Frontline Report for 01-05-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 8
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 18
1st Interviews: 16

The Hiring Line:

1. Our very own Anne Lipsitz kicks off the New Year with the hiring of her client T.!

“Hello, Anne. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and also want to inform you that I started a new job yesterday as Head of Product at [a web and mobile solution company], a scale-up growing very fast. I have a team and I will be reporting to the CEO until the CPO they recruited joins the company, and I will be acting as a CPO till then.” T. had recently been in the Financial Services sector and he has progressed into IT & Services with this latest move.

2. After many years away from career consulting, Larry DiBoni returns and shows he still has it! His client M. has landed at a mental health service company in an Enterprise Account Executive role, remaining in the Human Resources arena. This was from a recruiter on LinkedIn, and Larry does the walk through: “We authored M.’s LinkedIn content, a recruiter noticed and reached out to M. with interest. We had provided M. with 3rd party recruiter assessment and coaching. He executed flawlessly and kept his consultant in the loop throughout the interview and offer negotiation process.” With Larry’s help, M. took the original offer up, from an initial $225K total book, which was an increase of $25K from his old job, up to $125K base, $125K bonus and a $31K guaranteed first quarter commission payout. Well done, Larry!

3. Client L. let Anne and Waffles Natusch know that the other shoe finally dropped!
“Hi Waffles and Anne, Merry Christmas! Letting you know I accepted the job from [the digital marketing platform]. I am very excited to start- I think the company and position is a good fit for me, better than the insurance company.”

4. Paula Nordhoff updates us on client Y.:
“Y. took our advice regarding his current position as the Managing Director for a legal recruiting business. His base had been cut to $50K earlier in 2021 and he negotiated an increase to $125K, which also has a commission structure with thresholds. Dan (Resendes) and I guided him through the whole process of asking, negotiating, and closing. Client likely to keep interviewing as well.” Go, team!  

5. Julie Mathern tells the good news about O. and S.:
-O. has landed and is now Director of a private bank! He listened to Julie’s excellent coaching on employing his Human Capital to begin the interview process. Julie also helped him negotiate a slightly better package, from the paltry opening salvo of $525K up to a more respectful $700K. Now, that’s a return on his Barrett Group investment!
-Julie and Waffles Natusch are pleased the ink has finally dried with the partners and S. is now at a healthcare startup! Best of luck, S.!

6. Jayson Searle, Isabelita Castilho, Rebeca and Waffles take a collective bow as they announce that N. is now Interim GM at an auto services company, where he has transitioned into a new industry, automotive! 

7. Client K. gleefully accepted his offer from a business management firm, and Barbara Limmer was so happy to share the news with the Concierge! “Current total comp is $102,500 including bonuses; New comp is $145,000 including bonuses. This is his dream job, and he is incredibly excited about joining this company!”

Offers Received

1. Barbara and Waffles give notes on client B.: “Hi B., I’m glad we got to talk today prior to your discussion with the business management HR person. Congratulations again on getting the offer! I am so happy for you because this truly is your dream job and for a great company that offers you tremendous growth potential. We also discussed whether to go to this week’s interview, and I encouraged you to attend unless everything is signed, sealed and official with the business management company. I also said not to resign until all contingencies are lifted (ie background check, drug test, etc.). Please keep me posted on this, and congratulations again!” – Barbara

2. Asli Bilgin grabs the microphone: “V. did fantastic in the interview, he is now accepted into the database of nominees where investment directors choose members for the companies they are supporting.”

3. George Schulz shares that client U. has received an offer from an insurance company. However, U. is not going to accept because he believes he will receive a better offer from a financial services company.

Interviews Advance

1. We’ve decided to give you all a deep dive into one client’s activities throughout the holiday break through December. Our selected client is none other than one of Lori Chevalier’s clients, C. Here’s a selected portion of his report to Lori:
-Several interviews are moving forward in the roles of Head/Director/Vice President of IT.
-C. also has two interviews moving forward in the realm of Chief Information Officer.
-C. has also been approached by several executive recruiting consultants looking to help with my job search and has a small army of ex-colleagues and suppliers on the hunt for him as well.

2. Lori’s other client R. also had good news: “Interviews advance for R.! He had a 2nd interview today before our call with the third partner at the accounting firm! Woo hoo! 🙂 Go R.!”

3. Isabelita’s client P. continued his interviewing at a chemical company in Europe! The role will be Global FP&A Director. “Good morning, quick update on today’s activity, I had the call at 8:30 am with the Chief People Officer of [the chemical company] and a second call later on with the [a recruiter] to give me feedback. It was again very positive…the CPO told me at the end that he would have tried to close the loop with the CFO during the day. The [recruiter], during his debrief with me, instead said that he was not expecting final decision today, because apparently the CFO has requested to have a 1on1 informal chat only with me, without [the recruiters] involvement…he doesn’t know why. I will let you know if something else evolves. Merry Christmas to you and family (including the cat of course). -P.”

4. Waffles hears from George Schulz regarding client G. This was the great recap G. sent George on Christmas Day:
“Merry Christmas, George! I appreciate all the effort that you have put in to train me in the ways of the world when it comes to finding a new position. A quick update for you:
-[Sandwich company]- As a follow up to my interview with the HR team sent me a behavioral assessment and cognitive assessment, which I have completed. Will await updates from them.
-[Restaurant company]- HR manager reached out for the initial interview. He declared that he felt I was a great fit and offered a base salary of $140k+ bonus+ benefits. He further said that he would reach out to the management team.
-[Food and beverage platform]- They have just posted a Director of Design and Construction position on Linked In. I reached out to my connection who has promised to connect me with the hiring manager.
-[Coffee company] – I have a video call scheduled with him. Will update after the call. Purpose of the call is to strengthen relations.”

5. Barbara’s client F. keeps the faith with this update:
“Just wanted to let you know I just received an interview request for this role: Global Events Director. I actually received two separate recommendations for this role. The recruiter reached out to set some time up Thursday.”

6. A. is one of Anne’s current clients. He has two interviews coming up:
-VP Portfolio, Manager of Surplus with a reinsurance company.
-Senior Portfolio Manager at an insurance company.

7. Dan’s client E. interviewed with a senior living facility for an open General Counsel position.


1. Paula Nordhoff leads with updates from her clients S., D., M., and B.
-S. interviewed with a recruiting firm for a Director of Ops opportunity. The recruiting firm reached out to S. and screened her last month. The client of the recruiting firm is a research and product development company. Expecting an interview with the Hiring Manager this month.
-D. has opened up discussions for a Managing Director or comparable role for a company in the United States.
-M. interviewed with a multinational professional services network for an MD slot in the Tax/Audit Group. Discussions included niche practice dev, mid-market strategy, and other priorities. He interviewed with the Senior Practice Executive.
-B. jumped on a plane to for a Company Board Member interview in the mining sector.

2. Julie’s clients N. and G. have big interview news.
-N. has had three in a row with construction corporations including one that came about after reaching out to a colleague in another continent. This contact got N. in touch with the Director of Ops which led to an interview-like conversation and an actual interview.
– G. has had two interviews, one with an IT innovation company for a Data Scientist position. This job pays $180k plus benefits. The other interview is for a Senior Learning and Development Consultant position with a land surveying company.

3. Barbara’s client A. has met with the hiring manager for an e-commerce service for the Director of Technology opening. He just finished a panel presentation. He also interviewed at an automotive company for a Director of Engineering spot.

4. Lori’s Q. and C. have been actively applying for roles and landing wonderful interviews!
-Q. has a hot one at a laboratory, and her role would be Chief Technology Transfer Officer. Another option is at a university for Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovation & Technology Commercialization: she followed our process for applying for the position and now has an interview!
-C. is interviewing around the world. He recently interviewed at a pump solutions company in Europe for a CFO spot.

5. Dan and Pattie Vargas have teamed up to coach T., who is interviewing at a trade association in the Media & Entertainment Industry. The title would be CEO/President.

6. George’s coaching has paid off for his client J.! He sent a note to Exec VP for Sustainability because of things they had in common. She responded and liked what she saw so set up call with the internal HR person for the role of Director of Strategic Initiatives for Sustainability. Also, J. “identified a second level connection on my LinkedIn with a guy who was a VP of finance at [a retail chain].”


1. “The resume team is looking forward to a fruitful year while continuing to grow, improve, & achieve professional goals while delivering top-quality documents to the TBG consultants and our clients. During the past 2 weeks of holidays & celebrating, the team completed 32 projects.” – Ramsey Penegar

2. “Hi Lori, it was great talking to you today. Just to let you know that just got the feedback from HR and they want me to talk to the CEO as soon as possible. They are serious about it. I keep you posted! Thanks so much for everything! Best, L.”

3. “Dear Anthony, Isabelita, Waffles and Jayson, I hope you are well and thank you in advance for your time reading my email. 2021, what a year I am at! Several people want to forget this year, for obvious reasons, however this is for me such a fruitful and interesting time in my life. I took quite brave decisions, choosing to leave my previous role as VP of HR, and starting a new adventure in searching for my next challenge, both personally and professionally.

“I have learned a lot about myself and others in the last 2 years and I have to admit that I consider myself lucky to have achieved so much. This year I was also lucky enough to discover The Barrett Group, and great professionals like you and the journey together was certainly interesting and positive, challenging at times but I am sure we will find a solution for a great outcome. All this long preamble to wish you a great 2022 full of success and personal fulfilment. Be the best version of yourself. The catchphrase of my new company is: Success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design, and you at Barrett Group perfectly personify this motto. Thanks for all your support and professionalism, and once again, happy 2022. Cheers,

The executive job market can be unnerving but there is no need to be intimidated. Your first step should be to contact The Barrett Group. We help our clients prepare to take on the world because “it’s our job to help you find yours!”

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