Frontline Report for 06-01-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 6
1st Interviews: 9

Offers Accepted:

1. R. expressed sincere appreciation for his consultant, Isabelita Castilho: “Hi Isabelita, I hope you’re doing well. I want to thank you very much. Thanks to your professional support and techniques. Last week I accepted an offer that seems tailor-made for me, VP CFO of one of the largest FinTech [companies in my region]. So, I will start my new professional adventure next week. Additionally, thanks to your approach, I met a group of fantastic people with whom I hope to keep in touch and support each other. Once again, thank you very much, and I would be honored to be in regular contact with you. Regards, R.” Great work as always, Isabelita! This was delivered by our UNP3 process.

2. Asli Bilgin is pleased to announce her client F. has accepted the offer from a mechanical engineering company! His new title is Plant Manager and an executive recruiter handled the process.

Offers Received:

1. Barbara Limmer’s client G. received his initial offer from a hotel. Job Title is Director of IT and the amount of salary offered is $110,000. G. would be staying in the Travel, Hospitality & Leisure industry.

2. Lori Chevalier’s client T. finally landed the offer from a home improvement retailer! His title is Senior Manager Finance – OSC Development & Strategy. Amount of Initial Offer: $135k + 10% incentive plan + $10k sign-on bonus, equity/RSUs of 50% at 2 years; 50% 4 years); 3 weeks vaca; Employee Stock Purchase Plan. This is in the Retail & Consumer Durables industry. Lori explains, “T. applied for one role and interviewed for two roles! It appears there may have been an internal dialogue about which department wanted him more!! Nice! Negotiating offer as we speak! Stay tuned! :)”

Interviews Progress:

1. Lori Chevalier is closely monitoring the situation with her clients V. and L.
-V. who is progressing nicely within a hospitality opportunity. He has been asked for a third meeting, and the role will be General Manager.
-L. is at a healthcare company for Director, Marketing Health Systems & Hospitals. Lori shares, “L. has been progressing nicely through the interview process. She was just requested for a third interview with the RVP!”

2. N. has been working with Paula Nordhoff on an opportunity at a healthcare company: “Through a former colleague, N. was made aware of the opening and had a 10-minute interview with HR. N. applied online as instructed. She is scheduled for a panel interview and will be doing a presentation as part of it. This is also a good opportunity as N. and her family want to move to that area! The company has a generous relocation package as well. The role is similar to the one that N. currently has, with only local (not regional or national travel). She would be responsible for 4 key accounts, not 17!”

3. Paula stays the course with clients M. and A.

-First, M. is at a food service company for a Senior Director role. “M. is rapidly progressing with her interviews and had three additional interviews,” Paula notes.
-Second, A. is at a fuel company for the CFO slot. Paula passes along the details: “A. is advancing in her interviews and met with 4 leaders on-site, including the owner, two of the sons, and the Dir of OPs. A. also got a site tour of the company and facilities. The company told her they will have an answer to her this week. She is one of 3 candidates.”

4. J. is working with Debbie Brupbacher for a Sales Director role with a chemistry company. “He had 2 interviews with HR & commercial operations and within 15 mins of finishing the interview he was invited back for the next round with the president of the division,” Debbie notes.


1. Asli Bilgin’s client U. scored an interview with a telecommunications company for Project Specialist – Wholesale.

2. Isabelita had multiple clients with interview.

-To begin, W. is on an adventure with a retail chain in Poland for an International Development Manager role. Isabelita shares, “W. approached several headhunters, after instructions given and the recruiter intro drafted out to him and nailed 2 interviews with them. Now the meeting is scheduled with the client! Fingers crossed!”
-Next, S. is at a mining company for a Regional Operational Director role. She tells us this is one of the top mining companies in the world, and ticks all the boxes. Go for the gold, S.
-Meanwhile, H. interviewed with a Big Player Headhunter firm for an Interim COO job. “H. was approached by one of the big players in the executive search firm for a Biotech interim position. It will be approximately 6 months position driving the strategy and sales of a European region: His first interview was in Spanish as confirmation that H. (who is German) speaks the language, and he gave it a show! Position: VP & GM,” explains Isabelita.
-Lastly, P. is at a data company, an opportunity gained through a social capital referral from LinkedIn, following on the instructions given.

3. Julie Mathern has two clients preparing for interviews.

-First, K. is pursuing a General Manager role at a pharmacy company. K. passes along this news: “A colleague of my wife shared a role description with me. He shared the TA’s email with me and advised to mention him in my email to her. I emailed her and she got right back to me. Interview is scheduled!”
-Next, I. is working with Julie and the Client Concierge to prepare for her interview at a non-profit society (it may be a remote position). The projected role is Executive Director & CEO.

4. Paula Nordhoff’s client B. interviewed with a diagnostics company for an Executive Director – R&D role. “HR screening is being scheduled. B. is awaiting confirmation from HR. Source: job posting/referral.”

5. Barbara Limmer passes along news from E. who is interviewing at a power company for Sales & Business Development Manager. E. notes that interviews with the President and CEO are happening this week. “A recruiter (out of the blue) reached out to me weeks ago and shared with me the job description and I shared a potential interest. They reached out to me today and secured the interview for me. I included the attachments that they shared with me. I am meeting with the recruiter on Wednesday afternoon for them to provide prep for the interview.”


1. “Jo Ann Moser, thank you for two years of contributions to resume writing! We all appreciate your hard work, talent, and collaboration that you bring to our team! Thank you for all you do and here is to many more years together!” – Ramsey Penegar

2. From T. to Isabelita Castilho: “The prep helped a lot this morning to answer the question about why a smaller team would be nice and commercial experience, so thanks for that.”

3. Our success story from last week, R., decided to show his appreciation for his consultant’s efforts in helping him along on his journey. Being fully aware of this consultant’s penchant for all things guitar, and that he is a fan of ZZ Top and their fabulous guitarist The Reverend Billy F. Gibbons, he sent the Client Concierge something really special: original artwork, signed by the artist himself!

“Waffles, Thank you for all your help and support these last months. You took me over the finish line and supported that which makes me me. See you soon, R.”

Waffles Thank you gift

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