Frontline Report for 04-13-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 14
1st Interviews: 13

The Hiring Line:

1. Isabelita Castilho is delighted to share that her client M. landed in under three months! M. had previously been serving in the role of Supply Chain Senior Director in the Retail & Consumer Durables sector, working for a jewelry company. He has transitioned to the Luxury Fashion world, his new title is Executive Vice President of Operations for an upscale fashion company. Social Capital was his ticket. The initial offer was $250K, Isabelita coached him through the sweetening to a healthy $285K + $10K joining bonus + $15K relocation package! Isabelita notes: “M. was absolutely an honor to help out with. He followed beyond expectations the guidance and instructions given. He received three offers from luxury brands. The only challenge for M. was to keep all of the opportunities open while making sure he had the best in hands! He’s truly amazing!”

2. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles Natusch found out that D. landed his dream job – by doing his job! His boss called D. in his office and shared, “I’m giving you a promotion and a larger team.” He will be jumping from Director of Marketing and Communications to General Manager Marketing & Sustainability! Sector switch from Retail & Consumer Durables to Advertising & Marketing, heading up the division for a family company in diverse segments. His salary was $180K and was increased, along with his bonus, a whopping 25%!

3. After some intense negotiations, Barbara Limmer’s client K. is now CEO of a public power company! She remains in the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction sector, where she was previously a Regional Vice President, earning $228K plus bonuses. The new job jumps her to $370K.

4. Asli Bilgin pulled the Client Concierge in to go over T.’s business idea. As a previous CEO, he felt obliged to address gender inequality, which was a big success. He brought his passion for the issue with him to his next role and he now sees a great opportunity to advance women entrepreneurship, helping women to start businesses through his new company. T.  has partnered with a fintech company. He has received great enthusiasm on his idea of using micro-funding (he’s currently negotiating a $15 million startup loan) to help women refugees, many of whom have shown interest in piloting the program.

Offers received:

1. Lori Chevalier’s client C. has offer in hand from a commercial HVAC company! C. shares: “I HAVE AN OFFER FROM [the commercial HVAC company] AS CFO/COO! I will meet the CEO next week to discuss the contract and then signing. I’m so happy and without your support, I would never have reached that. Will immediately inform you when I sign it. Fun fact: I have two more jobs available, but the CFO/COO is the best one fitting.”

2. Julie Mathern’s client A. is closing the deal at a global insurance company! The role is Claims Specialist. Julie gives us the details: “Got a call from a mediator she’s worked with before after seeing her ‘retirement’ from the firm. Asked if she was interested in working some more…they need a claims specialist – all of the team are former private practice attorneys. Then met team and has received an offer.”

Interviews Progress:

1. Barbara Limmer has updates from several clients.

-To begin, F. is advancing at a software company toward the role of Senior Producer. F. reports in about the interview: “My call yesterday actually went better than I expected. I am doing a second round, but now I need to talk with the recruiter. The first round was just with the hiring manager… Salary didn’t come up at all, which I am expecting this is what this call is for.” F. is also pursuing an opportunity at another software company. He continues, “[This call] went way better than I expected. They are setting up a time to speak with the hiring manager next week. Also, the title for this is Client & Field Marketing Manager, which I put at the top of my resume as suggested. The recruiter said, ‘I am not sure if you just took that off the posting, but that was a very smart idea and it definitely stood out.’”

-Next, R. is interviewing with a credit company: “Client spoke to a contact there who said he’d pass along R.’s resume, and the very next day he heard from HR to schedule this interview. There are a variety of positions that fit.”
-Also, U. has had a few interviews already; the interview yesterday was with the CEO of a communications platform. The role will be Director of Professional Services.

2. E. has Anne Lipsitz excited with the latest news about the Director Strategy & Research opening at a diagnostics company. “This interview came as a result of friend recommendation, meeting with SR VP Strategy. E. has progressed and they are presenting the need for a new role designed for her to the CEO today.”

3. Anne, Waffles Natusch and George Schulz have been working with F. George jumped in as SME to assist F. with preparation for the federal-level exam, his next step for his new career in foreign service.

4. Isabelita Castilho’s client V. is progressing at a banking company for a Managing Director role. He shares his story, “Hi, Isabelita and thank you for the insights for the interview. [The interviewer] mentioned that his view is the person in this role has to be a technologist, which I tried to portray myself as (engineer as background and other actions/roles I have done during my life). He said that they will review all the other candidates and the next step is to have a panel interview with 3-4 people (provided I make it there). Once again thanks for the guidance, V.”

5. Pattie Varga reports that client S. sat down with a global wine and spirits company to discuss a Senior Manager opportunity: “S. had an ‘informational interview’ with his current employer that turned into a full-blown interview! They are planning to extend an offer and he requested a salary negotiation discussion. This sounds like a good opportunity for him as he really likes the company, and this is in line with his career goals and desire to relocate!”

6. Jerry Fronczak’s client I. is really working the campaign with upcoming opportunities for Sales Leadership/Director positions with an industrial supply company and two large retail companies.

7. Debbie Brupbacher’s client J. is checking out a sports commerce company in Berlin. He shares the latest, “The HR manager informed me that the interviewer would like to explore which role is the best match for my profile. They are looking to fill several positions, I found 2 published roles in the company website, but it could be that there are unpublished roles as well.” J. is also pursuing a Director position with a transportation company and is in the second round of interviews.


1. Lori Chevalier has interview updates from Y., H., and O.
-Y. is interviewing at a golf club for a General Manager role. “Client received a call back from a friend who referred him for this role.”
-While, H. is interviewing for General Manager position in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage sector.
-And finally, O. is pursuing a role as a Coding Manager for a Healthcare company. “This role would provide O. with an opportunity to become a consultant to coding managers at a hospital, which is what she’s seeking to do to reposition herself and expand her skillset,” Lori noted.

2. Anne’s client M. has been keeping busy at a software company for an Engagement Manager role. Her interview is the result of a former colleague recommending her. Also, she was at a major research company for a Senior Director Product Marketing position and at a technology company for a Chief of Staff role.

3. Paula Nordhoff’s clients B. and D. have had interviews.
-To start, B. is in process at a real estate investment company for a COO opening, see Appreciation section below!
-And, D. was at a healthcare company for a VP Support Services position.

4. Asli Bilgin passed along this news from a client: “Got an invite for a 50-minute face-to-face interview for a role as GPO at [a global supplier].”

5. C. has two interviews the same day, he’s just waiting for the best deal at this point. C. has been working with the Julie Mathern and Waffles Natusch team.

6. Barbara Limmer’s clients R. and G. have stayed busy.
-R. has an interview with a major web services provider for Sr Product Manager. R. had an HR screening interview and was told this process would include 2 phone interviews and a video 3rd round with a variety of people (4-5 hours in duration).
-G. has a meeting lined up with the VP of Sales at a corporation. This is an exploratory meeting, no specific job but a recruiter thought G. would be a good fit for the company. G. is also interviewing with a business supply company for Director of Business Operations.


1. “After being in the same industry for over 20 years, I stepped away from my leadership position. Even though I was an expert in my field and lived a great life, I wanted a change. So, after spending quite of bit of time thinking through my career options, I stumbled upon the Barrett Group. As I interrogated their website and scoured the Internet, I decided to use the Barrett Group to help me find the next chapter in my career.

“Going through the Clarity Program was a transformative but straightforward process. It helped me get really honest about what I really wanted for myself and my family. David Black, my Clarity coach, was extremely helpful and showed me that I had something significant to offer in another facet of my industry.

“After a few weeks, I was introduced to my Career Change Coach, Lori Chevalier. From the first 2 minutes of our first conversation, I knew she was the right person to help guide me through this process. I understood what I wanted to achieve, but I had no idea how. As I studied the program, I immediately began to build my social capital network. I was bold on the outside but nervous on the inside. Lori inspired me and gave me the proven techniques of how to have conversations with people without “being that guy.” Even though I am super outgoing, it was difficult, but the more I did it, the more confidence I gained. Lori taught me how to leverage LinkedIn and helped me understand that the jobs I wanted were probably unpublished. If I just stayed on the path of building my relational networks, the right job offer would happen.

“After about 6 weeks, I had a ‘pay it forward’ conversation with a close friend who was the CEO of a company that I had used many times before in my other job. We began to talk, and soon as I shared my ‘Value Proposition,’ we connected the dots that I might be a great fit. Within 10 days of our initial conversation, I accepted a very generous offer as the Chief Growth Officer for his company. It truly is a dream job. There is no way this would have happened if David and Lori had not been a part of this journey. The Barrett Group process really works. It is worth every cent I invested, and every second I participated in the process. E.”

2. B. shares an update on his interview (see interview section), “Paula, the call went very well. Lots of questions around the nature of how I would handle certain things. 111 applicants. 26 initial screening calls. She meets with the principals on 04/20 to move probably 10 to initial calls with the principals. We’ll see….I’m happy with how I did. I feel as if I have great connection/rapport with her specifically. Thanks for your help. B.”

3. Ramsey Penegar, CPRW, expresses gratitude for the writing team: “At time of press, the team had completed 38 projects in the last week and 164 projects in the past month with another 32 projects currently in queue. Anicia Hogan continues her reign on Heavyweight Champion of the month carrying over 5% of the month’s projects. The team has accomplished 753 total writing tasks of which, Anicia completed 139!”

Success stories start with the Barrett Group. Through our proven processes, we help guide our clients through the chapters of a career change. In our Clarity program, our clients examine their life and priorities. With Clarity, clients are able to move forward knowing they are on the career path that best aligns with their goals and priorities. When you are ready for your career change story to begin, start with the Barrett Group. Together, we can help your story be a success, too!

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