Frontline Report for 11-03-21

Short Stack Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 11
1st Interviews: 24

The Hiring Line:

1. D. stopped in to tell his consultant, Julie Mathern, the exciting news: “I am working at [a mortgage lender] as a loan officer. The good thing about the job and the business is this is not geographically limited. Basically, I can originate loans from anywhere for the states where I am licensed.”

2. Barbara Limmer provides updates on two clients, J. and E.:
-J. received two offers within the same week that were comparable in terms of cash compensation. He worked through the negotiation with Dan Resendes when Barbara was out of town. In the end, J. made the decision to accept the position with the home inspector company.
-And E. has landed at full-service business development consulting agency.

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client P. has accepted the offer from a multinational conglomerate company!

Offers Received:

1. Lori Chevalier’s clients S., M., and I. share their received offers from the week:
-S. never quits, and it’s paid off! A home improvement company has given him an offer! $170k + 10% bonus + 50% equity + $15,000 sign-on bonus + 3 weeks’ vacation + Employee Stock Purchase Plan at 15% discount. He is beginning negotiations but also has a few more interviews advancing in the meantime.
-While M. has contacts that introduced him to a uniform rental company. The initial compensation range was $270-300k and M. received the top of the range! He had 7+ interviews to get to this point and is extremely excited about this role.
-And also I. is looking to switch from his family-owned business in construction into another industry. He has been in contact with a recruiter at an insurance company and they are developing a new role and I. is the #1 candidate.

Interviews Advance:

1. Barbara also tells us that K. is moving forward with a car maintenance dealership. The opportunity is for a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Manager role. Through a 3rd party recruiter, he had a phone interview with the hiring manager (Dir. of Corp Finance), and he had the onsite meeting with him, the CFO, and other team members.

2. Lori’s clients B. and R. have updates on their interview journeys:
-B. is continuing interviews for a director position with a national company.
-And R. is interviewing for a vice president role with three different companies, including a software company and a beer distributor.

3. A partner at a shipping company reached out to L. concerning a VP, Chief Innovation Officer at an insurance company. Waffles Natusch and Anne Lipsitz are working to help her prepare.

4. Julie Mathern’s clients D. and C. are busy with interviews:
-First, D. is interviewing at an online sales platform for a lead of data science position and at a technology solution company for a director position. D.’s research paid off: “I had sent my resume several weeks back and had not heard anything and I also called the HR Director and heard nothing back. Therefore, I found a blog that the CEO wrote on his business philosophy, and I responded to it, and my ability to fulfill the position second. He responded this morning!”
-Second, C. has a 2nd interview with a technology research and consulting company for a federal account executive position.

5. Larry DiBoni’s client W. filled him in on his interview: “Hi Larry, Thanks for checking, the interview went well. They are interested in moving forward to additional rounds in the coming 2 weeks.”

6. Vivek Agarwal’s client O. is interviewing for a senior director of mining sales with a manufacturing company.


1. Lori has many clients with interviews this week:
-Z. received an interview request with a global campaign.
-And N. has interviews with a mental wellness clinic and a child education academy.
-Also L. is interviewing for vice president of strategy at a consulting firm.

2. Isabelita’s clients A. and V. landed interviews this week:
-Dan was pulled in to help A. with her interview at a tech company.
-Meanwhile V. was referred by a social capital connection to interview with an insurance company that is in the middle of a merger. He is interviewing for a CFO position.

3. Ann’s client T. is meeting with HR next week for an account manager position with a payment solutions company.

4. Paula Nordhoff has two clients with interviews this week:
-G. has an interview with a technology media company.
-While also Y. has an interview for Director, Mfg. Sales and Solutions with a healthcare company.

5. Z. updates Julie on his recent interview, “Hi Julie. I just got off a 1-hour call with the CEO of [a sand and gravel hauling company]. It was a very good call. He is very methodical and asked me many questions of which I answered all of them full-heartedly.”

6. Barbara shares updates on many of her clients’ interviews:

-J. has interviews with a professional services firm and a geopolitical business.
-W. was still in Clarity with Mike Stromberg when Barbara was pulled in for interviewing coaching, now Rob Wicker is taking over to help him through the next steps in the hiring process for a claims attorney position with an insurance company. Now, that’s teamwork, folks!
-While S. has been actively interviewing for an “interim” job and then will ultimately want a longer-term role (why he hired TBG to help him). He has an offer from a global commerce company for Asst. Store Manager, an interview with a home remodeling company for a GM role, and other interviews in the pipeline.
-T. is interviewing with a business development service for an executive director role.
-Finally L. is interviewing with an IT service management business for a director role and at an electronics company for an IT management role.

7. Larry’s client P. is interviewing for a strategic growth manager position with a real estate business.

8. Dan’s client L. has her first interview with a clothing company for a vice president of supply chain position.

9. Jerry Fronczak’s client B. is interviewing for a general manager position with a truck dealer.


1. “Paula and Vivek Agarwal, I wanted to let you know I accepted an offer that came one month shy of three years to the very day the recruiter contacted me and Paula encouraged me to go on the interview. I know you all track the metrics so for purposes of my journey, I was offered a senior level position with a base salary of $130,750.00, a bonus potential of 67.5% of my base salary (people usually get about 40%) and a potential stock bonus of $30,000 to $50,000 based on performance. This offer is unheard of as I am considered an entry-level employee, but my persistence combined with my positive attitude when I was told ‘no’ more than a dozen times paid off for me.

Vivek, your counsel to continue to network and remain persistent provided me the encouragement I needed to keep perusing positions. More important, the hours I spent with you counseling me to determine my long-term goals, my internal, personal motivators and the motivators I would share in my interviews were notes I reviewed time and time again to remind me who I am and to hold strong on to that core person.

Paula, your patience with my start-and-stop relationship with job searching provided me with the safety net I desperately needed to have hope. Your kind encouragement and willingness to never give up on me saved my sanity on several occasions.

You are both instrumental in radically changing my life and allowing me to grow into a woman that my children can see as a fighter and survivor. I am eternally grateful for each one of you.

Thank you very much for all you did to help me start this journey and to keep me moving forward.

Sincerely, R.”

2. Paula’s client, C. was very complimentary about Christina Taylor and the research she produced for one of his interviews. Loved the format and the professional look and content.

3. “Our outstanding team is an integral element in creating the magic for our clients’ success. We celebrate this milestone for our team member, Ramsey Penegar who was highlighted in Mike Markel and Stuart A. Selber’s book, Practical Strategies for Technical Communication! Congratulations, Ramsey! Best regards, Keiva Ditchfield and Marion Engelke”

Resume Team News

The team has completed 20 projects in the last week, with 23 more in queue for completion this week!
-Marissa Lessman is becoming the Career Docs Guru, applying creativity & style to create recruiter intros with pizzazz and ensure the best drafts for our clients!
-Collin Wolfer continues to grow in his Resume Tweak expertise!
-Jo Ann Moser & Ralph Libsohn continue to excel in developing compelling & goal-focused Resume/CV headlines & summaries!
-Anicia Hogan & Aerielle Ludwig keep growing in their writing talents to deliver top notch resumes, CVs, cover letters, and other documents to our clients.
-Shout out to Jessica Brousseau & Christina Taylor on the admin/research team for all their hard work & dedication to accurate, timely delivery of resume formats & supporting everyone on the TBG team!

We are proud of the hard work that our clients are doing. They are taking the necessary steps in their career journey. And we are glad to be a part of it. Take your first step and contact the Barrett Group today.

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