Frontline Report for 08-03-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 8
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 8
1st Interviews: 19
Interviews with Recruiters: 2

Offers Accepted:

1. Anne Lipsitz’s client F. kicks us off with landing at an aseptic packaging company.

2. Lori Chevalier had two clients land this week: L. and V.:
-Client L. has accepted the offer from a health care company. Her new title is Director of Marketing, staying within her chosen field of Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals. Her new compensation consists of $150k + $15k relocation package. Lori explains: “L. is relocating to a state where the cost of living is lower than where she is currently at. She accepted the role due to the organization being faith-based, focused on people, teams, the ability to make a difference in the lives of others, and work/life balance.”
-Client V. has decided to leave his job of Group Director Commercial Strategy and Operations at a beverages company to launch his own company. His business partner is an old friend he reconnected with on LinkedIn.

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client C. landed a position at a research company. His new title is Senior Business Development Manager and his compensation jumped from $250K to $287K. The networking paid off!

4. Jayson Searle had three clients land positions this week: K., W., and A.:
-First, client K. landed a position as Senior Project Manager for a consulting company in his new sector of Advertising & Marketing for the salary equivalent to $121K per year.
-Second, client W. is up next, landing at a medical device company as the Associate Director with his own team.
-Third, client A. accepted an offer from a software company. This is in the Finance & Financial Services sector. Former compensation was $215K, new deal is $300K, courtesy of our old friend UNP-3 (Unpublished Market-Part 3).

5. Client S. told his Barrett Team: “Yesterday, I started at [an air purifier company] as their new Category Lead. Really excited on so many levels: joining a company with a strong purpose I relate to and working in a global setup with colleagues all around the world…. Looking forward to a great journey in the beautiful & meaningful world of air purification!”

Offer Received:

1. Anne Lipsitz’s client P. is looking at a full career change move, leaping from Restaurants, Food & Beverage to the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction sector! He will be assuming a General Counsel position at an energy equipment and solutions company.

Interviews Advance:

1. Lori Chevalier and Waffles Natusch shared that Client E. advanced to a second interview with a law group.

2. George Schulz had two clients advance this week: D. and O.:
-Client D. moved on to the next step at a lighting systems and electronics company from UNP1-Social Capital. D. met with the CEO, COO, CTO and HR. They told him to expect a decision next week.
-O. advanced at a consulting company for the position of Director of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) from UNP1-Social Capital. He has a friend who set him up with HR. After a screening interview with HR, who set up the job interview. It will be with a Senior Managing Director and a Managing Director in the Management Communication Team.

3. Anne Lipsitz shares that Client H. advanced with a business management consulting for CHRO. The opportunity came from a third-party recruiter. This is the second interview with President/COI and COO.

4. Isabelita Castilho’s client N. advanced with two companies this week:
-A mining company for Operations Manager from a third-party recruiter. Isabelita reports: “Client N. was reached by a headhunter. [This opportunity is at a company] in the gold industry and a dream company to N.!”
-A consulting company for the position of Consultant Environmental regulations from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

5. Larry DiBoni shares that Client M. is interviewing at a petroleum refining company for Senior Director of Transportation from UNP1-Social Capital. Larry reported: “M. interviewed with the Executive VP of Transportation. He liked M., and he has M. coming for a second interview.”


1. Lori Chevalier had three clients interview this week: Y., G., and J.:
-Y. interviewed with two companies this week. First at an insurance company for Corporate VP from UNP1-Social Capital. Then, at another insurance company for Head of Claims for Group Benefits from a job posting.
-G. interviewed with a whopping five companies this week: a bank for Senior Legal Counsel – Payments & Digital; a law group; a sports-betting company; a financial services company for Senior Attorney – Crypto/Blockchain; and an entertainment and media law firm.
-J. interviewed with a testing laboratories company for Facility Manager position. The opportunity came through UNP1-Social Capital. J. was referred by a connection to an internal recruiter for the role.

2. Anne Lipsitz shares that Client H. interviewed with three companies this week:
-A metal finisher for CHRO from job posting.
-A wholesale company for CHRO from a job posting.
-A hazmat trucking and warehouse company for CHRO from a third-party recruiter.

3. Rob Wicker’s client Z. interviewed at a consulting company for Director. This came through a job posting.

4. George Schulz’s client B. met with a biotech company for Director of Operations. This came from a third-party recruiter.

5. Isabelita Castilho’s client H. interviewed with a pharmaceutical company. The position is for an executive position for a global pharmaceuticals company. Isabelita reported: “Through UNP-3 Direct approach, without any social capital referral and using the right approach, H. nailed the interview.”

6. Larry DiBoni’s client N. interviewed at a manufacturing company. The position is for Operations Manager and came from UNP2-LinkedIn.

7. Barbara Limmer had three clients receive interviews this week: Q., R., and T.
-Q. at a mental health service for Software Architect.
-R. at a digital marketing agency for VP of Marketing Operations from job posting.
-T. at a technology company for CFO from third-party recruiter.

8. Julie Mathern’s client U. interviewed at an insurance company for a Strategic Portfolio Management position that came from a job posting. Client U. knew someone internally.

Interviews with Recruiters

1. Isabelita Castilho’s client N. interviewed with two companies from recruiters:
-A mining company for Deputy President Director. The headhunter contacted him after seeing his profile on LinkedIn.
-An oil company for VP Mining. The recruiter found N.’s LinkedIn profile.

Accolades and Appreciation

1. Client L. sends her appreciation to Lori Chevalier with this message: “Thank you, Lori! And thank you for all your help through this journey.”

2. Waffles Natusch received this message from client S.: “Just a quick note to thank you again for the support last year. Actually, I got my new job through a connection I started to work on under your guidance. Very grateful for your help.”

3. Isabelita Castilho received this from client R.: “All of this is possible mainly due to your continued support, guidance, and encouragement. Your positive approach is always the key for me. I am still learning.”

4. From Ramsey Penegar about the writing team: The TBG Resume Writing team enjoyed a slightly slower pace last week, with only 37 writing tasks completed, from tweaks to resumes. The Heavyweight Champions this week with about 27% of the total volume each are Lora Hirschhorn and Luke Duggan. Over the past six months, the team completed over 960 writing projects.

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