Frontline Report for 04-06-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 11
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 19
1st Interviews: 19

The Hiring Line:

1. To begin, George Schulz’s client T. has landed! T. had been Senior Managing Consultant at a financial firm, now he is Senior Vice President at a financial services company! We’re looking at a package in the $300K range, nicely done, George!

2. Also, one of Dan Resendes’ clients landed in the health industry.

3. Isabelita Castilho’s clients F. and G. reported in with landings.

-First, F. jumped careers and countries for his new role as Consultant in the accounting sector. He had been in construction, as Head of ICT. Isabelita pulled out the Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet to guide F. through the negotiation process and she helped him sweeten the pot from £95 K to £120 K! “F. was brilliant in his approach during UNP3 – direct intros. He landed by inviting someone at the company to network and exchange insights. F. has now been relocated with his entire family!! His dream came true! Increase already discussed after one year to match his previous salary.”

-And next, G. has landed in under two months! He was in manufacturing, serving as VP Operations for a cable accessories supplier. G.’s now working at the Highest Management Level in the plastics industry! His base salary jumped from €160K to €195K! Isabelita shares, “G. has done a great job in reaching out to social capital. He landed back with his old company but on a GM level. This is a big jump for him from covering previously only one plant. He counts on us for his onboarding and is already looking into promotion to US CEO role. We will work on it!”

4. Also, Barbara Limmer’s client L. has made her move. L. was in the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction sector, working as Manager – Capital Projects. Her new deal is 100% remote. And she is now in Manufacturing, holding the title of Global Program Management Consultant for an electronics company. L. reported: “Today [the electronics company] came back with an offer that will match my current salary base with an increased salary and signing bonus.” The initial offer was $140,000 + $22,500 bonus + $10,000 signing bonus, accepted at $150,000 base + $32,500 bonus + $20,000 sign-on.

5. And Lori Chevalier had four clients land this week: S., V., Y., and J.

-First, S. landed in under two months! S. had been Director of Technology Initiatives in the Finance & Financial Services sector. He’s made a career move to the Information Technology & Services industry as Director of Strategic Planning. Initial Offer: $200k+ 20% ($40k) bonus + $20k in RSUs Equity Award, sweetened with a $15k sign-on bonus.

-Second, V. broke the mold by accepting a position two weeks after his orientation. He was running his own consulting firm when he answered a classified ad. He just started Clarity with Mike Stromberg. V. is now in a Manager position in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage sector. “This is a role on the way to the next role – a stepping stone for my client.”

-Third, Y. landed at an oil and natural gas company and the role is Consultant. “Y. was contacted by his old boss who launched a new company and wanted to speak with Y. about opportunities to help his firm grow. Y. has his own consulting company and agreed to work with him again on a contract basis because ‘they have a lot of cool projects’ that he’s excited about working on! So, he joined them as a full-time gig as he is continuing his job search. The company said, ‘we’ll take you for as long as we can get you, but you may decide to stay!!’ Y. said it’s a great culture, and it’s a very appealing workplace!”

-Fourth, J. accepted the offer from the advertising and marketing company! His previous role was Division Director in the Human Resources sector. The new title is Chief Growth Officer. Amount of Final Offer: $160k + $30k potential + fully paid for insurance for himself + 20 days off. Lori’s parting words: “J. is a forever TBG program advocate! HE LOVED THE PROGRAM! J. landed by reaching out to his social connections and a long-time friend of 25 years! 🙂 Rob Wicker helped with the offer negotiations. And today J. and I reconfirmed the information and the offer details, and he accepted the role!”

6. Meanwhile, Paula Nordhoff’s client D. is another member of the Under-2-Months Club! Career change from Utilities, Energy, and Extraction to Information Technology & Services. His title moved from Senior Director Data Platform Strategy and Integration to VP R&D, Field Service Management. D. was commuting 50% of the time to the HQ. The new company is in his home state! Offer was boosted up $10K: $260K + 25% bonus. He followed Paula’s advice and infiltrated the company using his network.

7. Not to be outdone, Larry DiBoni’s client B. landed without taking off, and she works for an airline! She was Data Science & Analytics Manager. But now she is a Senior Manager of Digital Aviation Solutions. B. received an internal opportunity with a different organization. After going on multiple interviews with external organizations, she decided it would be in her best interest to stay at this company. Her base pay went from $180K to $200K. This is a great internal opportunity because she will develop a brand-new area for the organization in Cloud technologies. B. came to the Barrett Group to move on from her current organizational team and this opportunity accomplished her immediate goals.

Offer received:

Paula Nordhoff shares that H. received an initial offer from an academy. She is working with the client to counteroffer. H. is traveling for interviews at another Christian school. No mention of relocation in the offer. Salary below industry norms.

Interviews Progress:

1. To begin, Lori’s clients O. and A. had interviews progress this week.

-In the first place, O. continues conversations with a software company. This week’s call went very well. They are discussing the role and salary which will both be bumped in a relatively short period after he would join. Conversations continue with more team members. Stay tuned!

-Equally important, A. is on an interview spree with appointments at a health medical group, school of dentistry (dean role), and with a medical billing company. “A. has been progressing in this interview process and just had interview 6!”

2. Barbara’s client M. interviewed for a COO opportunity with a therapeutics company. This is his fourth-round interview. And he will be with direct reports followed by a presentation to the CEO/CTO on his 90-day plan.

3. Julie Mathern’s client Z. is interviewing at a financial advisement company for a Portfolio Management Associate role. This is his third round. Was told he would hear back on the next steps at the end of this week. Z. also interviewed with a different financial advisory for Manager, Trading Operations, and with a consulting group for an Investment Analyst position.

4. In the same way, Isabelita Castilho’s clients E. and R. have stayed active.
-While, E. is awaiting a formal offer from a multinational retailer while still interviewing with a pharmaceutical company. The offer from the multinational retailer is 9 months in the making.
-Likewise, R. is working on three different opportunities with a fashion design company, sportswear retailer, and luxury brand.

5. George Schulz passes along a progress report from W.  W. is in process for a VP role at a label company: “President who was to interview and hire me got promoted to CEO. I’m following up again today.”

6. Moreover, Paula Nordhoff updates us on I. and S.’s interviews:
-I. is interviewing with an online real estate company and also with an investment company for a leadership role in learning and development. She is advancing to round 2 interviews.
-Equally important, S. is a finalist for a senior leadership role at a financial technology company. He expects an update next week.


1. Larry DiBoni reports in about K. and C., too.
-While, K. is interviewing for Director, Portfolio Retail Management and Sales for an agricultural company. “Referred by social capital contact. This position heads up the national retail sales group. Retail sales across 14 states in the US.”
-Similarly, C. is pursuing a Security Director Role with a defense contracting company. C. would be responsible for the Cyber Security Leadership Team, including the organizational growth strategy moving forward. This is to include security operations, industrial security, and physical security.

2. Additionally, Lori Chevalier’s clients N., D., Q., and H. have all had interviews.

-To begin, N. is interviewing at a pharmaceutical company for President & COO.

-And, D. is interviewing with an executive search company for Director of Marketing. She reports: “Extremely positive interview. The owner shared that he will be putting me forward to the search committee next week, as part of a group of 10-12 first round candidates.”

-Meanwhile, Q. is interviewing with HR at a government organization for the role of Innovation Counsel. Q. is also interviewing with her previous employer, a state university. She shares, “Both of the folks who filled my once joint position (that they quickly made into 2 separate positions after I left) have left the university, and they asked what my situation was because they would love to have someone with institutional knowledge.”

-Furthermore, H. is interviewing at a satellite services company for President + General Manager, Commercial Aviation. H. has leveraged his social capital to interview with the new CEO who starts working at the company next week. (He has not even officially applied.)

3. Asli Bilgin also had four clients with interviews: T., L., P., and B.

-First, T. is interviewing at a pharmaceutical company for VP of Third Party Operations in External Manufacturing.
-Second, L. is interviewing at a global materials technology for SVP Government Affairs.
-Third, P. is interviewing with an automotive company for possible roles in Business Strategy or Business Development.
-Fourth, B. is interviewing with a pharmaceutical company, an informational meeting with potential boss.

4. And Barbara Limmer shares that M. had a first-round, in-person interview. This is with a drug discovery company for Vice President, Drug Substance Chemical Development and Process Engineering.

5. Julie Mathern’s clients R., F., and S. were active with interviews this week.

-First, R. interviews at a semiconductor manufacturing company for a Marketing role. Introduced through a colleague and had initial meeting on Zoom. Interview went well. The interviewer expressed confidence that R.’s the right person for the role.
-Next, F. leveraged social capital to get visibility with the hiring manager. F. now has his 1st interview with HR for a Director of Engineering position.
-And, P. is interviewing with a semiconductor company.

6. Paula Nordhoff’s clients J. and V. are pursuing new opportunities.
-To begin, J. was at a startup in the medical devices sector for the role of VP Market Access & Commercialization.
-Also, V. was at an ecommerce supplier for the role of SVP Operations. This is a newly created position within the company. V. is meeting with CEO and two family members.

7. And, Debbie Brupbacher reports that A. had an interview with a chemical plant for Director of Innovation. Meanwhile, Isabelita Castilho shares that K. is pursing a Global CFO role with a finance company.


1. O. had this to say to Lori Chevalier: “Thank you Goddess for your encouragement.”

2. And Ramsey Penegar, CPRW, shares the following appreciation for the writing team.
“We have completed 46 writing tasks (with another 25 currently in queue). Aerielle Ludwig is the week’s Heavyweight Champion. She had nearly 20% of the assignments! Within the last month, your TBG Resume Writers have conquered 172 projects. Leading the way with about 20% of those is Anicia Hogan.”

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