Frontline Report for 11-30-22

Hiring Line Stats:

Offer Accepted: 1

Interviews Advanced: 4

1st Interviews: 8

Offer Accepted:

1. Isabelita Castilho’s client M. accepted an offer from a wellness center in under three months! The role will be a communications role. Isabelita notes, “M. landed this position through social capital in a consultant board role, which is what he looked for, since he has his own business. He likes the coaching provided and appreciates the program.”


Interviews Advance:

1. Barbara Limmer’s clients J., B., and D. have interviews.

-First, Client J. at a scientific company for a director position in operations.

-Client B. at a healthcare company for VP from a job posting.

-Client D. at an analytics company for VP from a job posting.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. interviewed for an advisory position from UNP1-Social Capital.



1. Barbara Limmer’s clients C., P., D., J., and R.:

-First, Client C. interviews for a manager position in budget governance.

-Next, Client P. interviews at an automation company for VP from a job posting.

-Then Client D. interviews at an insurance company in the analytics development department.

-Client J. for a marketing manager position from a job posting.

-And Client R. an officer position at a sales company.

2. Larry DiBoni’s client A. interviewed at a technologies management company for a director position.

3. Asli Bilgin’s client V. for a counsel position from UNP1-Social Capital.

4. Lori Chevalier’s client T. interviewed at a pharmaceutical company for director of business.



During November, your TBG Resume Writing Team completed over 133 total writing assignments for our clients!

Many thanks to our TBG Resume Writing Team, including Ramsey Penegar, Lora Hirschhorn, Anicia Copeland, Ralph Libsohn, Luke Duggan, and Collin Wolfer.

“The resume change was very helpful. It reads much better, and it’s easier to adjust to whatever role I’m applying. Even though I had paid someone to redo my resume before I hired TBG, I like this one better. The team made it look like an executive’s resume. I have even gotten compliments on it!” -Client V.

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