Frontline Report for 12-22-21

Hiring Line Statistics:

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 11
1st Interviews: 10

The Hiring Line:

1. Rob Wicker’s client T. has landed without taking off! With his Barrett team’s help and support, he has negotiated and accepted a major promotion at a telecommunications company. T. is so happy that he signed up with The Barrett Group. He feels like it was a wake-up call to not get comfortable and the importance of nurturing/growing his network. Following the team’s strategy, he was able to negotiate a total comp of over $350K! His old salary had been $228K.

2. Lori Chevalier’s client Z. has accepted the offer from a faith-based company! “Z. totally embraced the program and was determined to work with a Faith-Based company – and she found it! Working alongside Dan Resendes, Vivek Agarwal, and myself, in addition to our Research Team working diligently behind the scenes, Z. has accepted the role!” Her title is Senior Vice President of the Non-Profit Service Line. She followed our process and negotiated from $4k/month first 6 months, then salary to $7k/month first 12 months; then salary of $150k + stock.

Offers Received

1. Anne Lipsitz’s client S. received the eagerly anticipated offer from an electric vehicle manufacturer! His projected title will be Senior Project Developer-Energy & Infrastructure. “S. found this on the job feed we had set up for him, followed TBG process of engaging HR, and then moved into the hiring process. He accelerated his applicancy and surpassed another candidate to whom they had been preparing an offer. We’re negotiating the written contract now.”

2. Anne had another client who offer to share: R. moved forward in the process and had now received her offer from a university. They are in the negotiation process. The current offer includes a salary of close to $110,000, an expense account, tuition discounts for dependents, and moving expenses.

Interviews Advance

1. H., Jerry Fronczak’s client, is in second round interviews with the Senior Vice President of a hospitality company for a Vice President, Strategic Transformation role.

2. Barbara Limmer’s clients J. and C. are active with interviews.
-J. is in contention for the COO role at a life insurance company. He made it past 3rd party recruiter interviews and is now interviewing with the CEO. John shares, “First interview with the CEO seemed to go very well. Great rapport and the hour flew by. She concluded the call saying she wants to set up an additional call next week with some additional execs (I think HR and likely the CIO) sometime next week. Will let you know what I hear.”

-Also, Barbara is teaming with Waffles Natusch to provide the best service to our client R., who is pursuing multiple opportunities. She is talking with two search committee heads about openings at two different universities. Another university has an opening for a Department Chair position, and R. is also interviewing with a retiring CEO at an educational company.

3. Julie Mathern’s client D. is pursuing Director, Data Science Engineering SMB (small-medium sized business) Labs at a staffing company, just passed his second interview.

4. Lori Chevalier’s clients L. and E. continue with their interviews.
-L. landed an interview for ESG Strategic Solutions Director at an accounting firm. Lori shared, “L., after ‘tweaking’ his resume, reached out to several people within the company – and within 15 minutes of his application, was contacted for an interview! 🙂 Great work L.!” She continues with an update, “Interviews advance for L.! Today he met with HR and stated, ‘It went extremely well. HR scheduled a second interview with two partners next Monday.’ Nice execution of the TBG Interview Prep and methodologies, L.!!”

-E. has a 2nd interview with a professional services company in January! The role would be Director of Talent Development. She is also pursuing a role with another company and reports in with an update, “I had an excellent call with the global COO and I had another excellent meeting… suggested by the global COO…I’m looking forward to the full execution of the strategy and to getting the corresponding signed compensation. Needless to say, you and Dan Resendes have been very helpful. Once this is achieved, we should find a way of celebrating. Have a wonderful holiday, Christmas, and a Happy New Year!”

5. Isabelita Castilho’s client T. has a quick update for us: “I have made it to the next round with [the pharmaceutical company] which will be in January; And, I will let you know once I have more details. I also spoke again with the people [from another pharmaceutical company], and we also agreed to reconnect in January. Have a Merry Christmas and a great start into 2022, looking forward to reconnecting in January!”

6. One of our recent clients, B., who successfully landed at a development company as Chief of Staff reached out to Paula Nordhoff as his company has an urgent need for a Chief Accounting Officer. She shared the job posting with M. and he is very interested. Paula connected B. and M. and the 1st interview occurred this month. B. is setting up a 2nd interview with a very Senior Finance Officer.


1. Paula Nordhoff has updates on clients A. and P.
-A. is interviewing at a communications company for a Senior Associate Analyst position. Following Paula’s guidance, he networked into the company through a former colleague. His interview is with a top exec in the division for the job posting he applied to.
-Meanwhile J. scored an interview for General or Business Manager at a construction materials company. He’s had his first interview with HR. J. did a great job of gaining advocacy and intel through his connections inside and outside of the company.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client P. has an interview for a Customer Success role at a curriculum company. She’s also blocking time in her schedule for a meeting with a professional learning company.

3. S. told Lori Chevalier all about her experience at a medical company. The role is Senior Director, Inspection Readiness & Compliance. S. has two contacts at this company. She reached out to both. S. applied on a Sunday – using TBG’s resume enhancement services – and the next day was contacted for an interview. She had six interviews scheduled over two days! Go, S.!

4. Barbara Limmer’s client F. is interviewing for Events Marketing Director at a software company.

5. George Schulz’s client G. has four interviews this week!
-First at a franchise company for Director Design and Construction – meeting with hiring mgr for the position.
-Second at a coffee company for International Development – scheduled interview with the CEO.
-Third at a franchising service company for International Development: They are trying to budget for a position for G.
-Fourth at a sandwich franchise for Sr. Director of Construction: an interview with Chief Development and Operating Officer.


1. “The resume team has been busy developing the first LinkedIn Experience narratives & stories and they are producing some GOOD stuff! In the last 30 days, the team has completed 95 writing tasks. Marissa Lessman is the “heavyweight” for that timeframe! Marissa volunteered as the first to tackle the new LinkedIn Experience task and did a fantastic job!” – Ramsey Penegar, CPRW

2. Paula Nordhoff shares this complement that came from an individual that works with a health company, “She complimented me on my LI profile. Thank you and the writers for all the hard work! She said it showed and the time was well spent, so many don’t spend time making sure it reflects their jobs and it did reflect what I do so well and she could tell I spent time on it.”

3. H. had many kind things to say about his experience with The Barrett Group.

“My original CV was everything it should NOT be: chronological, long, and boring. With Greg Emslie and The Barrett Group writing team, we made a wonderful new version,” said H. “My LinkedIn profile was also boring and incomplete, but with the help of Greg and Dan Resendes, my new profile attracted a lot more people, sometimes over 20-30 people per week. I started getting calls from people that were not even looking to hire, even some CEOs. That gave me hope!” Even more valuable to H. were the techniques he learned for managing his career change and the perspective he got from his career consultants about navigating the modern job market.

“Greg taught me a lot of things. He told me about social capital – how to increase it and leverage it – and new ways to approach people. All these techniques were very handy,” said H. “And the conversations I had with Greg and Anne Lipsitz helped me see through the attitudes and behaviors of third-party recruiters. I learned that third-party recruiters aren’t there to give me a job. Their money comes from the company that wants to fill a position, and recruiters couldn’t care less whether it’s you or someone else that gets hired.”

“I will no longer let a third-party recruiter tell me what to do and what not to do. It’s my job search. The direction I got from my Barrett Group consultants gave me strength to face the daily job search and never lose confidence in myself.”

H. credits The Barrett Group with infusing his job search with crucial practical as well as emotional support.

“Before I began working with The Barrett Group, I had been out of a job for ten months with nothing to show for it except frustrating experiences and a feeling that I was too old. I learned a lot from Greg and Anne. Thanks to them, I felt better able to handle recruiters, and I developed the confidence that, even at my age (61), I can expect great opportunities.”

4. R. expressed this to Isabelita Castilho: “Thank you for the last two sessions that I found exciting and explorers. I felt like I was discovering new islands “in places” I thought I knew well. 🙂 For which I thank you very much. I look forward to the following sessions and further support.”

5. This appeared in our Better Business Bureau listing, where we have maintained an A+ rating for over 20 years: “Comment on Customer Review:
The Clarity Program through the Career Change Program was an OUTSTANDING experience. I was impressed with all of The Barrett Group processes; they were so easy to follow… The processes taught me something about myself that I did not realize, “I do not know everything about finding a new career.” From LinkedIn Analytics to revising my resume, to revisiting my LinkedIn Profile, through the Interview Preparations, to the strategy of accepting an offer, and finally landing a sweet new career. I am very thankful for The Barrett Group, LLC., and the help they provided me throughout all of their processes! The Barrett Group processes made me a better person, professionally and personally.
Review by S.”

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