1. M. (Dan’s 10-year client!) and
  2. P. (Julie’s client) both landed at a large online retailer the same week, and both followed our proven compensation negotiation advice to pull their offers up over $10K!
  3. One of our TBG-E clients landed this week. She has not given notice to her current employer yet, so we will hold the details until she starts with her new employer: stay tuned!
  4. Vivek client has an early landing! S. landed in 69 days – great work Vivek! S. will be Engineering Manager at a high-tech filter solutions company located on the East Coast.  Fortunately, he doesn’t have to relocate: the facility is 35-40min drive from home, nice. $130K, 20% bonus, stock options, the entire affair.


  1. George just got off the phone with M. and got some good news. Following George’s excellent coaching on The Unpublished Market, Part One, he reached out to his social capital, resulting in a first interview with the CEO and owner of a staffing company regarding a consulting job. The CEO and M. have been friends and business associates for many years. He offered M. a consulting position which M. immediately accepted. M. begins this week on an engagement with an industrial drainage engineering firm. He will earn $100 per hour on a contract basis. The CEO and owner of the staffing company also told M. that he is negotiating to buy an IT firm, and he indicated that he would consider having M. run the IT company!
  2. George reports that M. landed a consulting job through a temp agency she knows. The contract is with an oral health care company in the North East. The initial project is building a job architecture with the intent to create career paths for current and future employees. The second part of the project will gear around training on how to use the new job architecture.


  1. Lori tells us the story continues for H. and her journey to work for a reputable company in Colorado.

This you already know:

After exercising her 1st degree connection to leverage an introduction to the company’s representative in California got H.’s resume in front of HR and then a call 2 hours later and an interview the next day.

She then followed-up at the end of the week with HR who told her that the role had been filled. She was disappointed, but a few days after, she was contacted again by the company:

“I spoke with [the company representative] this afternoon. He indicated that I am perfect for the executive Scheduler in the Northwest area. They are going to set-up some Video Interviews over the next week. He would like me to start the 6th of July (taking that as a good sign). Really exciting.”

Today H. emailed Lori for a quick interview prep – she was contacted by the company representative for the Northeast area position and interviewing from 2-4pm for a panel interview!!  🙌

  1. M., Dan’s client, took the Barrett High Road strategy and it paid off! M. was initially turned down for a first position at a Northeastern hospital system. He thanked them and offered to stay in touch, then he reached out to the fellow who bested him and congratulated him, again offering to be a networking partner. The next thing he knows, his new internal advocates score him two more interviews in the greater organization. Dan does it again!
  2. M. is pursuing the CEO position at a company that develops energy storage technology: he has an interview tomorrow at 11:30am with two Board of Directors members, the Investment Manager and the Talent Acquisition Specialist. He told Waffles that this came back around from February. At that time they passed on M., they said they were wanting to expand outside automotive and looking for a CEO with experience in other relevant industries. Apparently, they had second thoughts!


  1. Anne’s client J. had a great 1st interview as Head of Product for a wellness research organization in the Northwest.
  2. Lori’s client B. continues to amaze; he is in constant interviews! Today he was contacted by a large online retailer for a Financial Position and scheduled for a first interview on 6/4/20! Yay B.! Lori says, “He is going to become a professional interviewer I think! 🙂 He’s loving the coaching and prep which we did again today in his meeting for a 2nd interview with an American global technology company!” 
  3. Lori received this news from R.:

“Hey Lori,

I hope all is well. I spoke with the recruiter yesterday and I am waiting on next steps for both positions.  I interviewed last Friday with the Manufacturing Director for [a subsidiary of an American multinational company] and he is ready to move to the next step, which will include an onsite interview. Still waiting on my next phone interview with the position in New Jersey, but they said I’m definitely moving forward, just dragging a little. Just wanted to keep you updated.”

  1. Julie’s new client E. has a 1st interview with the HR person (internal) next week for a Regional Sales Territory Director – Western Region position at a workplace safety products and services company. 
  2. Julie can barely keep up with E., so much action! Here are the interviews in progress:

Sr. Product Manager – Energy Storage position at a technology solutions company: he had the panel interview last week and are waiting to hear about next steps

Manager of Energy Storage at an energy services and delivery company: interview scheduled this Monday with hiring managers.

At a Greek insurance brokers and cyber risk company: interview scheduled next week (hiring manager in Athens; office in San Francisco and are relocating to Atlanta, and they want this role to be part of that).

  1. Greg told his client D.: “Congratulations on scarfing the interview with [a large online retailer]. While the position of Operations Manager at their Southern facility was not really one that interested you, going through four hours of interviews with four different people is certainly a valuable exercise and you’re building great social capital at a company that is hiring people at your level every minute!”
  2. From E.:

“Hello Dan, I have some exciting news. I have an interview with [a Northeastern insurance company] for a corporate VP position, Head of Virtual Training. I forwarded the job description to you on LinkedIn. I just answered a series of questions in email form and she wants to move forward to the next stage. I think I am prepped for this thanks to your thorough training.”


  1. Paula is all excited about C.’s final in-person interview at a multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer at their plant in France! Paula is hoping there is an offer in the works – Paula’s coaching has really paid off in this process!


  1. From S. to George:

“I’m thankful I can find social capital in these otherwise unexpected experiences. Oddly I needed that, or numerous new primary contacts. So, I’m developing those in May, will continue in June. Although TBG processes maximize opportunity from 2nd level contacts, my new 1st level contacts should provide a better chance for a later job reference, combined with the TBG social capital leveraging processes. Finally, thanks for the unwavering patience from you, TBG! I’ll be a success story you can later reference.”

  1. L. is working with Anne:

“I see now why you get so excited about LinkedIn! This is great!” and “The interview guide: Holy Smokes! I thought I had this down, I’m going to start from scratch now that I’ve read The Barrett Group’s guide!”

  1. Greg received this recent comment from D.:

“This list of 1,000 recruiters who have “nonprofit” in their LI profiles and the Nonprofit Chairman links in LinkedIn are incredible! Thanks for all of your help!”


  1. J.’s friend from high school found him thanks to Julie’s work on making his LinkedIn profile move way up in the ranks! Good thing: she needs him in her business and is granting him 40% equity to become Founder, Investor Relations and be the face of the business. They’re going to flip horses. Really, it’s a thing!
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