Frontline Report for 11-23-22

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 6
1st Interviews: 6

Offers Accepted:

1. George Schulz’s client D. accepted the offer from a manufacturing company for an international role.

2. Asli Bilgin’s client R. will be heading up a new company that is currently being formed. He had been an owner of an automotive company. The monthly compensation will be $10K per month plus bonuses.

Offers Received

1. Lori Chevalier’s client H. received an offer from an automobile company for a manager role. The initial offer was at $130k + $10k bonus.

2. Julie Mathern’s client C. received an offer five days after his orientation. The company is in the defense technology industry and the position is a lead manager in electronics. The offer came in at $190,000. Discussed offer and strategy, is a bit low in level and compensation. C. is also expecting an offer from a solar energy company.

Interviews Advance

1. Lori Chevalier’s client G. advanced in the nonprofit industry. The role is for a consultant role from UNP1-Social Capital.

2. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client J. and M.:

-J. at a finance company for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.
-M. at an investment company for senior director. Ramesh notes, “The client has been very active with his social capital, references and LinkedIn outreach and having several networking and informational meetings after joining the TBG program. Recently, for a networking event, he travelled and met with the CEO/Co-Founder of an Asset Management firm with extensive experience in banking and financial advisory services. In the networking event the CEO/Co-founder was impressed with his background and skills. Based on the meeting they have invited him for a formal interview with other Board members to present his value proposition to enable final decision on how they can collaborate to work together. Client is super excited with the opportunity. M. and I have worked on the interview strategy and bounced off ideas on how to effectively showcase his value proposition to the hiring company and its Board members.”

3. Julie Mathern’s client N. had two interviews:
At: a delivery company for VP. On-site interview; talking to president next.
At: a solar field company for director. Verbal offer received.

4. Barbara Limmer’s client D. at a finance company for control manager.


1. Barbara Limmer’s client D. had two interviews:
At: a finance company for VP.
At: an equity investment company for a position.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client S. and H.
-S. at a manufacturing company for a director role.

-H. at a manufacturing company for a general manager role. “H. found this nice opportunity. She then asked for coaching on how to reach out to a past interviewer at the same company to try gain leverage. She got the interview and is under consideration.”

3. Larry DiBoni’s client P. at a coal mine for President from UNP3-Direct Introductions. 1st interview with this organization. The purpose of the interview was to consider a change to their current President and Vice President.

4. Debbie Brupbacher’s C. at an automotive supplier for Global VP, from a 3rd party Recruiter.


From Client S. to Isabelita:
“I felt perfectly prepared! Some of his questions were exactly what you anticipated, primarily cultural fit, adaptability, change management. Many thanks for accommodating and making yourself available on Wednesday. Speak soon! ”

To Lori from Client P.:
“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. Truly a life-changing experience. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.” 

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