Frontline Report for 11-01-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 2
Interviews Advanced: 9
1st Interviews: 12
Interviews with Recruiter: 2


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Debbie Brupbacher and her Client A.!

A. landed as President of Board at a Retail & Consumer Durables company within two months of working with us and through the Unpublished Market 1. 

Congratulations to Larry DiBoni and his Client E.!

E. opened his Airlines & Aerospace company and is currently a Portfolio Delivery Consultant.



Isabelita Casthilho received feedback from three clients:

Cient D. Thank you Isabelita, it was a pleasure to talk with you and receive these precious suggestions.”

Cient C. after a C-Suite interview discussion – “Thanks for the good session today!”

Cient T. “Hi Isabelita, I signed yesterday with [new company] as their new Chief Growth Officer. Was able to negotiate the package from 116K AED per month to 163K AED. Thank you for all your support and guidance.”

Lori Chevalier received this LinkedIn invite from our Client C.: “Hi Lori, I’m a customer of The Barrett Group and loving it. They have such a great group of talented people working for them. I want everyone to be my coach. I’d like to connect.”

Ramesh Shimakuraran was mentioned in this 5-star Google Business review from Client S.:

“It was an excellent experience working with Ramesh and the Barrett Group ( TBG) during my executive program. It was comprehensive, and I learned a lot about the unpublished market and how to approach the published and unpublished executive opportunities strategically. I was impressed with the power of TBG’s various tools, research, and resources to leverage the network and infiltrate the hiring process. I enjoyed the interactive coaching sessions with Ramesh and appreciated the knowledge on personal branding, market access, interview prep, offer discussions, and network activation aligned with my industry, job function, and value proposition. Now, I am taking the required actions to trigger the necessary outcome and achieve the desired objectives. I look forward to continued collaboration with TBG on the way forward.”


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