Frontline Report on client landings for 11-22-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 3
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 16
Interview with Recruiter: 1


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Barbara Limmer and her Client J.!

Client J. landed as Vice President of Information Technology for a Financial Services Technology company. J.’s final compensation will be a $270+K base, plus a $125K signing bonus and sign-on equity award totaling $150K – an over $150K total compensation increase from J.’s initial total compensation offer. 

Congratulations to Julie Mathern and her Client J.!

Client J. landed as Vice President of Service Contracts for a Nonprofit company. J.’s final compensation will be $160K base plus a $20+K bonus potential. J. found this position through a 3rd party recruiter.

Congratulations to Lori Chevalier and her Client M.!

Client M. landed an interim position for Retail & Consumer Durables company.


Offer Received:

Congratulations to Rob Wicker and his Client J. 

Client J. received an offer from an Information Technology & Services company for a Technology Services Lead position. J.’s offer was for $375K plus $50K sign on bonus and commission. J. found this position through the Unpublished Market 1 (UNP1). 



Lori Chevalier and Paula Nordhoff’s Client W. shared their gratitude after being coached!

“Good morning and thank you! Working with Paula yesterday was very helpful!

Your points are right on target! I will be interviewing myself over the next few days and I’ll be following your points Lori! Those are extremely, extremely helpful!!! Thank you.”


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