personal career coach, her resume was written strategically, in two basic versions: one that kept her age carefully hidden, the other one highlighting her full range of senior level experience. She learned how and when to use her professional dossier to full advantage, and when to only provide what was needed, to increase her chances of getting worthwhile interviews. She was coached on how to get around interviewers’ carefully couched questions designed to screen her out legally because of her age. Her LinkedIn profile and presence was completely reinvented to show her off as current and modern, which greatly helped her approach the unpublished market while attracting recruiters.

    Three months into the program she was interviewing regularly. Sometimes it wasn’t a good fit, but her Barrett team kept her energized and focused on real opportunities for her, instead of just chasing any job that came along. The research team had delivered extensive information on a target company and the potential hiring manager was identified. Her Barrett career consultant Sue suggested a LinkedIn approach and Katarina made the connection and she was brought in for an informational interview, even though there was no job opening at the time. She impressed the Chief Operating Officer so much, he restructured the Marketing Department to best use her strongest talents! When the written offer came in, her Barrett team advised her on the negotiations, resulting in the offer being increased by $15K.

    She loves her new job and plans on continuing to do what she does best!

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