The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 3
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 3
1st Interviews: 6

Offers Accepted:

1. Isabelita Castilho: Client A. made his move within two months. He remains in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage sector as he accepts the role of Sales Director for a bakery company in the Middle East. He was previously Group VP Marketing for another company in the Middle East. He’s also freelancing for a startup and spends 20 hours a week as a Consulting CMO. All of this was from effective use of his social capital.

2. Isabelita and Waffles Natusch: Client M. accepts as a Senior Advisor role at a global public strategy firm. Previously he was a Senior Project Manager in an intergovernmental organization working in Europe. The new deal is a US remote situation. The UNP-1 work paid off for him!

3. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client H. accepted a role with s software development company in the Middle East. His former role was Director of Investors Relations, and before that he was in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage industry. Ramesh shares, “H. accepted the offer to act as Strategic Consultant/ Advisor & Sales Partner. He sourced and pitched for this opportunity by following TBG methodology after one of his social capital contacts introduced him to the hiring company. H. will report to the CEO and work with the leadership team advisor/consultant in establishing their footprint and guide them in their expansion plans.

Based on our collaboration, H. decided to test the waters by considering this an interim role until he is ready to develop this into an independent full-time venture of his own. The hiring company will compensate H. with a success fee expected to run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is very excited about the opportunity as the position gives him the required independence and broadens his network on a similar arrangement with other companies. H. managed to land this role within eight weeks of being associated with the TBG program.”

Offers Received

1. George Schulz: S. is still negotiating with a cyber security company. The offer came in at $485K, all in. His previous role was Supply Chain Advisor for a manufacturing company. His new title will be Director of Supply Chain. This came from Social Capital, and he snagged the offer within five weeks!

Interviews Advance

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran: M. is interviewing for a Regional Sales Manager position in the Middle East. The opportunity came through a job posting. M. successfully cleared the first functional interview. The interviewer asked him to prepare a research/ presentation on the market challenges and moves on to the next interview level with the hiring manager.

2. Isabelita Castilho has 2 clients with advancing interviews, clients T. and D.:

-First, client T. advances at an international financial software company for Vice President – Revenue Operations. The opportunity came through UNP2-LinkedIn. “I have had 4 interviews already with the following people: Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief of Staff. All interviews went very well. Now they are asking me to provide expectation of my remuneration. I need guidance on how to navigate this effectively and strategically.”

-Second, client D. advances at a revenue management software company for Head of Business Development, Europe. The posting came from UNP1-Social Capital.


1. George Schulz: Client T. interviews at a landscaping company for Business Developer. The opportunity came from UNP2-LinkedIn. Their internal recruiter did a people search and contacted him for a screening call last week. Official interview coming this soon.

2. Barbara Limmer and Paula Nordhoff: Client S. is interviewing at a technology/renewable energy company for Director of Product Management. The opportunity came from a 3rd party recruiter.

3. Isabelita Castilho: Client F. interviews at an investment company in Europe for CFO. It came from UNP1-Social Capital.

4. Lori Chevalier has 3 clients with interview, clients L., J. and O.

-First, client L. interviews at a tool manufacturing company for Marketing Director. The opportunity came from UNP1-Social Capital. L. recently had lunch with a mentor and was introduced to the COO of the company. L. has a coffee meet scheduled next week to discuss a hybrid position.

-Second, client J. has an informational interview with an investment advisory company. J. states, “I will find out what I can about their gaps, challenges, goals so I can schedule a follow up with a C-Level and propose how I can help them in hopes of pitching creating a job for me.” This was from UNP1-Social Capital. “I’ll meet informally with the Sr Director, Partnerships and want to find out what I can about [the company] before that.”

-Third, client O. has an exploratory interview at a sports company. The interview is with the Sr. Manager in Partnerships and came from UNP1-Social Capital. “O. has an interest in the [the company] due to her passion for sports! She has been in continuous contact and follow-ups and has now secured an exploratory call!”

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