Frontline Report for the week of 08-11-21

The Hiring Line:

1. Rebeca Gelencser from The Barrett Group- Europe is delighted to share this news from her client H.:
“Yesterday I had a last-minute call with the CFO of [a technology company]. The interview was last-minute, but it went very well.

It also proved to go well, as today I already received a proposal offer. They will offer me a salary of €145,000 annually, RSU’s, and a sign on bonus of €15K! I am very pleased with it and have let them know that I am looking forward to an official offer/contract on paper.”

Really excited for him!

2. Julie Mathern presents an update from her client S.: “S. was highly recommended to [a software company] by a partner of theirs, whom they respect and value. There was some preliminary salary discussion with HR, and she expressed that it seemed low based on the position responsibilities and market for similar roles. She ended up at least $20K over their initial thinking!”

3. B. reached out to consultant Anne Lipsitz: “I signed with [the media company] last Thursday, and I told [the personal care company] last Friday I was not accepting. [The packaging supply company has] called me back for an interview with the CEO and CFO next week and I spoke with [another] CEO today and he wants to up my consulting fee and make me an offer in September. So, I need to talk to you about my options…”

4. A. told Isabelita Castilho it’s official! “I have spoken to [the IT service management company] and they have no issues with anything I have requested in terms of Pension and Bonus. Will let you know but this is around 25% more than my previous salary so I don’t see any issues.”


1. Lori Chevalier shared her weekly update from V.: “They received an invitation for an interview with [the non-profit organization] for an Executive Director position today. We are still waiting for the written offer from [another corporation] which is due in today! They did verbally offer to bump up the salary from, $118 to $150k with a $50k bonus …Stay tuned…”

2. Paula Nordhoff has news from client K.: “K. is expecting an offer from [a technology consulting firm] in the next week or so, a leadership role to help them build a change management and advisory portfolio. She is also actively interviewing with [a professional services company] for a role in their Human Capital practice. She has had two interviews with them so far!”

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client M. has received his offer from a software company and we’re looking forward to more details.

4. Paula’s client R. is making plans to purchase and repurpose an estate on the French riviera as a Bed & Breakfast. J., Julie’s client, is partnering with an ex-colleague to set up a small business doing technical resourcing in the insurance industry.

Interviews Progress:

1. C. caught Anne up: “Hi Anne, things are going well. Presenting my deck analysis to the [company] Board at 10 AM in the morning. I fly out to [the Midwest] for a face-to-face interview for another opportunity with [the restaurant chain] on Monday. I am charging forward!”

2. G. had this to share with Anne: “I have my third interview (this one with the CEO) at [the software company] for the CTO role tomorrow morning. So, that’s moving! I am still moving forward with [the other software company] too, but finding new ways to delay things as much as I can…trying to keep as many doors open as possible.”

3. P. has more news for Anne: “I had my first go round with [the edtech company] for the Education Sales opening and I’m going to the next round!”

4. Here is S.’s update, as told to Lori:
“I have an HR discussion with [the consulting company] tomorrow, followed by the technical interview for [the same company] on Monday. Another company has also reached out to me today regarding their [Senior VP-level] position, and the HR is going to call me tomorrow.”

5. Paula’s clients T. and Q. are progressing. T. had an interview at [a specialty chemicals company] for [a VP opening]. A 3rd party recruiter started the ball rolling and got them in with the CFO, SVP HR and President. Q. passed the HR screen and will be interviewing with the European leadership team soon – CFO, GC and Head of HR – for a global role with an auto electronics company.

6. W. ran his 19-page application by the Client Concierge for review before submitting to the US Government for a Store Operations Job. He is now scheduled for his first 2- hour Teams meeting! All this before his orientation with Lori! He’s been busy with others as well: A kidney care center – Regional Operations Director, A fabrics company – VP Client Experience, A recreational products company – Director, Regional Business Leader, and an electric car company – Director role.

7. M. reached out with this update: “Hi there – another quick update. I interviewed with the hiring manager yesterday for the position at [the data solutions company for a principal consultant position] and am moving ahead in the process. The company is very interesting to me along with the scope: standing up their customer capability practice. :)”

8. Clients C. and P. had news for Lori. C. received a call from a financial services company this afternoon for a second interview for the Director, Talent Management role! P. had his phone interview for the Director of Contact Center Operations today for the national company. His note to Lori: “That went very well. I asked ‘the most important question’ and was told they are bringing me in for an in-person interview next week!” ‘

9. Paula shares news from her client A. who is interviewing with a health system for a Senior Real Estate role. He met with several C-Suite executives this week. As of now, two additional interviews are scheduled for next week!

10. Dan Resendes is working with D., who is now on the second round of interviews with a university. Best of luck, D.!


1. “Hi, Waffles Natusch. Sorry it’s taken all day to get back to you. Short version: My meeting this morning was INCENDIARY – we vibed from the outset, discussion flowed easily, and we have shared passions and interests. [The sports-related company] is going to expand in 4th Quarter and [they want] to stay in close contact with me along the way. I think this is where I’m going to land and it’s like coming home. I’ll send you a more detailed email tomorrow, but in the meantime – thanks for the sage guidance, it was gold! Have a great night!” -J.

2. Paula tells us R. interviewed with a seafood company for a CFO position. He was interviewed by the Advisor to the CEO. The company is located where R. and his family just moved.

3. Rebeca’s client B. interviewed at a fashion company for a VP Customer Care role.

4. Julie’s client O. interviewed at an online retailer for Principal Business Development for Fleet Management. O. leveraged social capital and was talking to his nephew about his job search campaign, and the nephew said he should look at the online retailer – his best friend works there. He said to give his friend a call – and he was incredibly helpful. O. mentioned that he’s looking for Fleet Jobs….and had applied to a couple and got the “flush response”. The friend called the hiring manager – turns out he filled the job, but said he liked O.’s background…and he had a new position opening and could change the job to be more suited to O. After discussing a few positions with the internal recruiter, he’s now interviewing with the hiring manager for the role! Next round of interviews scheduled for later this month.

5. P. wrote: “Hi Anne, thank you for the guidance and feedback today regarding the questionnaire I am completing for President position at [the tool company]. I have attached the questionnaire for your reference. I hope you have a relaxing, fun holiday with your family next week.”
-P. is also interviewing at an automotive supply company for a President role.
-P. also interviewing for a VP role in the manufacturing space. He has a meeting with four principals today to see how his skill set can help the company. Will be looking at $400/hr if consultant, also discussed Exec in Residence!

6. Anne also shared updates from N., L., and C.
-N. interviewed at a renewable energy company for a Head of Finance role.
-L. interviewed for two hours at a web services company for a Global Corporate Communications role.
-C. has been looking at some different roles: Managing Director of a startup management consulting group. “I am not thinking this is THE role, but it will be good to start warming up. The firm needs me more than I need them.” The next one is CFO role for a firm that has a unique solution to waste to energy, which includes an additional technological offering that is increasing recycling rates across their current Fortune 100 client base.
7. George Schulz’s client A. scored an interview with a food delivery company for a Director position.

8. Several other clients are staying active with interviews:
-Isabelita’s client R. is interviewing at an investment company for a VP, Strategy and Project Management opening. He used Isabelita’s strategy to reach out directly to the LinkedIn recruiter who posted the opportunity!
-Paula’s client M. interviewed for Ops Leader at a trade association.
-L. informed Paula he passed two rounds of recruiter interviews and is now scheduled to meet with one of the three top managing family members at a craft supply company. This will be for a CFO position. L. also is in consideration for a CFO spot at a financial advisement company, where he met with one of the Founding Partners.
-Rebeca’s client A. interviewed at a pharmaceutical company for a CCO opportunity, and her client K. visited a chemical company for Group CFO.


1. W. had this to share with Lori: “Good morning, Lori. You are my maharishi!”
(Definition of Maharishi: A teacher of spiritual and mystical knowledge; religious sage: often used as an honorary title.)

2. “Working with The Barrett Group team was a great experience. I’ve conducted job searches and worked with recruiters my entire career, and felt as though I was pretty proficient in obtaining new opportunities. However, at this point in my career, I was looking to reach a higher level than I had been able to reach before in both title and compensation. I attempted to use the same methods that I did in the past, yet, was unsuccessful in getting the opportunities that I qualified for but desired. I was hesitant to utilize The Barrett Group but decided that it was a needed investment in my career. Once I started the process I learned a plethora about myself, and what was needed to have the executive presence needed to obtain the position that I was looking for. The team showed me methods that I had not used in the past and walked me through the process. If I felt uncomfortable they talked me through it and made sure that I was ready to succeed. With the team’s help, I was able to receive multiple offers within 6 months, including the end of the year holidays. I accepted one of the offers, and I am not sure if I would be here if not for their help. I am grateful for everything that they helped me with and look forward to progressing in my new opportunity.” -Dennis Green

3. Isabelita received these kind words from X.: “I really want to thank you for all the strategies you taught me last week on how to use LinkedIn to connect and network with people. I have 3 calls already scheduled with some headhunters and also other senior managers in companies of my interest, all in one week of applying what I learnt from our last session. If I ever knew that before.. during my whole life I never saw something like that.”

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