Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 5
Interviews Advanced: 5
1st Interviews: 16
Interview with Recruiter: 4


Offers Accepted:

1. Lori Chevalier: Client G. has accepted the offer from a sports apparel company for Manager. He moved from Transportation to Retail. This happened in under two months. The offer came in at $160K and $15K sign on bonus + 8K APR. This was from UNP1- Social networking, and Vivek Agarwal was able to assist with interview prep and offer negotiations.
2. Lori Chevalier and Waffles Natusch: Client T. received two offers and is going with one of them. The offer not accepted was from an entertainment company, who even offered a higher bid. Lori was able to coach T. to use this as leverage with the company T. preferred. Found through a job posting, the title is Senior Manager in the Retail industry. The final negotiated offer came in at $175K + 22% bonus $38,500 + shares plan ~+$8K.
3. Julie Mathern: Client G. at a financial institution for litigation counsel. She is going from Law Practice, Legal Services to Finance & Financial Services. Compensation is $180K + bonus + $20K relocation. She shared: “This is a great location, as we will be near family… it’s perfect how it all worked out.” Paula Nordhoff assisted with this client.
4. Rob Wicker: Client P. landed in just over three months as director of marketing for a supply chain technology company in the IT sector. This one was from Social Networking and pays $135K + 20% bonus (potential equity after 1 year).
5. Debbie Brupbacher: Client F. is now head of government affairs for a corporation from a 3rd Party Recruiter. She was interviewing for this role late last year and got a “not a good fit” email. This is proof that the rejection letter is merely the second step in the seven steps to land the job!


Interviews Advance

1. Pattie Vargas: Client R. at a Technology company for Director.
2. Isabelita Castilho: Client S. at a pharmaceutical company for Head of Logistics.
3. Penny Marion: Client M. had several interviews:
-First at a manufacturer for HR Director.
-Next at a pharmaceutical company for HR Director.
4. Dan Resendes: Client A. at an investment company for Senior Associate.



1. George Schulz: Client B.
-First at a manufacturer for CTO from UNP2-LinkedIn.
-Next at a technology company for CTO from UNP2-LinkedIn.
2. Larry DiBoni: Client M. at an engineering company for principle of transformation.
3. Dan Resendes: Client W. at a medical center for General Manager.
4. Isabelita Castilho: Client A.
-First at a manufacturer for Senior Financial Position.
-Second at a company for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Lastly at a renewable energy company for Sr. Financial Role from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
5. Julie Mathern and Waffles Natusch: Client A. at a manufacturer for ISSO from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
6. Rob Wicker: Client M. at an insurance company for VP.
7. Rob Wicker: Client J. at a tax service company for Principal/Partner.
8. Lori Chevalier: Client W. at a sports science organization for COO.
9. Lori Chevalier: Client G.
-First at a pharmaceutical company for Regional Business Director.
-Next at a pharmaceutical company for Director.
-Lastly at a biopharmaceutical company for director.
10. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client E. at a conglomerate company for Project Director from UNP2-LinkedIn.
11. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client R. at a real estate company for Senior Director from UNP2-LinkedIn.


Interviews with Recruiters

1. Joan Sebring: Client E. at a healthcare company for VP of HR from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. Penny Marion: Client S.
-First at an executive firm for Division Head of HR.
-Next at a catering company for Director.
3. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client K. at a food company for Director Sales.



-From Client V. to Lori Chevalier: “Thank you, Lori! I’m entirely impressed with the team and proud of the work that went into making the final draft!”


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