Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 6
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 4
1st Interviews: 21


Offers Accepted:

1. Debbie Brupbacher’s client V. accepted the offer from a business school for marketing manager. The offer was $100K.
2. Julie Mathern’s client J. is now a policy analyst in the government sector. He had been a teacher in the education sector. Julie notes: “His friend sent him the job posting…he knew the hiring manager. Sent the hiring manager his resume with a strong recommendation. Had 2 interviews in two days and they offered it to him.” Comp was $105K.
3. Asli Bilgin’s client M. is now the head for a distribution company. This was an internal move and she moved up in the company.
4. Joan Sebring’s client T. landed in two months at an insurance firm as an insurance broker. He jumped from Real Estate to Insurance.
5. Larry DiBoni’s client L. is now a director for the nonprofit organization. She is making a career shift from education to nonprofit. Offer came in at $83K, settled in at $85K, and she found it through a classified ad.
6. Rob Wicker’s client Y. landed in one month at an international coffee store as senior manager. He had been in the management and consulting sector. Offer came in at $168K and he accepted at $172K.


Offer Received

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client J. at a bank for Head of Finance. The written offer is $220K plus benefits.
This unpublished opportunity was found by leveraging social capital.


Interviews Advance

1. Lori Chevalier’s client F. at a technology company for customer success leader.
2. George Schulz’s client R. at an equity company for partner from UNP1-Social Capital.
3. Julie Mathern and Waffles Natusch’s client K. at a merger of 3 companies for COO.
4. Barbara Limmer and Paula Nordhoff’s client D. received an opportunity at an energy company for business manager.



1. Larry Diboni’s client D. at a chemical manufacturing company for land specialist from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. Lori Chevalier’s clients B., S., and F., had interviews.
-First, client B. at a financial institution for marketing director.
-Second, client S. at a livestock company for livestock manager. Second at a manufacturer for director of development.
-Then, client F. at a software company for people analytics leader. Second at a technology company for customer success manager. Third at a healthcare company for transformation leader. And lastly at a social media company for HR.
3. Rob Wicker’s client J. at a tire company for project manager.
4. Barbara Limmer’s client O. at for CHRO from 3rd Party Recruiter.
5. Julie Mathern’s client H. at a chemical manufacturing company for strategy lead from UNP2-LinkedIn.
6. George Schultz’s client K. and R.
-First at a bank for head of banking.
-Next at an advisor company for managing director.
-Lastly at another bank for bond trader.
-Client R. at a tax company for consultant or CFO with client company from UNP1-Social Capital.
7. George Schultz’s client B.
-At a shopping center for VP of marketing.
-At a professional services company for sales.
8. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client M. at an endowment organization for director.
9. Debbie Brubacher’s clients E. and J.
-Client E. at an energy company for lead legal from an executive recruiter.
-Client J. at a brewing company for global officer.



1. Client K. sent Lori L. Chevalier this note:
“Wanted to say thank you for pushing me yesterday! I have been reaching out to contacts – and they have all been good convos. Appreciate the pressure!”

2. And Paula Nordhoff received this note from client J. after an interview preparation session:
“It was great to talk to you! Thank you very much for the great insights and advice. Just had three updates today (…) I will focus the energy (on the opportunity we discussed,) I just had to organize the interview cadence with all the positive news.”

3. Our dedicated TBG Research Team processed 81 requests so far this month – thanks for all you do!


For this week there have been many successful career lands. At The Barrett Group we are here to help you navigate and put your skills in the right place. Forget the frustration and confusion that comes from career searching on your own. Leave it to us and contact The Barrett Group.

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