Frontline Report for 11-10-21

Short Stack Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 26
1st Interviews: 17

The Hiring Line:

1. Rob Wicker kicks one right through the goalposts: T. has landed in the Information Technology industry!
T. had seen the job posting and then followed Rob’s advice by reaching out to the COO via LinkedIn. The CEO went to the same college as T. A true career change: he was an Engagement Manager in the Management Consulting arena, now he is VP of M&A and Strategy in the Information Technology & Services industry! Keep up the great work, Rob!

2. Lori Chevalier shares updates from clients J. and M.
-Client J. is excited to be starting a new career after 25+ years with his family-owned construction business. He will be segueing into the health care space – the goal he had when we started! Lori: “He is excited to begin his new journey in this arena and I was happy to have been a part of his landing his new role. J. is an excellent candidate for a recommendation on the TBG process! Perfect client!!!”
-M. has landed at a data communications company and is their new Chief Information Officer.

3. Jerry Fronczak is pleased to announce his client K. has landed at an insurance company! He left the Information Technology & Services sector to join the Insurance world as an Employer-sponsored benefits consultant.

4. Julie Mathern reports in on clients A. and I.
-Two notes came in from A.

First, “Dear Dan Resendes and Julie, Thank you very much for the preparation help today. It was valuable and timely. I received a call this afternoon from the CFO and hiring manager for this position and I then just used the opportunity to talk through everything. It was very collaborative, and she even made suggestions on other things she can do when her hands were tied on certain topics. Regards, A.”

And second, “Hi Julie, The CFO agreed to a signing bonus, the extra 5 days of vacation, and to review my performance and bonus mid-year! Further, the offer does compare reasonably to what I had at [my previous employer] (1 year ago), so I am going to accept the offer! Thanks for the help, A.”

-I. has accepted the offer from a banking advocacy organization! I. came to TBG because she was working extremely long hours at her existing job and not doing the type of work she wanted to do. She resigned from her role with them during her campaign. After interviewing for the role with the advocacy organization, the CEO was concerned that the position wouldn’t offer enough challenge for her and was going to continue their search elsewhere. She wrote a compelling email about all the things she was interested in regarding the organization, their influential work, policy guidance, etc. They set up another meeting with her and revamped to the role to make use of her experience and bring in additional subject matter expertise that their members would be interested in (I. has a lot of experience with digital currency/digital payments/crypto-currency).

They’ve added more policy and thought leadership to the role – which is what she was looking for. She’s excited about the new opportunity!

5. C. has been negotiating with an IT service management company for nearly two months, turned down the first offer, and couldn’t get past the non-compete until Waffles Natusch suggested new wording they might accept. He was in agreement with the hiring manager, but Legal put the other language back in and said it had to stay! Waffles suggested C. ask them for the list of competitors he would be forbidden to work for in the twelve months of the agreement. That did the trick! They reverted to the clause we had agreed on, and he’s in! Congratulations, C.!

Offers Received

1. Paula Nordhoff and Waffles Natusch are helping client R. to negotiate his offer for Chief Strategy Officer with a gaming company that donates their profits to many charitable organizations.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client G. received an offer from a multi-national conglomerate company, who recently announced they were breaking into three smaller companies. C. left South America, making 14K x13=$182,000.

3. D. was eager to go over the details of a venture capitalist firm’s offer with the Client Concierge, who Julie pulled in for the project.

4. Julie’s client O. shared this update: “Hi Julie, Hope all is well. Crazy day for me…. [the investment banking company] sent me an offer letter today. Please see attached. I have not had a chance to look at it in detail. I would appreciate it if you could please take a look, and hopefully, we can connect soon to discuss?” This one went out to the Subject Matter Expert Team and is in Vivek’s capable hands!

Interviews Advance

1. T. called Waffles with the great news: he was one of four out of 115 lawyers to make it to round two in the interview process for the Assistant General Counsel for a state-wide nonprofit! He used his international background to win them over. When he found out the lady lived in the neighborhood where he grew up, she mentioned the restaurant his parents had owned and asked when it was opening again. He’s the landlord! He said he would walk her in on the opening night!

2. Barbara Limmer’s client S. has been quite active:

-First, S. is still consulting with an education-based organization for about 20 hrs/week. It’s clear that they really could use a more senior marketing head so this could become a CMO role with a better comp package including bonuses and also with broader and more strategic responsibilities.
-Also S. is consulting with an observatory for about 10-15 hrs/week, and they will be renewing the contract.
-Meanwhile, S. has had multiple interviews for a Marketing Dir role with a Multiplatform entertainment company but has now gone radio silent. S. will also follow up with the hiring manager.

-S. had 6 interviews with a publishing company, also in follow-up mode.
-Had several conversations with a global IT managed services firm, including talking with their outsourced marketing person; they have acquired 2 companies and are in need of more integrated marketing and branding. S. put together a 2-pager outlining how S. would approach this if working or consulting there.
-S. used social capital to be recommended for a job posting with a TV Network for a Sr Dir Domestic Brand Marketing; talked to HR and hiring manager, still in early stages of the selection process.
-S.’s friend told her about an opening at a film production company for a role in the Global Product Mgmt/Consumer side. The person in that role is on leave so this could turn into a consulting role.

2. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles were impressed with a message received by L. stating that a human resource business partner and consulting partner at an insurance company would love to speak with her about her background. The opening is for a Customer Experience Leader. She is also talking with the VP of Alliances for an unspecific role with a customer experience platform. Another opportunity is with a digital marketing company for a VP of Alliances role.

3. Joan Sebring’s client N. interviewed at a healthcare company for the Chief Technology Officer opening. N. knew the CEO and they were having a social capital discussion. The next step is meeting the COO. An offer is pending! N. is also talking with a venture capital company for a Chief Technology Officer role. N. filled out a screening Q&A and his pre-TBG resume was sent to the CEO. He anticipated hearing back by the end of the week.

4. Anne’s client C. was interviewing at a health consulting company, so she pulled the Client Concierge in for extra muscle! The training did the trick! The new role is Director of Real Estate Development. C.’s note: “I am writing on my way to the airport. I had the interview yesterday. She had all the questions we already know she would ask… The good news is that she seemed satisfied with all my answers.

“The best news is that the job seems designed for me! It is a [European] company with NO presence in the US and is hiring from the top down to create its US presence. The director of real estate development would be the highest position in the US office and I would answer directly to the CIO and the CEO of the [European] office. The CIO will be next week in the US and if he finds me interesting (at least he will look at my resume) he would like to meet with me via Zoom first and in-person for a second meeting.”

5. Lori shares the progress of clients M. and O.
-M. interviewed at a business management consultancy for a CFO/COO role. The second interview was on-site. M. applied via LinkedIn.
– O. has an interview with a water company for the position of Director of IT. This interview is with the General Manager and is the second interview in a possible three-interview process.
6. Anne’s client U. interviewed at a technology company for a senior management position. Paula Nordhoff’s client K. spoke to the president of a non-profit about a Director of Operations role.

7. Isabelita Castilho’s client I. is having a second interview at a manufacturing company after applying concepts of social capital reaching out. His social capital saw a job post and had a friend (recruiter) who had posted the job. He got the introduction and the recruiter has presented him forward to the company.

8. Barbara’s clients G. and D. are staying active.
-G. is interviewing with HR at an electronics company. She is also being considered for a second role at this company. G. shared, “The interview went well so next I interview with the hiring manager and then 2 others in the team. Thanks so much for everything.” G. also had an interview with a software company and is being referred to the next round with a hiring manager.
-D. is pursuing a Director of Event Marketing role with a software company. The recruiter reached out for a second interview with the VP of Developer Relations.

9. Lori shares updates from E. and W.
-E. is interviewing with an energy company for a COO role and has a few colleagues connected to this company who have firsthand experience in North America-specific business lines. E. reports, “My interview went great with the CEO, and he welcomed me to the team. I am very excited about their plans and their professional approach so far. However, I have not received the offer nor the package yet, but I was told I will be given the market rate that I gave them as a range and bonus, etc. which will be higher than the current package they are paying to the incumbent.”
-W. is advancing at a media company for a COO role.


1. Anne shares interview news for R., P., and F.
-R. is interviewing for an Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs at a university. R. received lots of help from the writing team on resumes and cover letters to craft a compelling career summary, which has led to an interview!
-P. has an opportunity with a media company for an Impact Manager role and at an e-commerce service for a Customer Growth Specialist job.
-F. is pursuing a Director of Marketing position with an online retailer. The opportunity may exist to be or evolve to CMO. The pay is much higher and he fits the role qualifications.

2. Dan Resendes’s client M. is interviewing with a mortgage company for an HR and Operations Manager position, while Jerry Fronczak’s client C. is pursuing a Sales Director role with an agricultural machinery company.

3. Larry DiBoni’s client S. is interviewing with a technology company for a COO role. Rebeca Gelencser’s client N. has an interview with a manufacturing company for a CMO position.

4. Paula’s client K. has an interview for a director position with an educational institute and another non-profit.

5. Lori’s client B. interviewed with a power generation company earlier this year and was offered the position for GM of a new division of the business ($2M/year business). He declined it reluctantly because it was too small. This business is the GM of the parent division (and is more like $70-$80M/year business), so much more in line with the size that matches his talents, so he is now pursuing it.

6. K. is working with Isabelita in pursuit of a Deputy Financial Manager position with an agricultural company, while E. is working with Joan Sebring for a Sr. Director role with a mining company. Barbara’s client Z. is interviewing for a position on the Revenue Operations Team for an information technology company.

7. Julie reports in on clients D. and H.

-D. is pursuing a role with a technology solutions provider. He shares this: “Julie, the unbelievable is happening! [A representative from the company] just called me back and said, ‘Can you go ahead and interview with the person I would be replacing because they want to make an offer this week?’ I said I would be happy to. She is sending me the invite right now and she went ahead and asked me the questions she was going to ask me tomorrow on the phone call just now. She asked me twice, ‘what salary range was I looking for?’ and I just would not answer that question. I told her I had a doctorate and over 15 years of experience so the salary would be commensurate with those elements.

“Finally, I told her I would be happy to negotiate a salary and benefits. She also said the job is remote for the moment. More later…”

-H. is interviewing for a Gallery Associate role for a contemporary art gallery and also for a Court Technology Educator role with a government agency.


1. Barbara shares, “Thought this would make you smile (I sure did!), from new client X.”
“Hi – I started the calls and reference template. Although it was a little uncomfortable, it was really good to ‘talk’ to the guys. The upshot is 3 possibilities, one 6-month contract, two other possible consultancy roles coming up. But I will take them with a pinch of salt for now.”

2. Barbara continues with some appreciation for Vivek:
“I wanted to give kudos to Vivek for taking on the Interview Prep Service Request meetings for my client F. He was called on a Friday for an interview on a Monday and requested an interview prep meeting during specific times on Monday prior to his interview (because he has a full-time job). Vivek stepped in to help him prepare at 7 am his time, including doing a mock interview, which F. found extremely helpful. F. obviously did well in that first round, because he got invited to the next round with the VP (hiring manager). Because I will be out of town, I again won’t be able to meet with him. Vivek to the rescue again — he’ll be doing another prep session with F.

We are very fortunate to work with such an amazing team here at TBG; I am grateful to Vivek for stepping in and taking care of my client.

Thank you, Vivek!”

3. Isabelita received this note from new client A.:
“Dear Isabelita, Thanks a lot to you and to the entire team for their excellent work! I have worked on the CV and have addressed all questions and suggestions… Thanks again. Looking forward to our next talk! Best, A.”

4. Dan had this to share with Anicia Hogan: “Your work is outstanding and thank you for the support.”

Resume Team News

The resume team stats from Ramsey Penegar, CPRW, Personal Brand Manger & Resume Writing Team Manager/Executive Resume Writer & Strategist

-495 tasks completed in the last 6 months
-116 writing tasks completed in the past month
-37 tasks completed in the past week and another 20 in the queue for this week!
-Marissa Lessman is our “heavyweight” for the week with 8 tasks under her belt in the last 7 days!
-Aerielle Ludwig is our first entry into the TBG Cover Letter Hall of Fame! In fact, since its inception, 3 of Aerielle’s client cover letters have been selected for this honor!! WAY TO GO Aerielle!
-Aerielle has also joined Jo Ann Moser & Ralph J. Libsohn in a place of honor in the Resume Writing Queue on the Compelling Resume/CV Summaries overview!

Kudos from the Consultants:

Pattie Vargas gave Jo Ann Moser a shout-out in last week’s consulting meeting for her excellent work on the resume and cover letter for one of Pattie’s recent clients.

Isabelita, Larry, and Jayson Searle are always full of compliments and encouragement to the writing team. We really appreciate your positive feedback and words of affirmation!

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