1. First, A. has landed a 30-60-day consulting gig with a property management and real estate software company. After the interview he believes the consultant part is very temporary and it will be a full-time position very shortly. The position would be SVP of M&A. Greg is fully versed in how consulting agreements work, so he could give A. the best advice. Great job, Greg!
  2. Second, Julie is delighted to announce that D. is now working at a pharmaceutical company as their interim CFO! He’s already made great strides in getting them out of a financial hole; it’s a VC situation now, and long-term, D. can write his own ticket. This won was hard fought, and both Dan and Waffles were called in to help D. through some tough times in the search.
  3. Third, A. had been negotiating directly with two CEO’s, having taken Paula’s advice about infiltrating target companies using social networking. She finally decided on the digital marketing agency, where she has her dream job as Vice President of Operations. This is a new position invented for her by the CEO. Excellent work, Paula!
  4. Fourth, Paula tells us L. has accepted a position as Project Manager (vs. a VP in IT, which he was before).  The pay is $100K salary plus a 12% bonus and great benefits. He should be sending the offer for us to review later on today.


  1. To begin, A lithium ion battery technology company has given a very busy M. a rather complex offer, so Julie pulled Dan and Waffles in to go over the details and come up with the negotiation strategy.
  2. Also, C. has been getting the full team of Julie, Dan and Waffles as he explores different roles, all through effective networking and reputation mining. He received an offer for an Entrepreneur in Residence opportunity and Waffles went to round seven with the negotiations with the private equity firm. They will be doing large scale commercial sales lease back deals. C. will be paid consulting fees of $450/hour, then receive 35% of the ongoing leases, so passive income and retiring early and rich. You go, C.!


  1. Julie was encouraged when she heard about M.’s recruiter mailing that Christina performed:

“I have had discussions with 27 different recruiters to date, I have 8 calls scheduled for next week, I have another 15 that have asked for phone calls that I still need to connect with at a minimum.

(I still need to go through my LinkedIn connection requests, but that I think that will add another 10.)

Recruiters that responded by email or LinkedIn Messages:

3 recruiters that I have provided resumes to, approximately 50 that sent emails that said they were interested and will keep my info on file. I received two job postings the recruiters want me to interview for. Both of them for CEO jobs of $200+ million companies.”


  1. Greg just wanted to let us know that W. has been promoted to Vice President – Operational Risk Consultant. He is very happy with the promotion!


  1. R. moved his meeting with Greg to next week so he could prepare. He had another three interviews this week with a company that facilitates returns for online companies; a skills review and financial modelling report were included, so he and Greg spent a great deal of time preparing. His next interview is with the Board of Directors.
  2. “You have gotten me here.  I could not have done it without you.  This is going to be a tough one.” M. is grateful for Anne’s help. His next gauntlet is a full day of five interviews at a pharmaceutical company.
  3. Lori is coaching T. through his second interview with an identity verification firm, as well as his first interview with a multinational company, for a Senior Director position leading a Facial Biometrics Unit.


  1. S. told Julie, “Good start to the week!” He has two interviews, one with a global electronics corporation and the other with a U.S. customer experience optimization software. He only had his orientation with Julie last week!
  2. Paula’s pleased to hear the published market strategy worked once again! R. has a phone interview tomorrow with the HR manager of a U.S. financial services holding company for the Chief Fiduciary Officer position.
  3. C. is interviewing for two separate positions at global aerospace and advanced technologies company. George is helping him through.
  4. George tells us B. is back in play with new interviews. Close the deal, B.!
  5. Dan asked Christina to pull reports on a multinational healthcare provider for M., who is having a third interview this week, a zoom one this time.


  1. Todd Eppert received major snaps for his work with T.:

“I did not know what to expect using these services, and I am pleasantly surprised by the positive outcome, feedback and strategic plan. I feel empowered and focused to move onto the next stage of my career transition.

My Clarity Coach was excellent. Todd really took the time to explain what we were doing and why, provide feedback on the various diagnostic test results and challenged me to build a detailed, thoughtful strategic plan – which we accomplished. I am grateful for his leadership and input.”

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