04-22-2020 interview


Happy landings for the week of 04-22-2020

  1. Julie and Waffles were delighted to hear that M. has accepted a contract. The role is Project Manager. Exactly what she wanted!
  2. S. starts with an American multinational financial services company as SVP on Monday. $200,000 base. 120% of base bonus potential! His email: “Thanks, Anne, for all the advice and support. You have had such a positive impact on my life!”
  3. Next, J. received an offer for a Deputy General Counsel role from a transportation company. Mo is helping him negotiate a sign-on bonus.
  4. Also, R. told Greg “I have recently joined a retailers’ cooperative group of supermarkets in the United States. I am serving as the Vice President of Advertising and Social Media!”
  5. And finally, Paula tells us the good news. A. started this month as a VP with a digital marketing agency on the East Coast. She did a stellar job in networking, and when she and Paula spoke a few weeks ago, this was one of the two organizations where she was in discussions at the CEO level. Excellent coaching, Paula!


  1. M. is suddenly in a bidding war! Anne is over the moon: M. s three offers. Two are at an American multinational corporation and one at a global biopharmaceutical company! He’s leaning towards the longer commute for more money, Anne is helping him make the best decision for him and his family.


  1. First, Lori was pleased to hear that T. has a 2nd interview with an identity verification firm tomorrow for a Data Acquisition Lead position.
  2. Second, George tells us B. has advanced to his second interview with a U.S seller of minerals and chemicals.
  3. Third, Julie heard back from K. about her never-ending interview process with an American software company: “Thanks for checking in. I had a 7th interview last week and have now made it to the final round of doing a mock client presentation, where a panel will ask me questions. That should be scheduled over the next two weeks.”


Interviews for the week of 04-22-2020.

  1. Anne never stops talking with M.: At a global specialty pharmaceutical company, 2nd interview today for Director Clinical Research; and at an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, 1st interview for Sr. Manager Clinical Pharm -Therapeutics, tomorrow at 10; THEN at a Japanese pharmaceutical company – Director of Pharmacology, Thursday at 10!
  2. Next, Greg congratulated J. on taking his interview coaching to hearty when he met with the CEO of electrical/electronic manufacturer. Greg said, “Sounds like you had a great conversation with the CEO! While the position is for a GM, it sounds like the CEO is potentially looking for someone to replace his COO. Keep me posted on next steps and certainly let me know if you sense an offer coming as we want to help you negotiate that to its fullest.” Keep it up, Greg!
  3. And, M. told Waffles that he had an interview this morning with the CEO and Founder of a high-end building and supply company with 100 employees $30 million in revenue. The owner wants a COO to help build the company. M. thinks it could be fun taking them national and building it to $300 million. He also had an interview with the recruiter who is handling the CFO opening at a Midwestern community food bank. The current CFO is retiring, and they want to take the nonprofit to the next level.
  4. Then, E. has yet another interview, this time with a large online retailer! Paula was impressed with how he has been using his internal advocates to give him inside information for his extensive prepping. Good luck, E.!
  5. And finally, B. has his first interview with a health provider tomorrow and Vivek is getting him primed for success.


The unpublished market for 04-22-2020.

  1. Also, R. passed the interview with the CEO at a company that facilitates returns for online companies with flying colors. On to round three, which is a presentation to what would be his peers and a final conversation with the CEO. Both are scheduled for next week. Plus, he is landing introductory interviews at other companies who are checking him out to see if he is a fit for them. Greg says this is proof, once again, that Barrett’s methodology continues to work, even in this challenging business climate.

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