Frontline Report for 06-15-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 9
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 23
1st Interviews: 33

Offers Accepted:

1. Rob Wicker reports client J. has landed at a company, where he is now CEO! “J. had multiple interviews going on and elected to go with a company that had a big upside potential. His compensation package includes his salary, reimbursement for travel expenses, and equity.”

2. Also Paula Nordhoff announces her client, R., has accepted the offer from a home-buying company. R. is now the new Director of Clinical Compliance. Nordhoff notes: “She is a STAR client. She valued my work with her, all the program resources and teamwork, and found that our campaign documents are very valuable for the long term.”

3. Next, Lori Chevalier, brings client A. to a landing at a west coast university. This is with a new role of Director in the Office of Innovation working for the Vice President of Research and Innovation. Lori reports, “A. secured a higher salary and a sign on bonus! With the help of Pattie Vargas, Rob Wicker, and myself, we worked diligently to prepare A. for multiple interviews before landing.”

4. Joan Sebring’s client B. landed at a manufacturing company! His title will be Head of Business Operations.

5. And George Schulz presents client M. who taken the role of Corporate Communications & Public Relations Leader at a pharmaceutical company.

6. Next, Larry DiBoni reports that his client C. landed. C. is now Chief Operating Officer for an automation equipment manufacturer. C. reports directly to the CEO. He is responsible for company growth and acquisition of a new company while bringing it up to standards.

7. Julie Mathern’s client S. is now with an electric utility company. S. will be serving as Manager of Business Applications & Data. Julie reports: “Vivek was very helpful in preparing S. for some interview opportunities and also this offer negotiation. This company fits many of her goals: secure industry, opportunity for hybrid work, and good people.”

8. Also, Jerry Fronczak’s client E. landed at an e-commerce company. This role is as a Senior Program Manager. Jerry tells us that E. landed this offer while in the beginning stage of his campaign.

9. Not to be outdone, Isabelita Castilho’s client D. secured a position at a holding company. D.’s role will be as a Board Advisor. This was an UNP1 landing.

Offer Received:

1. Paula Nordhoff updates us that client H. received an offer from a medical device company. It’s a verbal offer from an external recruiter. She has not negotiated or accepted the offer.

Interviews Advance:

1. Barbara Limmer has three clients in the process of interviewing, R., I., and N.:

-First, R. interviewed at a software company. R. reported: “I had my second call with [the company] this morning. I spoke with the CEO of one of their portfolio companies. [It] went very well. He is putting some detailed role info together for me to consider.”
-Next, I. interviewed at a digital shipping company. Role is undetermined; however, it will be a role heading up business operations. She had previously interviewed with the CFO and CEO.
-Finally, N. interviewed at an information technology company for the Director of Business Development, from UNP1-Social Capital.

2. Jerry Fronczak has multiple clients in the running for positions, V., P., L., O., and F.:

-To begin, V. had their fourth interview at a software company for the Senior Manager, Public Sector position. This is a remote role.
-P. interviewed with a leading accounting company. This role is for Senior Manager in a blockchain-related company. He advanced to the second interview.
-Also, L. met with a news media website for Commercial Media Director. He used UNP3-Direct Introductions.
-O. interviewed at a freight forwarder company, a remote position, for Operations Manager. He advanced at a diesel engine repair service for Operations Executive (exact title to be determined). Both using UNP1-Social Capital.
-Finally, F. had a second interview with a frozen food company for Vice President of Sales.

3. Isabelita Castilho had two clients advance this week, T. and G.:
-First, T. interviewed for the Vice President Global Operations position at an electric vehicle company.
-Meanwhile, G. advanced with two companies. The first is a management consulting company for Vice President. The second is for General Manager at an airline.

4. Lori Chevalier’s client K. progressed in the interviewing process at a technology company. The role is for Vice President of Data and Analytics.

5. Larry DiBoni had two clients move on in the interview process, Q., and U.:
-Q. moves forward at a private financial planner business. The role is for Investment Banking Associate. He had his first interview and is headed to the second.
-And U. interviews at a furniture retail company for Vice President of Digital Commerce. Larry reports: “He met with the CEO. This is not an open position, but they are expanding into Digital Commerce. Now they are determining if they are going to create a position for U.”

6. Julie Mathern progresses with three clients, W., X., and Z.:

-W. has a second interview scheduled at a software company for the CEO role.
-Also X. met with an artificial intelligence company and has a third meeting scheduled. The hope is eventually for CRO, but there are some company financial issues to smooth over. X. reports: “He asked me for a proposal on how we could work together to achieve the company’s objectives. I sent him a proposal suggesting that I would be happy to help with their fundraising efforts, introduce them to prospective investors, and get some sales going. [I would work] on a fractional basis on the understanding that once the financing is complete, I would come on board as a full-time CRO. Tomorrow’s meeting is to discuss my proposal further.”
-And Z. let Julie in on the latest: “Just wanted to share that I have been asked back for a second-round interview with [a financial services company]!”.

7. Paula Nordhoff advances two clients, N. and J.:

-First, N. advanced at a hospital food company for Director. They used UNP1-Social Capital.
-And, J. has two interviews. A final interview is approaching at a pharmaceutical company and an offer is on the horizon. An offer is likely from a medical device company. Both positions are for Vice Presidents using UNP1-Social Capital.

8. Asli Bilgin’s client M. updated us about his successes. One with a high fashion company: “They asked me if I wanted to take the responsibility of [an additional market]. HQ has already spoken with the CEO of the Region who said he’s really interested, and they are ready to move forward soon. I confirmed my interest and now I am awaiting to meet with the CEO of the Region and discuss more about the role/opportunity/responsibility. Hopefully this should happen soon.” A luxury menswear company reached out to client M. and scheduled an additional interview after the success of his first.


1. Barbara Limmer had five clients interview this week, B., C., O., D. and S.:
-First, B. interviewed at a meal-kit provider for a Field Operations Manager position. A social capital contact at this company referred him for this position.
-Second, C. interviewed at a health organization for Sales Manager.
-Third, O. interviewed with a financial services provider for the Compliance Risk Management Senior Officer, Global CAO & SVP posting. He interviewed with the internal Vice President level HR recruiter.
-Fourth, D. reported to Barbara the latest. “[I] had an informal intro call this morning with the [founder of a sourcing company]. He’d like to schedule a walkthrough of their company/technology for the end of the week.”
-Fifth, S. has two interviews at two companies. The first is a machinery industry company for Project Manager through UNP1-Social Capital. Barbara reports: “S. interviewed for a different position there and did not get it. This is for a new position, and he was referred by a contact who works there. This is the first interview with this hiring manager.” Another interview is for a software company for Director of Process Excellence.

2. Vivek Agarwal’s client A. met with a digital advertising platform for Vice President of Data Science.

3. Isabelita Castilho had three clients interview this week, U., Y., and H.:
-First, U interviewed with a financial services company. The role is for Head of Operations and Technology, a COO equivalent. U. saw a job post and applied the techniques shared for reaching out to the company. He used the script provided by us.
-Second, Y. interviewed with an airline for Business Development Director.
-Third, H. interviewed at a financial institution for Group Head of Operations. He was approached by a headhunter on LinkedIn.

4. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. interviewed at a nonprofit organization for the Director of Development. “K. used every TBG tool to secure an email and connect with the hiring manager before the role was posted. He found the company via UNP-Mkt3 research. The pre-networking helped him be recognized by the COO and Marketing Director who he will meet with next week.”

5. Lori Chevalier brought us up to speed on the latest with clients V., L., E., F., G., Q. and R.

-First, V. has his eye on the prize of General Manager at a yacht club. V. has scheduled a video interview for next week. V. scheduled another interview at a country club for General Manager.
-Second, L. interviewed with a healthcare management company for the Director of Marketing. Lori reports: “L.’s former CEO of her company recommended her for this role with this company. The healthcare management company was visiting his company and they mentioned they had a need for this role!”
-Third, E. was referred to an east coast university. The position is for a Director of Human Resources. She spoke with HR and was contacted for an interview.

-Fourth, F. had two interviews this week. A financial services company for an undetermined position. A private equity company for Manager for Limited Partnership Transfers. Both opportunities used UNP1-Social Capital.
-Fifth, G. had three interviews this week. A financial planner group for Financial Advisor. A ranking solutions company for Director of Business Development. A qualitative research platform for Account Executive.
-Sixth, Q. interviewed at three places this week. A consultant group for Business Consultant. A software company for Management Consultant. And an energy equipment and solutions company for Leadership Training Consultant.
-Seventh, R. interviewed with an online retail company for Global Vice President of Sales from UNP1-Social Capital.

6. Jerry Fronczak’s client P. interviewed at a computer software company, a remote position, for Senior Manager.

7. Julie Mathern’s client V. was contacted by an HR recruiter at a software company as they have re-posted the role of Senior Director.

8. Meanwhile, client I. checks the box at an industrial mowing company for VP of Engineering & Product Management.

9. Paula Nordhoff had two clients interview this week, T. and U.:
-T. at an electronics manufacturer for the Director of Engineering from UNP1-Social Capital.
-And U. interviewed at a public relations firm for a senior role from UNP1-Social Capital. No job was posted. This was through networking and U. met with the President.

10. Joan Sebring’s client W. interviewed with a managed care company for Risk Management through UNP1-Social Capital. This was a meeting with the CTO.

11. Debbie Brupbacher’s client X interviewed at three companies: a travel management company for CMO, a grocery retailer for CMO, and a regenerative agriculture company for CEO.

Ramsey’s Writing Section:

The resume team has been busy the last 2 weeks! In this timeframe, the writers have completed 61 projects!! We currently have 28 projects in queue and on the way to our clients!

The two-week heavyweight champion is a tie… Between Lora Hirschhorn and Luke Duggan! These two have shouldered a combined 36% of the writing tasks over the past 2 weeks!!! Whoooohoooo! Thank you for your hard work!

Applause and Accolades

1. Julie Mathern: “Thanks Luke Duggan! I think you’ve got some great options and a fresh style for the recruiter intro!! I like the tone and voice in the employment descriptions!”
2. Barbara Limmer: “These are fantastic, thank you so much Lora Hirschhorn. These are really good. Your writing is excellent!”
3. Isabelita Castilho: “Jack Harms extraordinary work! Thanks so much for facilitating this!”
4. Ramsey Penegar: “Luke Duggan and Aerielle Ludwig are in my Hall of Fame”

5. Lori L. Chevalier: shares 2 notes of appreciation:
-“My client, J., thought it was cute how I always put my firsts up when she informs me she got another interview! So, in our meeting today, she brought none other than – maracas! She said they reminded her of me!! She is the first client who ever brought props! I gotta give her props for her creativity!! LOL”

-“Hi Fellow Barretters, N. sent me this message: ‘Have been keeping all of TBG guidance in the back of my mind as I’m answering questions and it’s been very helpful! Have been feeling confident and I know all of our discussions have played a big role in that.’ ”

6. Paula Nordhoff- Shares three notes of appreciation:

-“Hi Paula! It’s been a long time since we spoke and I thought I’d reach out to let you know some news. So after an interesting 18 months at [my new company], I’ve decided to leave. Not because I didn’t like working there but because…. I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity. Starting in September, I’ll be Chief Communications Officer at a European chemical company. I think it’s thanks for your coaching and advice that I had the confidence to take this opportunity when it arose. If you remember that was one of my issues that I would let opportunities to pass me by. Thanks again for everything you did for me back in 2020 – it’s really transformed my career! I hope everything is going well for you!” T.

-“My new client, K. recently moved to the U.S. from Australia. She is very pleased with her new Barrett resume. My thanks to our amazing team.”

-“Wow, Christina Taylor! That was a lot of information. Thank you so much. I appreciate the insight [of your research].”

7. Jerry Fronczak- “I thought perhaps the note below from my client, T. may be of interest in the Happy Wednesday Frontline Report. It demonstrates the reach of TBG and the power of networking. In summary, T. is interested in [a clean energy company] as he wants to transition into a career that is environmentally conscious. From identifying [a clean energy company] as a potential employer, I found that Barbara Limmer is connected to an executive there. She was kind enough to reach out and secure an introduction. The rest is explained in the note below. Thanks, Jerry

‘Barbara, I wanted to let you and @Jerry Fronczak know that I spoke with [the executive at the clean energy company] today. It was a great conversation and [the executive] had good information on the renewable industry and opportunities at the company. He’s referring me to their Asset Management VP because he believes there may be a role in that organization for me. He also gave me some other similar/competitor companies to research. Thank you so much for arranging the introduction! Regards, T.’ ”

8. Waffles Pi Natusch, Julie Mathern, Rick Gelber, Scott Henderson- “Thank you very much for the swift response! I’ll go through the attached materials, both of which I’ve scanned and look very helpful. Thanks again, and looking forward to working with you. Best, A.”

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