Frontline Report for the week of 08-25-21

The Hiring Line:

1. Lori Chevalier opens with the big news from multiple clients.
-V. accepted the offer from the non-profit organization! Of course, Lori’s thrilled: “She’s a great client – LOVED working with her! She rocked our program!”

-Meanwhile R. started a new role as the VP & CTO in the aerospace industry, which is where he wanted to be. Yay, R! He sent this note: “Thanks for all your training sessions and help. Kindest Regards, R.”

-S. landed a position as a Director of Operations at the payment processing company and begins her new position next week!

-M. landed a new position as a Program Director at a university – he started this week! Unfortunately M. was in a toxic work situation at his former employer. “He is a Ph.D. and very intelligent,” Lori explains. “Being in a University setting is so perfect for him; he indicated he has his sights on a Dean position in the future as a goal which would be wonderful for him, given his intellect and academia background.”

2. Barbara Limmer shares that A. has accepted the offer from an accounting firm after her current employer planned to drop her pay by $40K or require her to move. This offer is a level up from her current role as Associate. In her second year, she’ll receive a $10k salary increase, and after that she’ll be well positioned for a move into management, with a nice bump in pay at that time. New benefits are also better, as they offer both a pension and 401(k) match.”

3. D. provides an update to Waffles Natusch:

“Just to let you know, I took a position with [a projects contractor at a laboratory]. They do not really negotiate, but I got a decent salary, $145K with very good benefits. Here is how I got the position: The [laboratory] corporate recruiter contacted me in LinkedIn messaging about a different position at first (Project Controls) and I followed up with her with regards to any PM positions. Subsequently, she forwarded my resume and cover letter to the hiring manager. Nine people interviewed me [virtually] and the feedback was they liked me.

“I got notified 3 weeks later by the corporate recruiter that they wanted to offer me a position and 6 weeks after the interview, having completed all the reference and background checks, I was given a verbal offer followed by a written. It was one of the rare times where a position is obtained by corporate recruiters. The position is… executing infrastructure projects.” Congratulations!

4. George Schulz has exciting news from several of his clients.

-To begin, J. was earning $320k before and was disappointed by the offer from the biotech company. George explained that the new company is in fact a startup and probably can’t pay more. The reason people go this route is the hope of getting equity and have the company be bought out or go public and that she shouldn’t be disappointed.

-Furthermore G. landed at a health care company as a manager last year and has since been promoted to a director role.

-Accordingly, N. has accepted the offer from the shopping service! The founders of the company worked at LinkedIn and Google and three of the investors are top VCs. He received very generous equity option offers at a discounted price to the company’s most recent valuation. He is very happy with the offer, as he has the opportunity to be among the pioneers and builders of a very well-financed and managed startup.”

-A few months ago, D. started talking to a former colleague at a past position. The colleague’s intent is to buy, rehab, and either flip or manage hotels. She needed to register with the SEC before she could talk to D. about a position. That has now happened (!!) and she offered D. the position, which he accepted. D. noted: “I have invested in [her] company, and she has hired me on to run operations and help her identify and renovate hotel properties. We have a long way to go but we should go public [soon]. I will stay in touch and let you know it goes!”

5. Paula Nordhoff has updates from S. and K.

-“Delighted to have recently started a new journey with [a global brand], as Global Head of Media, for [one of their divisions]. With a mission to grow a world of wellbeing through the regenerative power of plants, we team up to brew an even brighter future for iconic brands. I’m up for the challenge, yet again, to design a world class fit for purpose future forward media organization that adds value to brand and business. Yes, I say, that’s my cup of tea!” -S.

-K. accepted the offer from the technology consulting company! Paula notes, “GREAT CLIENT! She also got a small relocation bonus. Senior Manager role, base $160K, profit sharing of $16K. Like most companies nowadays, unlimited Paid Time Off.”

6. Jerry Fronczak is excited to share about clients M. and A.
-M. snagged the Communications Director role at the computer software company.

-Meanwhile A.’s wife expressed that she didn’t want to leave their current state, so relocation opportunities were limited. He inked the deal with a financing company to run their operations as a project manager in his current state. Starting pay is $102K!


1. Vivek Agarwal presented news from clients P and N.

-“P. has received a verbal offer from a computer company for a new role: strategist/business technologist – negotiating the salary – written offer is expected next week.”
– Also “N. has started at an electronics company as Manufacturing Engineering Manager. He may still be on the lookout for a position at a larger corporation.”

2. T. has an update for Isabelita Castilho: “I had a call with [a healthcare tech company] this morning and they recognize that it takes a bit longer than anticipated. This is due to bureaucracy, holidays, and the seniority of the position (meaning lots of people have to sign off on this). There were no issues and the recruiter is convinced it will happen but it looks like I will have to say “no” to [the energy company] before I have the formal offer from [the healthcare tech company]. Not my preferred way (something about a bird in the hand vs in the bush) but it is what it is.

So, at the moment, I don’t have all the details of the offer yet. The recruiter did outline the high-level components which I have put in the attached spreadsheet (in fairness … it looks like a really good offer).”

3. M. shared news with Paula and Waffles: “I have been offered a 3-month role with [a law firm] to support their capital markets teams [globally]; the work is intended for a junior to mid-level lawyer (which they are looking to hire in each office). The hiring partner is someone whom I had worked with [previously], and he said that he would be willing to pay ‘whatever’ I would be asking to support their teams. The role will have long hours. Alternatively, it gets my foot in the door with a prestigious firm, restarts my career, and would be excellent money (and fully remote).”

4. C. is headed for his second landing with the help of The Barrett Group. Dan Resendes tells us that C. received the offer letter from the company, and it goes something like this: “We at [the business administration service] are pleased to offer you the role of Director. This role is a full-time, exempt position with direct report to [our] Chief Operating Officer (COO). Our offer entails a starting salary of $75,000 per year, plus a 20% annual bonus potential paid out quarterly – 5% a quarter, resulting in a targeted annual compensation of $90,000.”

5. Julie Mathern worked with the client concierge team to help client H:

“Hello Julie – I am currently still at [the wellness company], about 4-months into the role and not satisfied with a few things I would like to change with this new position – mainly work schedule, compensation, and title. I received an offer today for a VP position at [a health company] working remotely and was hoping you could help me with the negotiation for this role? Comp topping out at $180K.” – H.

Interviews Advance:

1. Vivek had an update from N. (mentioned in offers).: “N. is, as stated, still pursuing [the larger corporation], and they’re pursuing him! The position is Distribution Manager/Lead. He’s on the 3rd round of interviews.”

2. Waffles shares that B. is in the third round of interviews at the IT service management company! While Jerry tells us S. interviewed at the lighting company for Director of IT, the last of 7 interviews.

3. C. is working with Isabelita Castilho and thanks to Christina Taylor for the quick and thorough research to prepare her for the next round at the invention company. “Isabelita Castilho, I had a good interview [last week] and shall get feedback by mid-next week. All going to plan, I’ll be invited for a face-to-face panel interview. I’ll keep you posted. Thank You!”

4. R. presented news for Isabelita as well: “Hi Isabelita Castilho, I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on my presentation with [the conservation organization]. The presentation went very well. They are going to take some time to evaluate my presentation and send it to some of the members who were not able to be present on the zoom call. Overall, the feeling was positive. Actually, one of the directors slipped and said my candidacy was of the strongest of the lot! So, fingers crossed! Have a great weekend and Thank you!” -R.

5. Paula shares, “M., both in terms of 1st interviews and advancing interviews had a total of 9 over about an 8-day period!”

6. Lori Chevalier’s clients have schedules packed with interviews.

-“Interviews advance for H., she has a 2nd interview with the manufacturing company with the Director and VP! Also, a 1st interview at the pharmacy company for Director of Category Strategy on the same day!”

-Next “W. is advancing to the 2nd interview with [the automobile company]. He is also interviewing with [the phone company] for a Senior Director of Retail.”

-Accordingly “S. is progressing in the interview process with the consulting company for the VP of Engineering Role. He is scheduled for Interview 4! Go, S.!”

-Meanwhile “Z. is advancing in the interview process with the non-profit consulting company. After completing her timed Case Study, she has been contacted for a third interview! Go, Z.!”

7. Dan Resendes drops in with news from P.: “Hi Dan, quick update. The call with the CTO went well. [The Chief of Staff] contacted me today and will start setting up the next step, which is a call via Teams with the CEO. Maybe we can get together for a few minutes to go over a few items as we did for the past call. Cheers,” – P.

8. Barbara Limmer relays, “After W. discussed an opportunity at the equipment supplier with a 3rd party recruiter who reached out to him, he then had a discussion with the potential hiring manager (and W. was only ‘lukewarm’ about this role at the time). W. then learned that an old boss of his is now this company’s COO, so the two of them talked today. The COO wants to bring W. in at the VP level (a good promotion from his last role). It sounds like an offer could be on its way!”


1. Paula was pleased to hear that G. interviewed at a chemical manufacturing company. Dan relayed that C. reached out to his friend at the travel company regarding the Client Relations Associate opening and she arranged an interview for him with the CEO.

2. Lori shares updates from T., M., and C.

-First, T. continues to interview! He had an interview for a CFO position with a global company.

-Second, M. interviewed at the IT company for Associate Partner.

-Third, C. has two interviews next week: Analytics Director role at a media company – this is a new position being developed – she has already had an exploratory call, “crushed” the assessment, and has been asked to present a Case Study! By reaching out to a 1st degree (Waffles) for an introduction to a 2nd degree (former consultant at TBG!), she landed another interview at a pharmacy company for a Director of Category Strategy Role! 🙂 Yay, C.!

3. Barbara presents the latest from her client J.: “I just received the following message on LI from a role I posted for approximately one month ago — ‘Hi J., I reviewed your application for our Chief Operating Officer job here at [our real estate company] and am impressed with your background. I’d like to schedule a call with you to discuss your experience. Can you share a few dates and times that would work for a 30 to 45-minute call? Thanks.’”

4. L. received interview coaching from the Client Concierge. L. was ushered into the process by her friend, who is well-positioned at the company. She appreciated the guide specifically designed for interviews with this company from our bulging Barrett Group library, which started over 30 years ago with four books on a shelf, with a waiting list. The projected role was described as “Chief of Staff.”


“Dan, Thank you for your insights. It is a huge help to my interview preparation!” -P.

“Kudos to Jack, Aerielle, Jo Ann, Ralph, Lori, Anicia, and Collin for attending our very first Resume Team Meeting and completing the training for a new writing service (coming soon)! Marissa was traveling but still completed the training the next day! This is a team dedicated to learning, growing, & improving their skills and services!” -Ramsey Penegar

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