Frontline Report for 12-13-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 3
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 5
1st Interviews: 19
Interview with Recruiter: 1


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Penny Marion and her Client R.!

Client R. landed as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales for a Manufacturing company.

Congratulations to Asli Bilgin and her Client E.!

Client E. landed as Medical Affairs Head for a Hospitals, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals company. E.’s final compensation will be over 500K, an increase of over 100K from E.’s initial offer. E. found this position through the Unpublished Market. 

Congratulations to Larry DiBoni and his Client L.!

Within two months, Client L. landed as Project Manager/Consultant for a Staffing and Services company. This is a contract position and L. found this position through a third party recruiter. 


Offer Received:

Isabelita Castilho’s Client D. is making progress. 

Client D. received an offer from a Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company, for a Director of Operations position. D.’s offer was for $105K.



Here is what Lori Chevalier’s client, Client M. shared with Lori after M.’s job landing:  

“Hi Lori!!! I hope you are doing well. I am GREAT!! And, I love my job and the people I serve. I cannot say enough about the new experience and the quality of life it has brought me. Thank you for your role in getting me here!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. You must look me up if you are ever in town. :)” 


This 5-star Google Review is from our Client L., highlighting Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager, Ramesh Shivakumaran and The Barrett Group:

“I had an enriching experience working in the Barrett Group (TBG) executive program. The coaching and consulting sessions with Ramesh were informative and purposeful; I gained valuable insights and professional advice in articulating my value proposition and activating the network to identify, initiate, and engage with decision-makers for potential unpublished and published opportunities.

“The TBG program is comprehensive and well-structured, supporting me with several tools and resources to bounce off ideas with my coach/ consultant, for actionable strategies, and preparing me to source and discuss opportunities with hiring managers. I am glad to have proactively engaged with TBG as an essential investment for my future aspirations. And, I could always approach Ramesh for his guidance, and I never felt left alone in the process. I am happy to refer the TBG program to executives focused on their career change and progression. I look forward to my continued collaboration with Ramesh and the TBG team.” 



Unpublished Market – The Unpublished Market is a vast, open market where executive positions are not listed. Learn more about it here.  About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market. 


It’s time to fulfill your career potential and follow those career aspirations. Standing out in the field of executives will be vital to your success. Work with the professional career consultants at The Barrett Group. Contact us today.

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