Frontline Report for the week of 08-04-21

The Hiring Line:

1. Julie Mathern’s client J. shared an update:

“I know it’s been a while since we spoke. Life has been hectic. A funny thing happened on my way to finding a job… I ended up building my own business!

My time last year with my Clarity Coach, Ken Malouf, was some of the best spent in my career. My brain kept telling me I needed a job at a company with benefits. However, through his coaching, he helped me realize my dream of owning my own business. It’s been a lot of hard work. However, this year has been phenomenal! We have three customers so far: two startups, which we are eager to help grow, and one large Fortune 50 company. We are in negotiations with another startup and another Fortune Seven company. [My company is] now starting to hire contractors/employees to keep up with the work. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I appreciate you keeping me sane and guiding me through the process.

Last year we only made $40. This year we are set to pull in ½ a million. Next year, the sky’s the limit.” -J.

2. Lori Chevalier tells us the latest on V.: She received a verbal offer today for the director role at a non-profit and verbally negotiated a higher salary by providing the coaching tips!
V. told Lori, “I was offered the position at [non-profit]. There were three finalists and he said what set me apart was my commitment to mission and the fact that I sent a business plan.”

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client D. has accepted the offer from a commercial mortgage lender; it’s official!

Offers and Negotiations:

1. Dan Resendes and Julie Mathern worked together as Julie’s client F. was in the heat of battle negotiating his offer from [consulting partner] for the position of project and program manager. Dan gave him the strategy, with the end result of F. jumping from $260K to $310K in total compensation.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client C. shared: “Hi Isabelita, [the airline company] has reverted this morning. 3 more months on the bonus. That is €181,000 more! Thanks.”

3. Jerry’s client, B., who has been interviewing every week for months, has received an offer from an insurance company! Jerry: “I’m waiting to get more details, as all his email stated to me was that he had an offer.”

4. Anne Lipsitz’ client E. wrote three updates on her journey.:
“Hi Anne-
[The furniture store] interview went well yesterday, and this morning received notification that they are extending an offer to me! So we need to catch up to go over the Offer Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet. Also, how I counter on the consulting role to see what they may offer now I am doing such a good job for them!!!”

UPDATE 1: “Just got my offer. They want me as COO not VP!”
UPDATE 2: The offer: “It is with great excitement that [furniture store] extends an offer for employment as our Chief Operating Officer! We want you to help drive the change with us. Your base salary will be $200,000 per year. This role is eligible for an annual performance bonus, with an additional earnings potential of $65,000.”

5. Waffles Natusch shared an update on client L.: He has received a nice offer to work remote for [marketing consulting company].

Interviews Advance:

1. Anne shared the latest from H.:
“Hello, Anne, I’m still very busy handling job interviews. I’m in dialogue with three potential employers right now, two I already told you about, and one electrics manufacturer whose CEO invited me to a Teams video interview that took place yesterday. They are looking for someone experienced to perform new business development and propose/check out new GTM (“Go-To-Market”) ways. The interview went quite well and at the end, the CEO invited me to a face-to-face meeting in their facilities [this fall].

As for the other 2: one (the “secret” one) has been on hold because of illness of the hiring manager, but now he’s back in office and the recruitment agent assured me things are going to be moving again (more interviews). The other one (the electric motor maintenance company) has requested me to prepare answers to a questionnaire by August when their CEO comes back from vacation.
Best regards” -H.

2. Dan’s client M. has a 2nd interview with [a motorcycle manufacturing company].

3. Paula Nordhoff shared good news regarding client N.: “We discussed that she has had five interviews so far at a children’s hospital for a supply chain role. In the next two weeks, she is supposed to be scheduled with the CFO. Stay tuned.”

4. Lori updated us on clients C., D., and V.:

-“I just spoke with C.- a recruiter reached out to him last week for a role, they liked him, and he had an interview with the Head of HR last Tuesday at [electronics company] for a director role! The Head of HR is referring him to the next step to speak with the Global CIO. Stay tuned!” C. now has two more interviews on the books: Interview with a tech company for a CXO position. Interview with a fiber internet company for a vice president or senior director role.

-D. is advancing to the next stage with a market research company and has another interview scheduled for tomorrow with the VP for the Director of Advanced Product Management. They also indicated there is one more interview to be scheduled for next week as well!

-V. advances! She was contacted for a fourth interview today for the director role. She also has another interview tomorrow with the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium! Yay!


1. George Schulz shared breaking news from Y.:
“My interview for the director spot went well! The company is a [software management] company that’s looking to go after larger manufacturing companies and wants to up its talent in both hunter and farmer reps.”

2. Lori catches us up on multiple clients:

-“Z. had an interview yesterday at [foundation and non-profit consulting firm] for a consultant position.”

-“I just met with E. for orientation, and she indicated she had an interview today for a director [role] at [financial service company] and will be contacted for a second interview in the next coming days! Stay tuned!”

-“J. is a rock star! She really saw the value in networking and after securing an offer at [an international investment company], really enjoyed the networking part of our campaign, and kept it going strong! After accepting the role at [the international investment company] and ending her [previous role], she is still actively in conversations and networking before her start date at [the international investing company].”

-V. had an interview on Wednesday with the [professional association] for the vice president [role].

-Lori relayed, “I just met with P. and he informed me he has an interview after applying for a [director] position at [national company]!”

-“My wonderful client F., just sent me this note:

‘Hi Lori,
Please note that I should be interviewed for the CEO [renewable energy company] role early next week (probably Monday). First meeting should be with the company COO but email came from the Chairman.
I applied yesterday on LinkedIn and got the message today. This is very short notice!’

3. Jerry shares an email from client O.:
“Hey Jerry, Hope you’re doing well! I have 3 interviews coming up with [global paint supplier] and would like to prep for them. Would you have any time available for an hour to meet?”

4. Paula updates us on clients K. and G.:

-“K. has been invited to apply for 2 roles within her current organization, and is submitting her credentials. Either would be a step up for her, but I believe she is still intending to leave for a new role. Updates to follow….”

-“G. has had 2 interviews with execs at a recruiting firm whose client is looking for a vice president, and he fits the bill very well. He is hoping to meet with the employer-client CFO. The recruiting firm found him on LI.”

5. Dan shares information regarding clients H. and R.:

-“H. scored a very early interview two weeks into his program. The whole team jumped in to get him the interview coaching and company research needed on a one-day notice.” Yay, team! This was great real-world training!

-R. snagged an interview this week at a multinational conglomerate group for a director role. This originated via social capital, during the reference’s selection process. A buddy fed R’s resume up to corporate and, as a result the leader scheduled an interview with R.

6. Interviews filled the schedules of several other clients.
-Julie’s client S. interviewed with a manufacturer.
-Anne shared that N. interviewed at a private equity firm for the CEO position.
-Waffle’s client A. had a meeting with a sports education group. It had been rescheduled but A. has fresh training for the next meeting.

7. Isabelita updates us on multiple clients:

-L. had a job interview at a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services for the travel industry.

-M. is gaining some engagement by using LinkedIn strategies.

-C. had 2 job interviews this week: Aviation company for sales director role, had the first interview with the HR and waiting for the 2nd with the Hiring manager. Aerospace company, sales director, had the first call with the direct hiring manager, waiting for next steps!

-D. had 2 job interviews: engineering company for executive director, job posting followed by identifying social capital at company and gaining the referral. Public transport company for CEO, found directly by the social capital approach and strategy rules.

-V. interviewed at an information technology company for a director role. Panel of 6 – PowerPoint presentation “which we rehearsed and provided my feedback for improvement.”

-F. interviewed at a beverage company for a sales officer position.

8. Anne and Julie’s client J. has two interviews. The first is with a hiring company for sales director, the second is for vice president at a business management consultancy firm!

UPDATE from J.: “I’ve had to schedule another lunch interview for Friday and have to watch my time. The company is [a global communications and advertising network].”


1. Anne shared appreciation for the research team: “Travis Haglock, shout out to you and outstanding research results and responsiveness, truly grateful for all your diligent work in support of our clients!! Well done!!”

2. “The Barrett Group is a phenomenal resource! It was through their guidance and expertise that I landed a career in healthcare administration. The Clarity Coaching Mike Stromberg and Executive Career Consultant Julie Mathern were extremely helpful with understanding my leadership traits and establishing routines that would serve me well throughout my career.”

3. Thanks to Christina Taylor for her research for one of Lori’s clients for interview prep.
“The research provided was fantastic and assisted me to formulate questions based on the financial information provided!”
And also thanks to Julie – “My client indicated that her experience of Clarity with you was ‘a great process and both affirmed and defined success, provided questions to ask, and positioned me to move forward!’” -Lori.

When you are ready to step out to a new career, contact the Barrett Group. It’s our job to help you find yours. 

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