Frontline Report for 05-26-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie’s celebrating! V. had landed at a startup that provides cloud software solutions. As Julie’s strategy started to pay off, V. gets two offers within two months of starting his new job! One is from a financial software provider and a provider of consulting services. V. shares:

    “The compensation difference on cash component between [the two software providers] is close to $120K and I have not included RSUs, which is another $100K! RSU is 3-year vesting, which is way better than [at other large companies]. Plus, they do a 6% match on the 401(k)!”

  2. As D. was just finishing his Clarity work with Mike Stromberg when the folks at [an information technology company] were nearing an offer. Waffles stepped in and walked D. through it. By the time the offer came in, D. had been assigned to George, who called him on Sunday because he had to give his answer on Monday. Says D.:

    “I got an offer from [an IT firm] for Director of Content Strategy. $150k, +bonus structure. The offer is $10k over the high end of the budget. I am good with it, but I want to keep the hunt alive. I think I can land a job earning more than $250k and up.

    It’s not all about money, I like the people I talked to and the culture. I think once I get passed my learning curve, I can find a path to growing with the organization — and the organization itself is growing.

    My thought is to take the win, do a good job for them and keep our process going.”

    Thanks as always for your dedication, George!

  3. Isabelita shouts from her balcony:

    “A. is over the moon! Aside from landing the job, he was able to negotiate the offer and get an increase of an extra $24K after following our guidance! Not only he’s happy he has also offered to be our referral client!”

    Great work, Isabelita!


  1. Vivek’s client N. received the offer from a medical device company and forwarded his documents to Vivek, who shared them with Dan in advance of the negotiation meeting. $165k / yr. base, 20% bonus and a relocation package.

Happy and Hiring:

  1. Client update from J.:

    “Hello Anne, I hope all is well with you!! I wanted to share with you what I am up to. I am very happy at [an insurance company] and I should make partner within the next couple of months! Also, I am hiring for my unit! Best, J.”

Hired and Living the Dream:

  1. Paula is pleased to tell us this Happy Ending:

    “J. is living the [island] life, working with his law firm. People are great, the practice is VERY busy, and he did not need to bring his own book of business! It is likely that he will become Partner in the next 6-9 months.”

Interviews Advance:

  1. Lori’s client L. had her second interview for an HR/Business Partner with a renowned event center. L. sent the following update:

    “They will let me know next week. It was with the same 3 administrators. One of them is leaving today and I would be her replacement. If they select me, I will have one more interview with the president. I think I did pretty good.”

    Update: she did pretty well indeed! This just in from L.:

    “I was invited this morning to the third and final interview with the president. So excited! This has all been such a learning experience and I am so grateful for your counsel. Stand by!”

    Yay, L. 🙌

  2. News from Lori’s client S. after she interviewed with a wholesaler for a CEO role:

    “The interview went well with the Board of Trustees. A few hours later, I received an email from the Chairman, who said the Board voted unanimously for me as one of the finalists for the CEO position. They want me to come out in early June for final interview with the Board.”

  3. Anne has news: H. had an interview at a specialty packaging company for food, meds, and pharma as General Manager for one of the European markets. He will be moving forward to the next level. He has good connections through a former employer. Keep it elevated, Anne!
  4. George sailed over a paper airplane from his desk. This is what it said: M. has a lot going for her.
    1. She has had her fourth round of interviews with a financial institution for the position of Lead Compensation Partner. They told her that they are now preparing an offer.
    2. She also completed her fourth round of interviews at a membership organization for the position of Director of Total Rewards. She told them today that she has a pending offer at the financial institution, but is interested. They told her to “sit tight” and they will try to get her an offer soon.
    3. M. recently left her role as HR manager at a healthcare organization because she wanted to be able to work remotely part of the time and her boss said no. She got a call this week from the Director of HR for the entire medical complex who wanted to know why she left. When M. told her, the Director said that that never should have happened. She said that if M. would come back, she would work something out for her to be able to schedule remote working that would work for her. Sounds like they really want her back.
    4. Last week she got a call from a former colleague at a construction company who joined another construction company and wanted to have her consider working for the new company. They are negotiating now.
    5. While all this was happening, a renowned healthcare organization is looking for a Director of Compensation and sent M. a LinkedIn inquiry. She had her first interview there and thinks they are interested.
    6. Lastly, a recruiting firm contacted her for a Director of Compensation role for a client company. She told George that with all the above, plus her consulting work, she simply hasn’t had time to answer their questionnaire for the position!
      Now, that’s working the program, right, George?!
  5. George’s third-week client K. has taken social capital and UNP 1 to heart:
    1. He contacted a former client of his at a service provider to the medical device industry, who immediately set K. up with an interview with the hiring manager for a Director of Marketing and Communications position.

    2. K. contacted an old colleague, the former head of federal sales at the government sales team for a large insurance provider. The colleague set him up with an interview for a Marketing Communications position.

    3. K. is also connected at a health care information organization, another former client of his. They interviewed him for the Director of Marketing Communications position.

      He said that it was kind of difficult to start making these calls, but because of the enjoyment of connecting with old colleagues and the interviews that resulted, he intends to pick up the pace!

      George spreads the Barrett Word!
  6. When George gets going, there’s no stopping him! T. snagged an interview by going on LinkedIn and finding people in Project Management and contacting them. He found one with whom he had a lot in contacts in common and connected with him, and then asked to have a brief chat. They had a chat. It turns out that his new connection is looking for a Project Manager to report to him, and the chat turned into an interview. T. passed the first test, and his new contact is now setting up other interviews with the appropriate people.
  7. Jerry’s client S. has made it past the first interview and is waiting for the next interview to be scheduled with the president of a software development company. The position is for Country Account Manager.
  8. Another of Jerry’s clients, M. is interviewing with a private investment firm, for an IT Director position.
  9. And H., also Jerry’s client, completed his second interview with a consumer products company for the Global Supply Chain Director. His next interview to be scheduled is with the Vice President of Global Operations.
  10. And rounding up Jerry’s clients’ round of interviews advance is J. who completed his third interview with a science company. He is one of two candidates being considered for the Director of Operations position.
  11. Waffles’ client D. came on board as a Barrett Group client in 1998, the same year our own Ralph Libsohn! D. recently contacted Waffles to take advantage of his lifetime resume updates. He decided to return to his home state after 15 years. Currently, D. serves as Director of Economic Development for a local government entity.

    He called Waffles to say:

    “Hey, your resume works, man!

    As you requested, I am providing you with a synopsis of my pending opportunities and their status.

    1. [State] Department – Chief of Staff position, I interviewed twice. This week I received a call from the HR Department telling me that they would be in contact with me next week. What I know from inside information is that they are trying to fill two positions. I applied for both but was interviewed for the chief of staff position. I hear through the grapevine that my application is seriously being considered. The salary is $125,000.
    2. A non-profit environmental organization – Vice President heading up the [state] location. I completed the final interview yesterday. I really like this group because they are dealing with environmental justice issues and climate change. It is a well-funded foundation and gets me out of having to be concerned about elections / political considerations. The salary is $115,000 but actual salary will reflect experience and qualifications. I received an email today from [them] wanting me to meet with the CEO.
    3. A City’s position is Director of Federal Recovery Programs. It is overseeing the implementation of the City’s COVID-Recovery Funds and Resiliency Plan. I was told that I was the leading candidate and asked if I am still interested in the job. I said yes. Then I was told that most likely offer letter will go out next week. The salary is $106,000 to $141,000.
    4. State Director for a service organization is the last job. I was asked to come back for a final interview sometime in early June. I am a finalist. The salary is $130,000 and I might be able to get that increased through negotiations.”

      Stop by the Virtual Office next time D.!


The first three are Lori’s:

  1. C. interviewed at a manufacturer of metal components in Europe for the position of CFO. Lori’s been doing a lot of interview coaching lately!

  2. A. is interviewing for a position within his firm for a Legal Administrator position – a step up from the Litigation Manager role he accepted in September! 🙂

  3. Lori’s new client, J. interviewed for a Chief of Staff role with a non-profit public media organization today!

    “Julie worked with J. prior to my being assigned her consultant – and prepped J. for success! Great work Julie! :)”

  4. Julie’s client M. is interviewing next week at an investment firm for a Managing Director position. M. followed Julie’s advice and reached out to his social capital contact, who introduced him to the CEO, who he is meeting with. By the Barrett Book, Julie!
  5. Jerry’s client D. had two interviews on the same day. The first was with an educational institution for Vice President of Student Academics and Affairs. The second interview was with another education provider for the Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletics. Thanks, Jerry!
  6. George updates us on R. who is interviewing at an analytics software company for a Director of Platform Development opportunity. He passed the screening interview, and he meets with the hiring manager shortly. Great news, George!
  7. Paula’s client S. has an interview at a start up in Europe. While networking with a former colleague, he was made aware of and referred into a job posting situation with an emerging financial organization for an operations leadership role. He asked for any info on investors, funding rounds, org chart, products/services, financials, press releases or articles since Oct. 2020 in preparation for his interview with HR this week.

    Paula’s all over this one!

  8. And C. also Paula’s client, received an interview invite via LI from an Executive Recruiter at an electric car company for a Site Director of Real Estate & Special Projects role. He interviewed with her earlier this week and has now been scheduled to meet with a Director there today. Great progression, Paula!
  9. One more time, Paula! R. has an interview for Senior Credit Officer at a financial institution – his first interview is later this week with HR. Good luck, Robert!

    Isabelita steps up to the podium with a ream of paper in her hand!

  10. After applying the techniques to reach out to direct line managers on LinkedIn, R. nailed a job interview with a financial services company with the CEO directly and got a great feedback. Waiting for the next steps.
  11. Following our instructions on LinkedIn smart networking to develop internal referrals diligently, G. has landed two job interviews with a top headhunting firm.
  12. A. interviewed for a CCO role at a fintech startup in which she received a great feedback from the hiring manager/ founder. She has already been invited for the next steps.

    The meeting was interesting. The founder is very direct and said I was the wild card. At the end he said I was one of the few who lasted more than 20 minutes and have already been invited to the next stage.”

    After following our guidelines on LinkedIn postings and visibility, A. received 73 reactions on her first post and to her surprise was approached for a job interview for a GM role in another fintech startup, happening this week!

  13. M. applied our advice to reach out to the hiring manager on LinkedIn and was very positive that he landed a job interview with a software services company:

    “Hi Isabelita, I had a conversation with the hiring manager on Friday and I think it went really well!”

  14. P. followed the recommendations of networking and reaching out to potential influencers and hiring managers and landed a job interview with one of his target companies, a logistics assurance platform, with the Chief People Officer.
  15. R. had several job interviews for a Head of Marketing role with a Fintech startup and the last meeting was with the CEO this week.


  1. Our client J. shared:

    “Mike Stromberg is a wonderful Counselor. I am very thankful for his support.”

  2. Lori’s client S.:

    “THANK YOU, Lori – great discussion today! I appreciate your affirmations and encouragement.”

  3. Julie Norwell interviewed D. about his Barrett Group experience, and he shared some thoughts:

    He had a great experience with Laura Leaton during his Clarity experience. It was with her that he began to realize that technology was an untapped forte of his. D.’s Clarity sessions were a space for D. to decompress after a stressful past year and refocus on how to move forward.

    D. felt that transitioning to Jerry Fronczak was seamless and Jerry helped him learn the best practices of job searching. He found every aspect valuable, but he probably got the most benefit from learning how to use LinkedIn to the fullest. He had no idea there was so much to it. D. was very impressed with Jerry’s business experience and the opportunity he had to pick his brain.

    “Rich gave me a broad overview of services and what to expect. Laura helped me build a strong framework, which supported the strategy and direction that Jerry helped me pursue.”

    D. said that he has already recommended TBG’s services to a couple of friends and he would use it again, himself. He said, “You guys have done a phenomenal job for me! I’ll do anything to help you out.”

    D. feels that TBG is not just selling a service – they take the pains to get to know their clients well in order to build a partnership in their job search.

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